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can you integrate it with wordpress your theme?

yes this app integrated with mycity!

great job mate . good luck

demo to android

So you must link it with the THEMEFOREST website, correct? Also are you offering both iOS and Android?

Yes, we offer both (iOS, Android)

Great job! Just a quick question, is there a version coming where people can review restaurants in the app? Thanks!

Hey, great app! Do you offer a service to create an app like this for the listable theme on themeforest?

where can I send my inquiry?

skype : freedeveloperscommunity

write here

Hi, i bought mycity wordpress theme already and want to know how do i go about to integrate this app with mycity website. Thanks in advance for your help pointing to the right configuration.

suppot skype: freedeveloperscommunity :)

this is no good.. bad customer service bad support.. no functions the plugins for the master theme mycity dont work properly, no paypal, no memberships or recurring billing.. when i asked they said $100 now i see it here for 17$ you cant customize it.. very bad coding and lots of issues .. i would not recommend this :( i had a very bad experience with them . . it has no way to contact or interact .. not compatible with buddy press or bpress … and support takes days if not weeks to respond… im so angry with this purchase.. send my money back!!!

Contact our SWIFT coder for get help: “freedeveloperscommunity” or me if you have any questions: noxon.su

100$ service include publication the final app of your city to appstore. For 17$ you get only sources and documentation.

we refactor code from scrach, now it’s perfect and easy to customize. See online documentation: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OyB3RaWkRMO-y4bF7ZwyWWbrwQsRPYmLT8lTCdaZ8bU


fotones Purchased

great app, theme and perfect support

Hi, please can you tell me does the app display new places when I change the json file and how long the images stay in cache. For example, if I change the image will the new one will be displayed or the one in cache. I need simple app and it seems that yours it’s not bloated with features.

Hi The application works asynchronously, when you change the image or the title … , the application automatically changes


aspits Purchased


few quick questions before I buy it.

1. Is Push Notifications included ? 2. Is AddMob or other included ? 3. Is Intents like Call, eMail, Videos, SMS, etc… included ? 4. any other functionality it already has ?

Great Thanks in Advance

Hello If You are interested I can code it for you… skype: freedeveloperscommunity

Hello my skype is d.perez 4, I need a tourism app and I think I can serve this, but I have doubts of YOUR LICENSE

Hello, my skype id: freedeveloperscommunity

Hi, i bought mycity wordpress theme and now i have bought this App also. I want to know how do i go about to integrate this app with mycity website. The document with App is not explanatory. I need an Android App for my mycity webcity {cityappindia.in/wordpress}.Please give me step-by-step tasks now to do to integrate App with website.Thanks.

Hello wtg reply. How to integrate my website (MyCity) http://cityappindia.in/wordpress with this Android App ?

I have recently purchased My City web template and My City App template both. Created web site available at http://( sent on your email}

Created Android App also BUT IT IS NOT LINKING TO MY WEBSITE. Rather it shows blank records. Annexing Android APK and some related files to check Password is sent on your email.

Please check and amend the file .I need it urgently. Not getting response on your Skype ID. Please see and solve the issues.Thanks.

Hello, please write here Skype ID: freedeveloperscommunity I am checking your apk

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why the app are so simple? Have dont the Feature Maps etc.?

check again

Can this app be set up to pull listings from other directory themes on WordPress like Listable? Or does it only integrate with MyCity theme?

Only MyCity theme

is there a demo? I’m getting expired domain error?

yes, in stores

Hi, I tried downloading both Android and iOS demo app. These are my pre-purchase questions:

1. On Android App, the ratings icons (stars) are not displayed. Seems it is being overlapped by pictures. 2. When loaded initially (both Android and iOS). All UI objects are displayed like buttons, icons, images, information when connected to Wifi. I tried disconnecting the phones to wifi and stop app in task manager and load the app again(still not connected to wifi) and only the Android app has the cache. iOS version did not load the cache. Are you able to check the iOS behavior? Will you be able to fix it?

Thank you in advance.

I am sorry, I will fix, you can write me in skype skype id: freedeveloperscommunity