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What xcode verion need to install?

Please use with 7.3

Will work with Objective C++?

No. It is using Swift2.0 and above.

Which iOS version will compatible?

iOS8 and 9

How about Push Notification?

Yes, there is simple push notification by using Apple Push Notification Service. User can register their device from App then Super Admin User could send notification from Backend to app those registered devices.

Is it included Backend & API together?

Yes, you can manage all content from Backend and then RESTFul API will transfer data in between App and Backend.

How about working environment setup?

You may need to setup yourself for your working environment so it requires for some technical background. If you have issues for during installation and configuration, please send email with details error logs or printscreens.

Do I need to know programming knowledge to modify the app?

Yes, especially Swift and CodeIgniter.

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