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I really love this app/template. Do you have any plans of building a front-end website for it as well? Of course the mobile app is more important, but it would be nice to also have a website front-end with the same data.

Thanks again for making this!

Thanks for your purchased the app and comment. Currently, I don’t have web front-end version yet. When I have it, I would notify you immediately. If you have any questions, please drop email to teamps.is.cool@gmail.com Keep in touch!

Hi. I want to ask something. I want to pass a parameter to each and every request and want to define it once in one file. How to do it? Where and in which file.

Thanks. Waiting for your reply.

All those API links are coming from Config.swift. Then app called those API link from ViewController file. You can search using “Alamofire.request”. What I mean is after you passed that API Key, backend api need to receive that key.

I know it is coming from Config.swift. I know Alamofire. I am asking I don’t find any config variable for API Key. it should have been there in the code as it is very important to pass API Key.

Current my code don’t have API Key for GEt and POST. But you can modify at Utilities\APIRouters.swift


nsaaym Purchased

i sent email to you but you dont answer bro :( i need your help

May I know what is your email or please send it again now? Cheers!

universal app or only iPhone ?

Thanks for your interesting the app. App able run on iPad also but UI and UX is same as iPhone. Not like iPad UI & UX. If you any questions, please let me know anytime. Cheers!

thanks for the reply !!

I am getting a database error file name core/Loader.php, how do I fix this?

Thanks for your purchased the app. Have you provided correct database login at database.php? Actually, I have mentioned inside my UserGuide file. Cheers!

Does it have to be set up with Xcode 7.3, can it go to 7.5 ect? What about Xcode 8.0? It is not running for me in 8.0.

Thanks for your purchased the app. Currently, you use with xcode7.3 first. I have the plan to support with latest xcode version. When available version update, it will notify from Codecanyon. Cheers!

hello my friend how to hide the gray background in the city list i tried to modified the pallax layout swift file and i make it look like the android version but i still see the gray background with scrolling? Best Regards

Please show me as print screen. You could send to teamps.is.cool@gmail.com Cheers!

Hello Sir, I sent it by email, all i want is the scrolling will be like the android version which ends at the last city in the list & also to hide the gray background as well. Cheers!

Replied via email.

Is it possible to make this same backend work for both the iOS and the Android versions? I would like to have both platforms with the same backend admin section to make editing easier.

Can this be done, and if so how technical would it be to do?

My backend is already supported for both iOS and Android. You need to set correct API URL link from mobile project(Xcode or Android Studio). If you have any questions, please let me know. Cheers!

Can I have your support email address?

Hello When i changed the font the app crash after startup the app?

All i had it was date it on Apr 30 for both files that you mentioned can you email me these files ? Thanks

Last updated date of app is 13 Sept 2016. So you need to take those latest files. Cheers!

Hello Bro, Check you email with subject line “regarding the city list..”

Actually the UILabel disappear of the city list after i run the app in an iphone

also when i run the app sometimes i get “Response is fail.” error & the server is working 100% is it the issue of the old version? Thanks

Please send me the latest updated version to my email because i m not able to download the new update from here
>>> Sorry, I won’t send any updated as unofficially so please try to download latest file from Codecanyon.

also when i run the app sometimes i get “Response is fail.” error & the server is working 100% is it the issue of the old version?
>>> When app don’t get any response (or) lacking connection, it show like this log message. It is depend on your server traffic also. App could not do anything.


Thanks i fixed it

Hello Bro, How to update it to swift 3? i updated the xcode to the latest version and the app now has several errors when i want to run it on my ios 10? how to update your app to swift 3? Thanks

Hi Bro, Hopefully within 2 weeks, there will be new version update for Swift3. Cheers!

Hi Man I can’t update city image. It throw following error . A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Warning

Message: unlink(./uploads/): Permission denied

Filename: controllers/cities.php

Line Number: 480

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Warning

Message: unlink(./uploads/thumbnail/): Permission denied

Filename: controllers/cities.php

Line Number: 481

A Database Error Occurred

Error Number: 1364

Field ‘city_id’ doesn’t have a default value

INSERT INTO `cd_images` (`parent_id`, `type`, `description`, `path`, `width`, `height`) VALUES (‘1’, ‘city’, ‘aa’, ‘singapore1.png’, 600, 400)

Filename: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\CityBook\system\database\DB_driver.php

Line Number: 330

After check your database. I see cd_images contain wrong data. All ‘city_id’ value is 0 . But your cd_cities only have 5 city with id start from 1—> 5 ==> So i think current sample sql file is old. Please upload lastest DB Thanks you

Hi Man So what purpose of field city_id in table cd_images? Could you explain more detail about city_id ?

That city_id field is no longer using. Cheers!

Wow. Thank for your answer . I understood problem now. Could you remove all field not used in your file sample_data.sql then update to CodeCanyon ? Thanks you

I’m not getting answer for my question on titanium project, is it closed ?

Hi, I would like to say sorry for our Titanium Apps because we are no longer doing any development and support for Titanium Platform since 1st Oct 2016 due to their expensive license. Cheers!

this meaning that I am in a dark hole ?

Hi please contact to teamps.is.cool@gmail.com Cheers!

Will this app be updated to Xcode 8 and swift 3.0 anytime soon?

It is already uploaded to Codeanyon and waiting for their approval. Cheers!

Will there be a front end site? If so when? If not would you build one just for me for a fee? You can contact me at craftlogan@gmail.com

Please drop email to teamps.is.cool@gmail.com for more discussion. Cheers!

Hello I sent you an email but haven’t gotten a response. Could you send me a response. Thanks Logan

hi..planning to buy this app?? I saw you have version for both IOS and android..is it possible to control both from same backend..??

Exactly! You can manage from one backend for both iOS and Android. Cheers!

I can run project in windows 7 with VMware stations 12, xcode 7.3 Mac OS 10.11 El caption? Please help!!!

Replied via email. Cheers!

Awesome app. Very quick answer for all questions…

If you fine with my support, you could provide rating and review at Codecanyon. Cheers!