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Can this support 10,000 plus listings? Also, is there a way for me to import my 10,000 listings

Thanks for your reaching out. 10,000 plus should be fine because php & mysql can handle for that kind of records. But there is no way for batch import at my backend. Cheers!

Hello guys, I’ve bought android version since 2 month it is great!. I just buy the IOS, but when I run the app the pictures in categories not shown in good vision. BTW I use same backend for Android. can you kindly help me to solve this issue. My Xcode Version 8.2.1 Thanks and regards

Sorry, it is not ok to help at coding level. If help for coding more or less, it would be as freelance package. Please try yourself for that issue. It is not hard. Cheers!

Hi, thank you so much, I said before this reply “Many thanks I just fix it correctly ;)” many thanks guys last question do you provide customisation services ? thanks

Yes. Please drop email to teamps.is.cool@gmail.com for more discussion. Cheers!

is it possible for this to be for one city only?

Thanks for your reaching out. If you have only one city, app will auto load for One City Layout. If you have any questions, please let me know. Cheers!

One more question can this and the android version run off the same admin panel ?

Yes exactly! Only one backend can manage for both iOS and Android. Cheers!


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Hi Han,

Are you still providing support? I notice your last response on here was 16 days ago.

I have found that the maps do load correctly. The map pin does not show when the map loads as the map always seem to be loading to far west of where the item is located. It is the same for a city in general the view is always to far west of the actual lat/long.

Any ideas? Are you going to around tomorrow?

Still need a response to my other e-mails


ichrisj Purchased

Errors On Updated Version – One Fatal Error Causing App to Crash:-

1. App Crash

This occurs after login when clicking My Favourites in the side menu.

fatal error: unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value (lldb)

line 137: loginUserId = Int(dict.object(forKey: “_login_user_id”) as! String)!

2. Register new user – Still cannot use properly as keyboard covers the OK button on the success message screen pop.

3. Profile – Still cannot add user description or change password keyboard covers the data entry fields.

4. Item Detail – telephone number and e-mail not clickable. They should launch call and e-mail client.

5. Item Location – Map loads off centre. It shows a view north west of the actual location.

6. Explore on map – Same issue as item 5.

7. Keyword Search – Keyboard means you cannot search.


ichrisj Purchased

One further error on the backend.

The About App button does not link to a web page. On my local server the file path is:- host-9:8888/index.php/abouts

This just launches index.php again.

Replied via email. Cheers!

can i use single backend & database for android & ios app together ?

Yes sure! Thanks for your reaching out. Cheers!