CitiesDirectory(iOS Swift)

CitiesDirectory(iOS Swift)

CitiesDirectory Android Version

App is available for Android version also with same features and functionality. Please take a look at here :

Release Note

Version : 1.0.11
Released Date : 11 Sep 2017
1) Fixed for blank page at item entry from Backend

#Effected Files For Backend
- application/controllers/items.php
Version : 1.0.10
Released Date : 12 Jun 2017
1) Replace another radio button control (Mobile)
2) Map alignment fix to show at center of screen (Mobile)
3) Open email dialog when press email at Item Detail (Mobile)
4) Load image according aspect ratio at map annotation popup (Mobile)
5) Phone, email and website link are clickable at About App Page (Mobile)
6) Bug fix to retrieve news feed according backend setting (Mobile + API)
7) Gallery image navigation bug fix (Backend)

#Effected File For Xcode 
deleted:    CitiesDirectory/DLRadioButton.framework/DLRadioButton
deleted:    CitiesDirectory/DLRadioButton.framework/Headers/DLRadioButton.h
deleted:    CitiesDirectory/DLRadioButton.framework/Info.plist
deleted:    CitiesDirectory/DLRadioButton.framework/Modules/module.modulemap
deleted:    CitiesDirectory/DLRadioButton.framework/_CodeSignature/CodeResources
deleted:    CitiesDirectory/DLRadioButton.h
deleted:    CitiesDirectory/DLRadioButton.m
new file:   CitiesDirectory/SSRadioButton.swift
new file:   CitiesDirectory/SSRadioButtonsController.swift

modified:   CitiesDirectory/AboutViewController.swift
modified:   CitiesDirectory/Base.lproj/Main.storyboard
modified:   CitiesDirectory/Info.plist
modified:   CitiesDirectory/ItemDetailViewController.swift
modified:   CitiesDirectory/ItemsMapViewController.swift
modified:   CitiesDirectory/SortingPopupViewController.swift

#Effected File For Backend 
modified:   application/controllers/items.php
modified:   application/controllers/rest/cities.php
modified:   application/models/feed.php
Version : 1.0.9
Released Date : 29 May 2017
1) Fixed For Xcode 8.3.2 warnings
2) Improved UI Alignment at Item Detail and About App 
3) Integrated Google AdMob

Effected Files From Xcode Project 
- CitiesDirectory/APIRouters.swift
- CitiesDirectory/AboutViewController.swift
- CitiesDirectory/Base.lproj/Main.storyboard
- CitiesDirectory/Config.swift
- CitiesDirectory/ItemDetailViewController.swift
- CitiesDirectory/ResponseTypes.swift
- CitiesDirectory/SearchViewController.swift
- CitiesDirectory/SelectedCityViewController.swift
- CitiesDirectory/SweetAlert.swift
- CitiesDirectory/UserProfileEditViewController.swift
- Alamofire-master/Source/Request.swift
- Added "GoogleMobileAds.framework" as New!

Effected Files From Backend 
- None

Version : 1.0.8
Released Date : 22 Mar 2017
1) Fixed for favourite item crash
2) UI alignment fix for small screen like iPhone5
3) Just replace for new sample database script. 
Version : 1.0.7
Released Date : 18 Mar 2017
1) Offline Data Caching (New Feature)
2) Animations & Transitions (New Feature)
3) Sorting (New Feature)
4) About App Page (New Feature)
5) Other improvement for colors & UI Alignment for different screen sizes
6) iOS 10 Push Notification Improvement 
Version : 1.0.6
Released Date : 7 Dec 2016
1) Collection View Crash On iOS 10
2) Special characters fixed
Version : 1.0.5
Released Date : 11 Nov 2016
1) Fixed For Push Notification On iOS10
Version : 1.0.4
Released Date : 28 Oct 2016
1) To support Swift3, Xcode8 and iOS10
2) Some improvement to compatible with Alamofire
3) Some minor bugfix according user feedback
Version : 1.0.3
Released Date : 3 Sep 2016
1) Minor bugfix on mobile app 
2) User permission bugfix on backend
Version : 1.0.2
Released Date : 24 May 2016
1. To open call dialog when tap phone no  
2. Fix for some special characters display
Version : 1.0.1
Release Date : 9 Apr 2016
What is new?
1. Added iAd Feature

What is fixed?
1. To work and compatible with latest Xcode(7.3) and Alamofire(3.3.0)
2. Some performance fix on Mapview 
3. Other minor fix from user feedback 

Message to existing buyer
- Please download and replace whole folder with you want to use with latest Xcode7.3. There are a lot fix at this version so it is hard to say what is exact file for updated at this version. 
Version : 1.0.0
Released Date : 25 Mar 2016
# iOS Application Features
1. Xcode Project By Using Swift
2. Cities List
3. Categories & SubCategory from Selected City
4. Items Pinterest Grid
5. Item Detail Information 
6. Gallery Images Slider 
7. Like/Unlike For Item 
8. Favourite/Unfavourite for Item
9. Item Review Message 
10. Item Inquiry Message 
11. User login and forgot password
12. New user registration 
13. User Profile Management 
14. Change Password 
15. Search by Keyword 
16. User’s favourite item list
17. Push Notification 
18. Explore On Map 
29. Search by user location based

# Backend Features
1. Super Admin can manage for all cities
2. City Registration For Public User
3. Collect city registration fee using Paypal
4. Enable/Disable for Paypal Payment 
5. City Creation 
6. Categories, Sub Categories and Items Creation 
7. News Feed Management 
8. Manage for User Feedback data such as like, favourite
9. Manage for inquiry and review message 
10. Send Push Notification to register device 
11. Data Analytics with Google Chart API
12. Easy to change another language from language config file

# APIs Integration
1. Using RestFul API with JSON to transfer data in between Mobile App and Backend 


Q. What xcode verion need to install?
A. Please use 8.1 GA

Q. Will work with Objective C++?
A. No. It is using Swift3.

Q. Which iOS version will compatible?
A. iOS9 and 10

Q. How about Push Notification?
A. Yes, there is simple push notification by using Apple Push Notification Service. User can register their device from App then Super Admin User could send notification from Backend to app those registered devices.

Q. Is it included Backend & API together?
A. Yes, you can manage all content from Backend and then RESTFul API will transfer data in between App and Backend.

Q. How about working environment setup?
A. You may need to setup yourself for your working environment so it requires for some technical background. If you have issues for during installation and configuration, please send email with details error logs or printscreens..

Q. Do I need to know programming knowledge to modify the app?
A. Yes, especially Swift and CodeIgniter.

Message To Buyer

All those features are ready to start and good enough for your full application development and customization. If you want to know more about it, please drop message to

Found Any Bugs? No worry at all. Please report to Appreciates it.

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- Some Images From Google Search
- Alamofire Framework
- SweetAlert
- EZLoadingActivity