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Is there a function that would be good that you could add, the users that comment in the added businesses can add photos as well as in the Google Maps application? Is the question understood? Sorry my poor English

Currently, we just maintain and some bug fix only for this app. We don’t have the plan to introduce as new version because we have the plan to release another City App. Cheers!

one more? then you are only interested in selling something new for what I can see, they could improve with more functions than they currently have and not leave this aside without updates, well, with this there is nothing to do, in any case thanks for the sincerity in Tell us this, it speaks well of you but at the same time it also speaks badly when wanting to do another one and without wanting to improve this one that is already done. regards

Noted with thanks for your feedback. Cheers!

There is an option for export but seems there is no any option to export.How to import all data together at once? Preferred file format is in cvs.? Can you explain how to import it.

You need to modify at coding level for csv import. It is very hard to say exactly for coding modification according your enhancement. Cheers!

can u modify it for me now? we prefer to have it in the next update.

Sorry we are not available for freelance at this moment because of some on going projects. Cheers!

is the app supports rtl ??

Thanks for your reaching out. Unfortunately, our app is not support for RTL but if you phone setting change to RTL, app would be support for RTL. Cheers!

Can I use it in arabic language?

Thanks for your reaching out. Our app database is using MySQL so it supports for Arabic language but app is not support for RTL. Cheers!

Thanks for the update.. Can you clarify what is the new update including and what is the instructions… B. R

Please take a look at “Released Note” section. There is some details for version update. Cheers!

What is new in updates? can i use quite big SQL database?

Please take a look at “Released Note” section. There is some details for version update. This version update is just minor fix only. Cheers!

I uploaded CityDirectory (backend) files to my server. set up config and database as shown on the documentation. Only getting error: This page isn’t working. (MySite.com) is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500

Am I missing something?

Is there some other procedure I need to follow? Should I have uploaded the files differently or does this just not work?

Please help.

Thanks for your purchased the app. I already replied to you via email. Have you take a look my email also? Cheers!

Will they add google analytics? Privacy and data policy of the European Union?

but the EU data policy does not come out in any update, this google announced it 2 months ago and it goes into effect from May 25. I did not understand the google analytics code

Our analytics approach is just record for user touch count at details page. Then generate the chart using google chart API. Cheers!

I still do not understand

Do not purchase this app. No future update will be released anymore. App developer has mentioned “THEY DO NOT HAVE PLANS TO RELEASE FUTURE UPDATES”. DON’T SAY I DID NOT WARN YOU.

Thanks for your feedback and sorry for your confusion. We have the plan for future version update. According our existing clients’ feedback, we changed our plan to do version update on this item instead of new item. Cheers!

Got everything set up. App crashes when I go to view an item for any section. The app lets me navigate through just fine until I click on one of the items then the app crashes. Backend is fine.

Can the items include video or html embed or someway to show video?
>>> You may need to write some extra coding for that feature.

Btw, thanks and much appreciates for your 5 stars rating and comment.


Can you possibly let me know how I can make the descriptions include html and I will hire someone to do it for me please. Shouldn’t be a problem.

Bro, please drop email to teamps.is.cool@gmail.com more details discussion for freelance work. Cheers!


KevinFS Purchased

please help, i cant compile, giving error : Failed to resolve: design Open File Failed to resolve: cardview-v7 Open File

Thanks for your purchased the app. Can you send whole error logs to teamps.is.cool@gmail.com Cheers!

I hope that users can add their business and as an administrator we can accept or not, since it costs a lot of work to upload each business individually, you must add that function, if or if I ask them please. Thank you

Okay noted with thanks for your feedback. Cheers!

Is there also a feature to allow people to search what’s near them?

Thanks for your purchased the app. Yes, that feature is already available. You need to click the map icon from this page.

Then you need to click for search button to search based on user current location.


Brilliant, thank you

Demo is not working.

May I know which demo? Backend or mobile app? Cheers!