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Good luck for sales

Thank you.

Hi in Your demo apk ther is error on Google play login.

That is not error, game is not publish to Google Play Store.

That is only like example that Leaderboard is setup and working, you will need to add your Leaderboard ID and Google Play Service ID to work propertly.

As we said it’s just for exemple, showing that is working.

nice game do you have it on ios ?

do you have video reward on the game so we can earn money from that?


It’s in plan to add IOS version of game, we just waiting our game to be publish first on iTunes and then we will upload it here.

We have some issue with Rewards Video Ads, but working on yet to resolve it.

perfect and thank you for answer.

You welcome.


I could’t see ads after adding AdmobID.

Thank you for this message. We just notice that that we have missed to add Interstitial On Game Over.

We will upload update code right now.

If you can send us message from our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1 we will appreciate.

when the updated code will be available coz i want to buy it.

We have already submitt update, and waiting for review team to approve code.

It will be updated in upcoming days.

can i modify project by eclipse ! is it easy to reskin !! how many levels on it !! answer please i want to buy it

You can change all necessary change in Eclipse Engine to modify code to be unique for you.
It have 30 Scenes which coming randomly to screen.
For resin you have all necessary images in PNG and PSD file for easier modification.
Updated coming soon in upcoming days.

i cant run it on genymotion ,, it stopped before starting !! what is the problem

We really do not understand your question, statement here.

If you need to see change that you have made in game, best silo toon is to compile .apk file and try it on real device. Any Simulator will crash before starting the game.

Sir i dont wanna to use real device every time i want to test the game, it’s not good for working .. you have to mention this in item details. i want a refund please sir, i can’t work with this code, sorry answer me as soon as possible

For this matter you should contact Envato Support.

Thank you for your interest in our game. We wish you al the best in your App Business.

Hi, Do you have an IOS version of the same game?.

It is still in development.

okay, how long u think before it will be available?

We still working on it to make it available on all Apple devices. We can not put time frame on it.

Hi! My question
this game import on android studio work ??

Every Eclipse Project can be imported into Android Studio, you need to use 1.3 or higher Android Studio Engine, and from there you can export to .apk.

You can make all change in Eclipse and Import in Android Studio to compile.

Thanks for the great answers
I am buying these great game. I like many games ;)

Thank you for kind words. If you will need any assistance let us now.

created with buildbox, well you sell the buildbox project?

We not selling BB file here, only source code of game that you choose.

Do you have this game in ios?

For now not yet, we still working on it.

You welcome.

How to make icons bigger?

which icons you need to make bigger?

the in game icone ie: play button

We can make this for you. Give us some tome to make. Please contact us threw our Profile Page Under Email Dulisa1 or leave us your mail.

Hi. I did everything as your documentation but i cant export it. Look: http://i.imgur.com/NvNfuGH.png What’s wrong?

Try to change in PSD file name brick9 copy2, brick9 copy3, brick9 copy4

i changed psd and png files but i cant see any changing in game. How can i do it?

All images for game is stored in atlas folder IN SOURCE CODE.
Artwork file is there just for easier reskin process.
You need to change atlas PNG images in source code to be able seeing change in game.
When you change all images in PSD file save it in PMG in source code in atlas folder.

Quick question, what development framework did you use? I guessing Libgdx?

Hi, game using Cocos2D-X Library.
Its made in Cocos2D-X and exported to Android.

Hi did you have this game on ios now?

Hi, game is still in development for IOS version.

Thanks for answer!

You welcome.

Hi, I have purchase your app. I meet error when I import project at eclipse like this: http://postimg.org/image/kt6rauc1v/ Would you mind let me know how to fix? Thank you

We see that there is error with Google-play-service-lib.
Try to extract code using latest 7Zip and then try to import into Eclipse.
We have compile code using Android SDK 5.0.1, make sure that you have that one installed in your Eclipse.
If still gonna he a issue importing, we will assist you threw TeamWeaver on Monday.
We are based in Central European Time +01:00.

Seem, I have to give your help. My skype: Boost.Installs Waiting for you through Teamviewer to fix it. Thank you

Hi, can you contact us threw our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1.


How do we edit pictures.

Hi there,
You will need to change images in atlases folder.<be> Use PSD file in Artwork folder to make it easier for you.


The log in to Google Play game service is no longer work and bellow is the error with the Admob I believe.

Could you please check and fix it?

Regards Tran

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cool, I sent the email.

ok, I understand the Demo purpose now. So please help me solve the issues with my code as in the email.

Reply already.