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Live demo not found!

Thank you for the feedback, can you confirm the url which doesn’t work? Is it the same as this one? http://codecanyon.net/item/circular-slideshow-original-menu-and-presentation-builder/full_screen_preview/9701945

Works fine now. Judging by the others also have a problem CodeCanyon was misdirecting.

Nice work. Buying it.

Thank you! Let me know if you need some support to integrate it I can help you with that.

Demo not working for me either.

Thank you for your comment. This is very weird, it works for me. Are you talking about this url? http://codecanyon.net/item/circular-slideshow-original-menu-and-presentation-builder/full_screen_preview/9701945

It is working now! Very interesting bookmarked!

I guess integrating in a Wordpress site won’t be a problem as I have done so with other JS plugins.

It is totally easy to integrate it in a wordpress website if you have access to the ftp. I can help you with that if you need, just let me know! Thank you for the interest!

demo site not found

Thank you for your comment. Can you confirm the url which doesn’t work for you? Is it this one? http://codecanyon.net/item/circular-slideshow-original-menu-and-presentation-builder/full_screen_preview/9701945

Very nice!

Also, I don’t understand the peacock demo though, it just shows the peacock but the eyes don’t seem to have actual menu options?

It’s just a presentation to show the possibilities to create partial circles and not only full circles. For example in the same way the user can create a fan shape menu or a presentation in a rainbow shape. The possibility to link every circle to a description that appear over the element or in the center of the circle is optional. I was thinking to improve the example a little bit and do something practical with it because you are not the first person that ask me about the peacock :) But really… the possibilities are very broad. For example you can link some feather showing a thumbnail and clicking on it you can render a lightbox with the image in high definition, creating an image slideshow.

amazing, well done

Thank you! :)

can it autoplay

There is no option regard autoplay, are you interested in this functionality? if yes, let me know

Clean and good, GLWS