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Your demo link isn’t working :)

Please check youtube video. I will put a demo online soon. Sorry.

Demo worked for me after i removed frame ;)

Why you didnt call this plugin “Dancing Star” :)


to late :P hehe already choose the name

I like it! Thanks!
But can you please add more comfort features, like:

-adjusting the image
-circle editing after creation


Hello Marco, We are working on your sugestions. When you add you an image you cant click to automatic add url ? like on video? If not please use the form on our profile of codecanyon to contact me i will help you.

Sorry, me again but I have thousands ideas at the moment ;)
I can only create ONE circle animation, with different animation and different circles per Wordpress site. This is bad. Please look at some other sliders, they allow it to create MANY different slide shows with different slides per Wordpress site.
And for the pros, if your plugin loads up common libraries and frameworks, please make it possible for the customers to switch them on or off, to prevent multi loading of the same libraries and frameworks again and again, if there are already loaded up with other plugins.
Marco from Germany

Thank you for your feedback is really important to improve our products. Tomorrow we will work on new update.

Can I have agents profile pic in circle and when clicked links to there profile page ?

Also how about 2 slider on 1 page ?

You can add authors photos and link their profiles. We are working on 2 or more slides in one page. Will be released on next update. Thank you

Circular Slide Options Width Time in seconds to each image Animations slideDown slideUp slideLeft slideRight slideExpandUp expandUp fadeIn expandOpen bigEntrance hatch bounce pulse floating tossing pullUp pullDown stretchLeft stretchRight Images

There is no way to select how many circles etc I only can display one circle and it changes images. Can you send me the plugin code same as demo one. Otherwise looks good

I sent you an email. Thank you

Thanks works as expected and loads fast to :-)

New update. Now full responsive. You can create multiple slides too.

Looking good :)

but you spelled Graffiti terribly wrong :/

Oh god , my english :(

Hi there!

I really like your plugin! I just have a few pre-sale questions:

Firstly, can I use a single circle with my photo in the header of my homepage next to the logo and make it static without any animation? So it will be in the header all the time without disappearing.

Secondly, can I use different circles anywhere inside the posts for example if I want to build a particular sales page and use circles to illustrate different options and pictures?

And finally, can I insert the ‘do_shortcode(circleslide)’ anywhere within my homepage like you did in the header?

Thanks for your help! Timur

Hello Timur.

1) Actually you can create an slide that is a circle and then turn off all animations. And put time between animations like 1000, And circle will never move.

2) Yes you put circles inside posts just put shortcode like this : [circularslide id=”9d02a4e503a97”] (you will have your shortcode in slide options).

3) You can use php code wherever you want. Inside posts, widgets etc. (there is a small bug inside posts slideshow go to the begging of article. I will fix that in next update).

Thank you

Hi Cria-Web,

Thanks for your quick reply! It really is helpful!


How can I remove the description box from the slide?

Hello add this at your style.css

span.tooltip {display:none !important;}

Thank you

why image uploaded not show? Please Help

why image uploaded not show? Please Help

hello please contact me using the form on profile i will help you to fix your problem. Thank you

Hi there,

Amazing plugin love your work, but the thing is i’m trying to put the Circulars in a middle of a page, but once i past the short-code it shows as a sliders on top of the page, can you please help me with this.

Thanking you in advance.

Hello i will help you. Use the form of my profile of codecanyon to ask me support so we can talk personal.

I like the plug-in, but when I load the pic, it won’t allow me to plug in the description or url – any thoughts… Using latest version of firefox and wp…

Hi There…. I’m not sure what you did to get a picture to load, but I can’t get any pictures to load into a new slide…. Please help… This plug-in is no good if I can’t get it to work and I can’t always have you all do it… I’m using the newest version of WP and have tried doing this in IE and Firefox both…

hello there i will launch one update to work well with version 3.9. If you are really rush just drag and drop photos on upload zone. Will work well (because i have tried) If dont work with drag drop means you have some WP plugin or browser plugin making conflicts with my plugin. Last time i went to your blog i upload with no problems.

Thank you

Awesome on the Update… when do you think that will take place? So, as per your instruction, I disabled all of the other plug-ins I was using, attempted to drag/drop the photos using both IE & Firefox and still got no results. I also attempted the Upload file option and it didn’t work either. Obviously, there is some issue using Firefox and/or IE – did you use one of these browsers or a different one when you were on my site? Thanks!

Hi, i like the plugin, it works well, but i thing there is a huge bug on it… when i add it in the post it goes automatically top of the article… any idea? update?

Hello please use contact form on my profile to contact me. So i can see yor problem. Thank you

weird…. uploaded an image which i can see in the media library fine, yes after uploading it i click on bottom Insert into post… but in backend and frontend it wont show image – says undefined if i look at code { background: url(undefined); background-image: url(; background-position-x: 50%; background-position-y: 50%; background-size: cover; background-repeat-x: initial; background-repeat-y: initial; background-attachment: initial; background-origin: initial; background-clip: initial; background-color: initial; background-size: cover; background-position: 50% 50%; }

Hello please can you contact me usign the form on my profile so i can help you better. Thank you

Hello, is it possible to chance the position of the silder? I don’t want it to appear on the top of the page, but I didn’t found a possibility to chance the position. Thanks Beate

Hello please can you contact me using the form on my profile. So i can see your case and help you :) thank you.

Any way to have the links open in a new window?

I submit one update to add new option where you can choose, to open links on same window or new window. Will be online when aproved so you can download it.

Hi, is it possible to have a simple fade between the images as animation?


Any of this animations Can be applyed to each image.

If I copy the website from my localhost to a webserver the images I used for Circular Slide are broken and thus do not show. I have to manually select the images again. Can you fix this please?

Thank you for report that. We will fix it on next update.