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The link for the demo doesn’t work..

A few questions: 1) can you separate right and left mouse motions (i.e., use for different purposes), 2) can you detect and utilize the speed with which the mouse is moved, and 3) can you detect and utilize the arc/size of the circular motion of the mouse? This could be a great ergonomic tool.

1) The plugin will detect clock-wise and counter-clockwise rotations as a single event but the direction can be obtained by reading the event object’s cmgDir property (true = counterclockwise, false = clockwise.) , 2) The time between successive cmg events would determine speed and 3) the arc/size although not reported is used to compute the events object’s cmgOrientation property or (that is) was the gesture wider than it was tall.

Put a http:// before your Preview-Link ;)

Thanks Asustaba!

This is pretty awesome! I’m definitely keeping it in mind for future work :) Very cool!

Can’t seem to get the demo to work, I am even following the arrow with my mouse and still nothing happens.

Hi Sonaryr! If you should be so gracious as to ever visit this demo again, please confirm that the lettering of the cmg icon is white (cmg enabled) and not black (cmg disabled) during your gesturing and that your cursor orbits occur at least twice per second or more. Should this fail then any browser and or os details you would care to share would be most welcomed. Thankyou, fredt4

This is a very original idea, I like it.

I was entertained by your demo for 15 minutes! hehehe Good job sir!

dunno why don t work on me (crome & FF)

Well done! Looks awesome!