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Hello, i have bought the Circular countdown, now im using the 7th variant the one with the phone but it only show how many weeks, can is let it show in how many days ?

Could you PM to support(at)stachethemes(dot)com I’ll send you modified js file.


I’ve got a website on the Rainmaker platform. Is your Circular Countdown compatible with it?



Sorry, I have no idea how this platform works.

can you take the text out on variant 4 and theme the rest in different colors?

well generally speaking yes you can leave only the clock

Hi, I like your work. I need to use one of their counters to embed in a section of my website to announce an event. This is possible? or only for pages under construction.

Thank you!


Only under construction pages.


1) is there any documentation on how to change the size of the countdown timer in variant 8 folder?

2) Let said i change my width and height to 200px how i know what value of diameter i need exactly to put?

3) Is there any formula on how to calculate the diameter?


Thanks for reply, what if i change the line-width in js & the border-radius in css. Is there a formula too?

I think I eyeballed it with firebug.

ic….alright. thanks

Hello!. I just purchased the Circular Countdown and I’m using #1. How can I make it responsive?. It doesn’t seem to be responsive. Thanks.


Not all of the versions are responsive some of them like version #1 are really old, but I can fix that for you by tomorrow.

Just send me an e-mail on


blizam Purchased

I just sent you an email to ‘’ titled ‘Circular Countdown error’ from—gmail shouldn’t spam it, but please do check for it, was sent 5 minutes ago


blizam Purchased

nevermind, I figured it out ;)

Hi! Can the plugin “reprogram” itself? I wish every Sunday at midnight, the plugin is 0. And that “reprogram” for the following Sunday.

Excuse me for my bad english!


No, sorry. You will have to do it manually.

Hi, I really need a timer which also does days and years, is this possible with your lovely timer??

I would just drop in on the home page ticking over showing how long (in years, months, days etc something has been running

thanks in advance, hope you can help



No, sorry it’s pretty much wysiwyg

Hi, First of all, congratulations for this amazing plugin, really beautiful :) I’m interested in purchasing it and have the following questions please: 1- I may use this example:, but is it possible not to use any external image? maybe adapt the design to be used only with css? like this one: ?

2- what kind of date format can I pass as parameter? I want to avoid problems with time zones, so it’ll be great if i can use timestamp for example or juste the remaining time in seconds

thanks in advance Reda

Thank you for your reply. 2- the problem if i set a time as you mentioned, i’ll have different timers depending on the clock set in the user’s computer… is it possible to set time in seconds (remaining seconds) ?

No sorry it’s not possible.

Oh that’s very unfortunate!! hope you’ll add this very important feature in the next update…

Hi, sorry to bother you. I am using Variant 6 and i have a couple of questions. 1. even though i have added a startdate and enddate however the countdown still has zeros ? 2. Can you advise on the best way to set a image as the background. many thanks

I assume you’d want to set enddate to 2017?

Oh I am so sorry… I am such a fool. it works perfectly and looks great. thank you… :)

No problem.


pumpmfg Purchased

I would like to add ad sense code to the bottom of the counter. What do I need to do to have my adsense ad show up? Right now when I paste the add sense code in it doesn’t show up. Also can you change the facebook and twitter buttons to share the website with the counter?

Which template version of the countdown are you using?

What’s the adsense code you’re pasting?


pumpmfg Purchased

i”m using the christmas countdown. I figured out the ad and it’s working really well. Any idea how to get the social buttons to share on facebook/twiiter? Thank you

Which template version of the countdown are you using?

Version six has serious issues though.


Could you describe the issues?

how hard/esay would it be to turn the snowflakes into stars? I need it for a wordpress page but without the winter setting (it’s for a deliverable countdown in spring)

2/ I was going to bring it into wordpress via an iframe…does it work in an iframe?


For which variant are you talking about? Variant 9 snowflakes are .png image so there should be no problem to replace it with whatever you want.

Yes, you can place it inside iframe.

Hey, i just bought this plugin and when i try to upload it to my wordpress site it shows a message that it failed to upload.

That’s probably because this is not a WordPress plugin :)

Yes thank you for letting me know, it was my mistake, i only use wordpress, can you guys refund me please, cause it will not work with me.

You can request a refund of course, more information here: