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images are all png? xib or storyboard?

Ah forget about that:-), i just update all reviews.. Talk soon

Sorry what is your email?

Hi, How many images to reskin ?

is there any sound in the game ?

Total 8 images including buttons + tracks color are coded, 2 sounds. Thanks @HonestApps

why ads are not showing in simulator? even after I updated IDs and enable test mode in dashboard.. thx

@LauroSousa 8 images + tracks are coded 2 sounds

I just confirmed once again, the ads are showing in simulator. Please make sure you have created a campaign in chartboost.

Let me know if the issue remains or you are having ads.

Sorry, work like a charm, but I needed also update IDs in pch file not only config.h thx

Can you add Twitter/FB share button, please?

Gamecenter is integrated already, right?

is there an android version of this?

no, not from me.

Hi, Just checking to see if the code is updated? I am planning to buy it once the update is out. Please let me know. Thank you.

This code is full functional and updated. Thanks for your interest.

I’ve got a coupe off questions too..

1) There seems to be a bug, when running it in iOS Simulator at least.. The cars get stuck at the start line and the score continually increases meaning a player could just let it run and post a massive score. I’ve had this happen 3 times now in testing..

2) I too would like a version of the xib files that easily allow a background image to be used.. I’ve attempted this myself already but am new to xcode and haven’t been able to work it out for myself.

3) I have added launch images in xcode with the correct sizes but they do not display when the game is run, am I missing something?

I can be contacted at hitbox@hitboxinteractive.com, I will happily give a 5 star rating if I can get these issues resolved.. Thanks.

Please unzip the source and run fresh copy. There shouldn’t be such error.

About image on track: Add pattern image to XCode project and in config.h try as following #define INNER_ROAD_COLOR  [UIColor colorWithPatternImage: [UIImage imageNamed: @”block”]]

for background, in ViewController.m on viewDidLoad, self.view.backgroundColor = [UIColor colorWithPatternImage: [UIImage imageNamed: @”block”]];

image name will be changed according to yours.

Is the issue resolved? Waiting for your rating :)

Sorry.. Yeah, the code you gave me helped me get an image in as a background but only as a repeating texture.. I was more interested in having the ability to draw my own track and having it sit over the existing one.. I think others are interested in the same..

Regarding the bug I had, I haven’t seen it again, but I’m doubtful it will be resolved by extracting the code over again.. the game runs as expected 99 times out of 100..

I still don’t know why my launch images wont show but Im sure that is my issue and not anything to do with the code..

Ill post a rating shortly once I am done working with the code :)

I just downloaded this code and I am not pleased with it after testing. It froze on random occasions and I don’t like how it is setup. Could I get a refund? I won’t be using this code.

contact code canyon. I don’t know if they have any refund policy.

Chartboost is commented in the code. Do i have to uncomment it to chartboost run ?

No, chartboost must run perfectly, in which file have you noticed the commented code? Please check your app id & signature, make sure you have opened a campaign.

And I am one rating short here for this game :( will be very much thankful for a rating.

Hi, when the user press the rate button it is not working…

it says the adress is wrong (itunes link)... and i have replaced my app id in the code

this address won’t open in simulator

Hi Interested in your app. If I purchase it can you reskin and upload it for me? Just want to change color of tracts and cars and ads ids. If you can email me pleSe at cleanfunapps@hotmail.com

Until now applovin ads and chartboost ads are not appearing (already in itunes)... How can i fix it (i already created the keys in CB and APplovin and replaced in code) ?

check the AD_PERIOD variable in config.h I guess

I found one serious bug , after running some times, the cars will move from here to there at start line. I found other buyers also mention the similar issue, please help to check it.

Got an error when I opened the file in xcode and tried to run the simulator. Please advise. Thanks.