Circloid - Responsive OpenCart Admin Theme

Circloid - Responsive OpenCart Admin Theme

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Circloid is a retina-ready and responsive Admin theme for OpenCart. Circloid allows you to change the look of your admin to suit your style. It’s a complete redesign of the default theme but does not overwrite it. It uses vQmod, so nothing is overwritten on your site. All you have to do is upload the files to the respective locations and you’re set. So you can always go back to the default theme whenever you wish. It’s responsive too (built on bootstrap) so it looks great when you’re on your mobile device.


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Circloid comes with 11 Dashboard Widgets.

  1. Order/Customer Chart – All Ranges (Large)
  2. Order/Customer Chart – Daily Range
  3. Order/Customer Chart – Weekly Range
  4. Order/Customer Chart – Monthly Range
  5. Order/Customer Chart – Yearly Range
  6. Sales Value Chart
  7. Other Stats (Miscellaneous)
  8. Top 5 Customers – All Ranges
  9. Top 5 Products – All Ranges
  10. Latest Orders
  11. Stock Quantity – Low Stock & Out Of Stock


This theme also comes with 8 Preset Color Profiles:

5 Presets
  • Multi-Color
  • Teal/Green
  • Red/Yellow
  • Blue
  • Purple/Pink
3 Custom User Profiles – for you to create your own color combos
  • Custom User Profile 1
  • Custom User Profile 2
  • Custom User Profile 3


Not compatible with OpenCart 2.1 and above
OpenCart:: v1. – v1.5.6 & v2.0.3.0
Browsers:: IE8/9+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
Custom Admin Pages:: Shoppica2, Journal

Works with IE8/9+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera.

NOTE: Shoppica2, Journal and other themes’ copyright are held by their respective owners.


Circloid is easily translated into any language. All you have to do is translate one file and you are set.

Known Issues

Circloid is built to work alongside other OpenCart extensions, and it works fine for most extensions with little or no customization needed.

But as there are thousands of extensions out there, there may be a few that just aren’t compatible with this theme. If you or any of your 3rd party extensions have altered the default OpenCart Admin files directly (instead of using vQmod), then there may be an increased chance on incompatibility. I’m willing to help where I can.








v1.1.3 – 15/07/2015

- ADDED: Support for OpenCart 2.0.3.x
- FIX: Calendar error with Jquery UI and calendar plugin

v1.1.2 – 22/04/2015

- ADDED: Support for OpenCart
- ADDED: Logged-In User logo for OpenCart v2.0.X

v1.1.1 – 01/03/2015 (Re-uploaded 04/03/2015 with test code removed)

- FIX: OC2 - OPENCART BUG FIX: Replace incorrect variable for geting weekly chart. Only reveals when using line chart not bar chart
- FIX: OC2 - Header Alert Notification now displays correct count
- FIX: OC2 - Added fix for Journal2
- ADDED: Added more Kuler modules to the compatibility list
- FIX: Circloid for OC 1.5.X now properly reports only completed orders on chart

v1.1.0 – 18/02/2015

- NEW: Now supports OpenCar 2.0.1.x
- NEW: Created fix for Pavilion Theme control panel
- UPDATED: CIrcloid now displays True Sales Values of complted orders only, instead of all orders (pending, abandoned, canceled etc)
- Fixed non-responsiveness in sales/order pages

v1.0.11 – 12/12/2014

- Added fix for non-clickable menu during installation of v1.0.10 and above
- Updated SQL files to allow for possible future updates
- Make default buttons as buttons no longer just links
- Reorganized language files so newly added terms are at the bottom
- Remove duplicate on the Other Stats widget
- Added correct link for Product Count notification. When clicked, now displays correct products like before
- Fixed dashboard error for Vendors on Waabay's Dropshipper/Multivendor Extension

v1.0.10 – 01/12/2014

- NEW: Added status change feature for the main graph
- NEW: Added Daily, Weekly & Monthly Sales to Sales Widget
- NEW: Allow main large chart be able to show orders/customers based on custom date range
- NEW: Add menu hover/click switcher
- Hide error/succes message block when empty. Sometimes made visible by other extensions CSS
- Make error/success alert fadeout after few seconds
- Fixed JS tabs issue on all versions. Now you no longer get logged out when you click a tab
- Updated Circloid's Style to be more flat and appealing
- Updated Flot graph plugin.
- Changed the "log" settings in Circloid xml to "ignore/skip" for header icon changes. This prevent VQMod from logging "Not Found" Errors for icons on 3rd party extensions.
- Changed "log" to "skip" for menu-import script. Prevents malformed menu items preventing Circloid from loading fully.
- Added more modules to the Kuler Modules compatiblility list.
- Added correct Waabay's Dropshipper/Multivendor Extension fix for v1.5.6.4

v1.0.9 – 22/08/2014

- Created better styling for Kuler Themes Custom Admin Pages
- Fixed issue with some tabs caused by Custom Admin Page fix
- Improved fix for Waabay's Dropshipper/Multivendor Extension (VQMod Version). Main menu now displays properly base on wheter user is Admin or Vendor.
- Improved fix for Waabay's Dropshipper/Multivendor Extension (VQMod Version). Now only 1 vendor button shows in main menu.

v1.0.8 – 08/08/2014

- Fix for Journal1 infinite reload loop

v1.0.7 – 28/07/2014

- Fixed layout and errors on Forgetten Password page
- Added full menu to main menu for Custom Admin Pages
- Created completely new fix for Journal2

v1.0.6 – 13/07/2014

- Added missing chunk of code for Custom Admin Pages to OpenCart v1.5.6.4
- Fixed unlink error message on dashboard which was as a result of Custom Admin Page fix.

v1.0.5 – 12/07/2014

- Added: Compatibility with Themes and Extension that have custom admin pages.
- Fixed: Error/Success messages not showing.

v1.0.4 – 27/06/2014

- Added: Compatibility with Waabay's Dropshipper/Multivendor Extension (VQMod Version)
- Updated documentation to include Waabay's Dropshipper/Multivendor Extension (VQMod Version)
- Height of "Other Stats" widget on homepage now adjusts correctly depending on content. CSS change.
- Updated Menu Importation.

v1.0.3 – 01/05/2014

- Installation process now displays when default language is not English. Note: This does not translate the language file.
- Added compatibility for OpenCart to
- Changed style of some form links to buttons
- Fixed styling on Error Log button for OpenCart and above
- Fixed pagination. No no longer affects the frontend
- Hide the empty success, error & warning messages which get reveiled by some 3rd-party extensions when there is no action carried out.

v1.0.2 – 09/02/2014

- Added Kuler Themes Framework to compatibility list.
- Updated Menu Importation for seamless integration on Circloid.
- Fixed loading issue with Top 5 Products/Customers Widget.

v1.0.1 – 16/01/2014

- Corrected menu import path. Menus items are now properly imported.
- Added styling for 3rd party top-level menu items

v1.0.0 – 26/12/2013

- Initial Release