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This theme is not compatible with Journal!! The icon on module don’t show.

emmmm the themes last update in 2015… I am interested.. but it seem old, any change to make update for this year?

right now, I start to do my project selling stuff using opencart … and all my team said that circloid giving fresh look when they enter the admin site

their expression is like this :

, the color, the size of font, responsiveness, the graph, they just look right, it was simple and not too big and not too bold and it was easy to read and reach for something base on monitor screen

not to mention, the themes is affordable and not too expensive compare to Energize

please take account, I already have 10 people voting too bring back this themes and only for opencart (probably the only one in the world?)

so many silent voter you won’t be able to reach them, but honestly everyone many people like it, and I want to show my support too

Lol! I like the cartoon expression. Thanks for this, I will definitely consider it now!

Just a heads up, I’ve reduced the pricing options for Energize to make it more affordable. I hope it’s good enough :)

hello… nice admin themes for opencart.. pre-sale question, do they support latest opencart? 2017

I just saw Energize.. but I am not happy to see it because it seem big and the design is not so much and the price is way too expensive, because many opencart themes included extra module and theme builder does not reaching that price yet.. .. if Circloid not longer supported.. would you create themes like circloid for latest opencart?

I like circloid design and price..


Hi mckaizu,

I took into account what you and others have said and I have reduced the price of Energize by providing better pricing options.

You can check it out here:

hi thank you for offering..

but, I really uninterested with Energize design even thoe it free..

I love circloid more , I hope this can be updated

Compared to such an error, how can I resolve this error Fatal error: Call to a member function getTotalCustomers() on a non-object in /home/USER/public_html/admin/controller/dashboard/circloid/other_stats.php on line 23

Hi tsemre,

I no longer support Circloid because it is very hard to maintain. I only have it only for those people that want to download it for their OpenCart 1.5 stores.

If you like, you can request a refund then check out Energize.

The price is now reduced. Let me know.

Hello. this theme not working on OpenCart 2.3, but in the description there was no information about OpenCart compability, so i need this theme update for OpenCart 2.3, or just give my money back

I already purchased this yesterday with full price and this is also not functioning normally together with custom themes

Can you email me at support [at] base5builder [dot] com with your site details so I can check it out?