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Hey Alenn, I am interested in purchasing your app. I have 1 question though. Do you have Paypal integration to charge for featured events or anything like that? Thanks

Hello. No, there is no Paypal integration

Please describe which framework do you use in your application (I am wondering why envato does not require this information) Please send info about frameworks and libraries that you use, it’s very important for people who will buy this software.

Sorry, I have errro when I am registering, see screenshot:

It’s fixed. I used Mandril and now Mandril dropped free usage of their service so I forgot to update it. Thanks for notifiying me.

Hi Alenn, now it works! Big thanks!


i bought your script but it don’t works in my localhost can you check that?

Hi. I replied to your email, the script is not intended to be used on localhost, you need to put it on real server (don’t try with free ones).

hi does this mean I have to create my own mandrill account to operate this web?

No, Mandril is just an option, you can use regular mail

hi i am wanting to buy this script but have minor issues i ave seen.

1. you have a minimum image upload at 650×350, i have created and uploaded an image which i found very difficult had to use many images > i then tried using the same image on a different event and it was not uploading i was getting the error message > Minimum image dimensions (600×350 px)

2. i have selected a category say concert for an event, it will not show in that category and also when i go into edit it shows no category selected 3. i have noticed that the events gets removed from front end by date and not by date and time, i’m i right? 4. i think also when an event gets expired its must show an icon on the image saying event expired on user page profile> i do see the info on the event page event ended 5. you cant see users profile details if you are not logged in, i see an error >>> you must be logged in? 6. i think there must be end date and time for an event cas it could be for more then 1 day?

Hi Alenn, I am interested in this app but I cannot test it due to errors at Facebook login and also at registering with my email or any other (whatever I write I get a “Whoops, looks like something went wrong”) So my question is, are you still giving support to this app? Is there any way to test it once this couple of ways doesn’t work for me? Thanks

Hi. Thanks for notifying me about these error, I’m really busy these days so I don’t check very often my demo sites. I will resolve these errors in few hours and let you know once it’s fixed. These errors are related to poor hosting (email server) and facebook is not setup since I don’t have real domain, I placed it there only so you can know that Facebook login is supported.

Actually you saw that error because I changed password on my gmail account and forgot to update it on CircleMe, I’m using google SMTP server for emails. Now it’s ok, and Facebook is only for demonstration

Your script looks good and could be useful for a project I’m planning, but frankly I’m reluctant to pay a high price when it looks like there haven’t been updates to the functionality in a long time. What are your plans for updates and new features?

Hi. There is no plans for new features, only bug fixes.

Thank you, I appreciate the honesty and the prompt response. Would you say your code is well documented?

There are dockblocks for each method, so yes, I would say it’s well documented. There is Documentation for usage of the site, but for code you need to look on comments.

why cant I circle a user in the demo? all that shows is circle with red line thru it?

Oh ok. cool. Where do the ads show up at, I see it says in description we can include ads, but I dont see any in the demo?

Not even in the screenshot either

On the top of the page, right sidebar and in the middle of the event

Pre-Sales Question:

To whom it may concern,

I have extensively researched your Plug-In, but have some unanswered questions.

My website rents out several Tennis Fields at an hourly rate, where customers can book one or multiple time-slots. Thereupon, they can create private or public games. As a result, the booking solution needs to have a list of bookings that the customer made. They can then invite their friends to a private game. For a public game, I want users to be able to create an event from the front end that others can sign up for.

Does your plug-in support the following components?

1. Customers have a profile page

2. Customers can cancel or modify their bookings

3. Bookings can be paid via PayPal/Credit Card or select pay later for customers to pay in person at the venue

4. Upon completing the booking process a custom page can be enabled to redirect the user to their profile page within the website

5. Signed-In Users can post the booking details on their private group page

6. Users can create an event from the front-end

7. Public events have limited number of seats

8. Public events have a waiting list if the seats are full

9. Automatic email notifying admin if a booking has occurred

10. Allow automatic email to customer to confirm their booking

11. Only allow a confirmation email to be sent to customers when admin confirms the booking

12. SMS reminders for customers 3hrs before their booked time-slot

13. Customers can write comments and give a rating for a public event

14. Google maps can be integrated into event details

15. Recurring events can be created by the admin in the back-end or from the users on the front-end

If the feature is not included in your plug-in can it be combined with another WordPress Plug-In or is custom development needed?

Thank you for your time and clarification.