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The apk crashes when testing on my phone. I have Android Version 4.4.4. I’ve tested on other Android versions and it’s doing the same. Will there be an update or a fix to this issue?

What apk? The one I included or the one you built yourself?

the apk which i generate crashes !! how to fix it ?

Did you edit all ID’s and are you sure they work?

Nice game, Can I open in intel XDl ? Do you have chartboost ads?

You can’t open in intel XDI, but Charboost can be integrated, I can do it for you if you like.

Hi just wondering what code can you put in the if (GameOver == true) then to make it where every 4th game over an intrestial ad pops up.

To keep this organized I’ll use a screenshot:

Assuming you have admob correctly set up, this should do the trick. Also note that I immediately load a different interstitial, because they can take a while to load (on a bad internet connection) and this way they will be loaded by the time the user needs them.

Copy-paste here:

if (crdata.gamesPlayed % 4 == 0) then ads.show( “interstitial”, { appId=”ca-app-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxxx” } ) ads.load( “interstitial”, { appId=”ca-app-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxxx” } ) end

nice thanks a lot…also I came across this guy selling your app I belive on here http://codecanyon.net/item/circle-dash-html5-js-game/11330152

Thanks a lot for reporting it :D

The banner ads do not refresh. How to set the refresh time?

I did that as well (have it at 30 seconds), but when i have it installed on a device and play, the ad does not refresh or change until i go to the main menu.

Hi, The ads are refreshing now. But i am having issues display the leaderscore board. The popup asking to choose the email associated with google play services (i have three emails configured in my device) but after selecting one email, it does not do anything..

Have you published to the google play store already? Because if not, even when your ID is set up correctly, if the request doesn’t go through the google servers to any device, nothing will happen. This is what happens when you install the game locally, instead of downloading it from the google play store.

Please check your mail

Why is the “android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE” required? Can it be removed?

Are there all Admob banners in line 1637-1639, & 665? How to add an interstitial, i.e. after the splash screen?

For the below code, is the FIRTS AD ID HERE same as the AD ID?

Ads: main.lua, line 1637 + line 1639 if (crdata.ads == true) then ads.init( “admob”, “FIRTS AD ID HERE”); —AD ID: Ad ID of the first ad you have ads.show( “AD UNIT”, { x=0, y=_H – 50, appId=”AD ID” } ) —AD UNIT: The unit of ad you want to place, eg: “banner” —AD ID: The ID of the ad you want to show here end

line 665 ads.show( “AD UNIT”, { x=0, y=_H – 50, appId=”AD ID” } ) —AD UNIT: The unit of ad you want to place, eg: “banner” —AD ID: The ID of the ad you want to show here

the AD ID in line 665 no need to do ads.init?

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You seem to have a lot of problems and I’d love to help you

hello, admob is not showing up in the exported apk. In emulator it said the admob library was not included. How to add admob in corona?

Can you add me on skype: phragic
I’d love to help you out.

Hello there! I downloaded the game and playing on Corona SDK but it crashes when collision happens. Here’s image for you. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1pxw7vzjo2dy4cz/circle%20game%20error.jpg?dl=0 Please respond soon , thanks

Are you sure you downloaded the latest version?

Is there easy to modify some stuff of the game for a person who hasn’t got and idea of programming? is avaliable from iOS?

The dev platform is Corona, coding in Corona happens in lua but it’s quite easy. There is also great documentation available. Corona can publish to iOS but please be aware that there’s a whole lot of stuff to be done before you can publish to iOS. If you need support, I can provide that through skype: phragic

I just bought your template, its awesome, haven’t had time to fiddle with the code yet, but there is a crash when collision happens. I am using CoronaSDK v2015.2646 on a MAC. I guess this is the same issue as “shahzadalikandore”.

This is the screenshot of the error:


Thanks for looking into this Criss

Is this problem resolved?

How to change white ball to any character… ?

Have you figured it out yet or do you still need my help?

@CrissGibran, go to line 1076 and replace this code, its work for me

if ((crdata.bestScore > 0) and (crdata.bestScore < 0)) then

hello, I have sent an email to you but there has been no reply. I badly in need your help

Do you still need help?

I have buyed. I want Eclipse project. Can you send me Eclipse version?

The guide is inesistent in this project. I don’t know in which mode i can modify (name, etc…) and publish this project. I attend your response.

You don’t respond at me. I want refund, because i have ordered for mistake. I want only eclipse project.

There is a very adequate guide included in the project which tells you what to edit and where in order to customize the project to run specifically for you. Please check your docs.

NO SUPPORT; NO ANSWER, I’m regretful of buying this (not working codes)

when I build apk in corona and I run in my phones, it always crashes, I tried 10 times at least. I edited all thing you written in document. I e-mailed you 1 day ago, still waiting you. How difficult to support yor app??

Sorry for the terrible support, I’ve been focusing on my studies. Can you send me another e-mail, I’ll try and help you to the best of my abilities.

I am trying to upload and getting this error. module ‘facebook’ not found..

The facebook module has indeed been very buggy lately, since it doesn’t really provide anything to the game I suggest taking it out. If you need assistance with that, do contact me.

Is the code written in Java (Android) or in other language ? In another language: Can I edit and customise the code in the way I want ?

The code is written in Lua, and is easily customisable through the .lua code files that this package contains.

Here’s the documentation to help you: https://docs.coronalabs.com/

How do I open this code in android studios?

It’s not possible to open the project in Android studios, as it’s built with a different framework. The framework in question: https://coronalabs.com/

When I build to .apk and open the app on my phone, it stops working. “The app has stoped working”. What’s the problem?

As mentioned in the provided documentation, the code features a bunch of customizable fields to ensure it works with advertisements, ads, Google Play and more.
A guide to fill in these fields and have the project working are provided.