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Which language?

This is Objective C with cocos2d.

Hi smartdev100,

I am fan of You. easy to change character. I have a lot of character. Would you add more feature: get coin and buy new character? I really like this game


Yes, you can more character like that.

My Question is: current have feature shop to buy characters?

Sorry, this time only one character. Thanks

How do you turn off “no ads” button? I do not want IAP in my game.

Also, How to turn off iAD. Thanks.

i let you know soon

How to change the words “Circle Hop” in game?

Also, this app’s in-app purchase includes my first in-app purchase, how do I remove the in-app purchase? I can not have in-app purchase as the first app. It have to be the next generation’s app. Thank you

This game contains a lot of erros. It can not be runned on devices at all. Such a a useless game

i will update

Hi! thanks for cool game. Only one problem with iPad. Main character and pyramids are shifted to center. Can you help with it problem?

no answer) excellent after-sales support. Game Center also does not work.