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I have bought your games. Please help me add : AdMob, iAD,Revmob,Chartboost to it. Thanks

Thanks for support @@

I want to add iAd to top your game. Please tell me what to do! Thanks

I am sorry, but I do not know how to answer your question. There are several things that you should do that include programming as well. Here you can check an iAd tutorial http://codewithchris.com/iad-tutorial/ .
I want to point out that the game comes as a template that can be enhanced by you and we are only supporting the current features. If you like us to add more than the features available, then contact us via email and we will give you a quote and a timeline for the extra functionality.

Can you help me ? I want to reskin and add iAd to top your game. Please guid me! Thanks

That is a paid feature. If you are interested let me know by email: todorov.vg@gmail.com

Hi, I have noticed that while using iAds Interstitial, When you click close, the game freezes. Is there a workaround to this? Also, Instead of using Interstitial is it possible for me to use a top banner instead?

Thank you :) Actually no, I am not providing a way for anyone to remove ads in any of my games ;)

Which is why, a banner is much more convenient than an interstitial

You can still load the ads when the game is over.

I was looking thru the Circle Ball code and came across an Android option. Can this game be compiled to Android?

Upon research I came across “SpriteBuilder”, does it would with Spite Builder?

Hi yes it is build with sprite builder but cannot be compiled to android


I can’t find the .psd files and also, we doesn’t have any information regarding the reskin of the app, I’ve tried to contact you by e-mail but no answer from you, Could you please help ? Best Regards

Please contact me at axelsyrex@gmail.com .

I have the source code to this app but when running the buttons sometimes pop up and sometimes they dont any idea on what i can do to change that

only one level of difficulty ?


The level of difficulty increases with time, it is explained in the documentation. There are no achievements implemented.

Dear developer, I am seeing an error that when game is over, the app crashes. please see following video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByGLlk1Fq3QIZ3JmT2NIN1ZFZlk

Could you please help me in fixing it. I am using xCode 7.3.1, ios 9.3 and iPhone6S+ in the video. waiting for your reply.

The game code and documentation is done perfectly. just need this error to be fixed.

Support banner and interstitiel Admob?