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Hi bro, this game have sounds, in-app purchases, leaderbords and achievements of google play? I attend your fast response to purchase your game

another bug… the black lines are not perfectly aligned which is incorrect visually

if you solve this problems and add the achievements i buy this game

i stay helping you to give a good game ;) mine are constructive criticism

all code working fine???

Yeah, code is working fine.There will be no problem if you don’t use in-app purchase.Just remove the in-app purchase button from atlas and you are good to go. :)

Code not working. I am getting library problem.

Can you please send screeshot cyberspaceneo@gmail.com

work with android studio?

Sorry , only eclipse :(

The ring appears over the line which is incorrect visually… if the line was properly blended to be insisde the ring, then I would have taken this

Making similar game in 3d, Let me know if you are interested.

Yes I am interested… it should visually appear right..when would you complete it >?

Next week

hi bro Index you have to change all the reported in but when I install the game on phone call does not operate :cry:

can you please send logcat cyberspaceneo@gmail.com or skype: wapoystudio

Hello, can i know how to add more unlocked characters in the game ?

Hello there, contact me cyberspaceneo@gmail.com for more characters.

How to add more character?

Hey your project making some shitty problem in google play developer consol. What to do?

Hi, kindly note that today i this alert message from Google Play saying:

Your app is using a version of libpng containing a security vulnerability. Please see this Google Help Center article for details, including the deadline for fixing the vulnerability.

Please prioritize this issue and send us an update.