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Discussion on CinemaRex - Movies & TV Shows, Live TV

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Can it work on cpanel shared hosting and does it required allow file URL () to work

All laravel framework projects does not work well on some panel especially cpanel. This project required some dependency like ffmpeg,npm… so is so hard to install it on cpanel but if you have knowledge to use cpanel yes you can (not shared). Also we can install it on pleask or aapanel because we have good experience.

I just want to encode the videos project do you have the encoder for sale?

Look at your email I sent it there.

We Replied.

The encoder works fine. But it doesn’t fit my budget, you could publish it in the store and sell it to everyone at a more affordable price. Published here in the shop for sale would be nice to receive future updates.

Hello, the script has support for the Portuguese language of Brazil pt-BR?

Which is the best between VPN and dedicated hosting please,?

Hello, You mean VPS. The project built on laravel framework and vuejs. Yes is better to use vps server for easy installation the ffmpeg/node/ create supervisor for queue job.

Hello, I wanted to buy whether advertising supports this service

Hello, Is work only with VAST ads. If you need more ads type, We have project for enterprise and startup work for AVOD/SVOD and we can delivers based on requirements. You can contact us

Hi you will have a discount

You can contact us directly

are there plans for laravel 9 support?

Hello, Why do you need Laravel 9?

Thanks, those are my current server requirements.

can i embed twitch embed code or any embed code?

You can add any iframe code as embed code publish

can this be installed on windows? or only on linux?

why after I try to login it can’t work?

Hello, Please can you open ticket here attach screenshot or url of your website

okay thanks

I should have purchase your script but too hard to install, You should have made it easy to install like other script with simple installer where you just have the domainname/install or so. I like doing things myself, this is so sad

Hello, It’s not hard to install Laravel/VueJS but you should have little knowledge of web servers and can easily install it with Plesk or Aapanel (ubuntu) just add the Nginx config for Laravel and install npm 14+ with ffmpeg. Is hard to install laravel on Cpanel or shared hosting …..

Next update when?

Why you need next update do you have any feedback ? Please send it

Hello Sir , i want to buy this script but i have few doubts which i would like to clarify does it have video quality control option as well or can you plz do that as customization . Also plz tell me if you have ios app ready and whats the backend of this app bez i want to have my own ott platform

Hello, Videos quality depends on whether your video resources are adaptive or not. CInemarRex support multi mp4 files + HLS + Embed. also, we offer to encode when you upload videos it’s will encoding to HLS/AES-128. about IOS we don’t have it yet

you should split the encoder and sell it for us that only want an interface to upload, encode, and encrypt videos. I use a different app and dont need your interface.


It depends on use, Someone needs an embed others need an encoder…...etc, If you want an encoder to DASH-CMAF you can contact us we work on VOD solutions

hi, since the videos will play in jwplayer, do we need to buy a subscription from the official jwplayer site?

Yes, you because we use VAST with some functions of JWplayer.

1) Hello. I would love to buy your project. But when I tested it I realized that there is no validity token on the links this leaves the m3u8 link free for anyone to steal and use it on another site with this it will leave my server and bandwidth at 100% usage. Please if possible add an expiration token on the link so people don’t steal it. anyone using IDM or an extension can steal the m3u8 link

2) you can also add a function to block the use of IDM and any extension that does copying from url

3) Just one more suggestion to make your project even better. Add support for playing URL of hosted content from the following sites:,,,,,,,,,

You can test all the hosted url of the mentioned sites, on this site:

1- This depends on buyers they can use cors settings from the web server (Nginx) because validating token will not do a lot of thing of security
2- To make HLS safer and not anyone uses they can use custom service or encoding script with DRM
We offer encoding projects to enterprises that work with validated tokens and clear key encryption, but not all clients use an encoding system with multiple servers. maybe they use AWS MC / Or services…. or maybe embed.
Note: We always said if you use encoding videos to HLS with CinemaRex should be on split servers and customizing the encoder is better than using it directly. encoding needs a good CPU and makes it so High and this is an issue if you host stream/encoding on in one-server
3- The script supports multiple embeds iframe.

I think I explained everything, if you have more questions let me know.

I am working on mobile app in native solution for Android as well as iphone.. kindly assist me on API part if required, however we will take care on our end..

do you have an app?, they wrote to them on skype but they did not respond

Hello, There is no message on Skype. We don’t have apps yet.

Does this system have support for RESUME and does it support multiple user accounts?

Resume (Yes) – Multiple accounts (No)

Does this make automatic thumbnail?

No we use TMDB / Custom Upload to get backdrops of episode/movies. If you want only encoding videos project. you can contact us.

You considered to change the navbar on mobile because that thing with blue and icons doesn’t look good thanks

Hello, We will change it soon on mobile view. About the error, Remove node_modules + package-lock.json (project folder). then run (npm install) be sure there is no error. Then just run with (npm run prod). Hard-reload to current website or clear cache of browser

Hello, I think you installed on VPS ubuntu 20 and you have mysql 8+. Please try to open config/database.php and change strict => false, then (php artisan config:cache) if still not work, downgrade to mysql 5.7. If you stack on this. just send your VPS info to our support website (


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