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Hello, i would like to start a movie and iptv website based on paid subscription. I will host my own files for movies and tv series and use restream iptv. which version do you reccomend? CinemaLex or CinemaRex? Thank you. Also .. any of these scripts stream quality depending on bandwith? like youtube does?

Hello inebunit, CinemaLex work with AWS for transcode and storage (s3), CinemaRex only work in Local so if you need to host file in your server CinemaRex is better, also we planning to make CinemaRex support clouds, When you to start streaming site the most important thing is to protect content, CinemaRex is better for protect content with HLS and AES (Each segment encrypted) and we planning to make it more hard with s3 and cloudfront (signed cookies), so CinemaRex is support Local now and the encrypted is more good than CinemaLex.

1-CinemaLex using AWS ETS for Transcode video and CinemaRex using FFmpeg, There is more features in CinemaRex than CinemaLex

2- About IPTV if you did not care about protect it your can run RTMP + m3u8 if you care for protect IPTV it’s be hard in public site. you need to use another service like (WOWZA STREAMING ENGINE)

3-CinemaRex work with braintree payments Gateway (Support Paypal) and CinemaLex with Stripe

4- CinemaRex player is FlowPlayer and CinemaLex players is Videojs,

I hope this comment will help you and read the description well because there is a lot of different in fornt-end or features

wow, such an extensive reply. Thank you. and yes, i do care about protection of video and iptv. My main concern is leaked traffic to lechers who could discover source links and post them in their websites. I repeat: i`ll use my own Xeon server and storage and of course my own bandwidth so … you understand :) please send me a dummy email at so we can discuss in more detail about what i can do with your script on my machine.

Would you have something similar for Wordpress?

we cannot sorry

I want you to transfer me to the CinemaRex plan to renew the support plan.

CnemaLex out support, but you can send any question to our mail (Support time from Monday the Thursday) we will answer you

Pre-purchase question.

I want to know what kind of local server I can use for Cinema Rex?

And what would be the cost estimate to start a project like this one?

Please specify what third party services I need to start this project live.

Thank you … cordial greeting

Please contact with us, in the right you will see inbox message just send message

I need fast transcoding of videos with FFmpeg

And I want you to install and configure everything for me.

Which server do you recommend, or what third party services should I acquire, and what would be the cost to start with this project.

Including everything mentioned above

(I do not see where it says to send the message, send me the link or your email please)

do you have a plan to continue updating it ? what kine of support you provide ?

add some ad space on video like youtube so that this will be for free member example

Hello moemen12 ,

We can customize CinemaRex with VAST Ads because CinemaLex not work for free

Hi, Does this have any other theme like netflix?

Hello I already have a streaming platform called Craveo ( can I build this script on top of it since its Laravel? Plus can I also add three different payout like FREE, PLATINUM, PLUS like my site has? If so I will buy it right now.

can I also get CinemaLex interface if I get CinemaRex, I like the Cinemalex UI

Can i use it on Google Cloud?

No, only Local and AWS

Hi is it possible to broadcast a live concert or people pay to watch in real time through your script

Demo does not work: ... gets the the Namecheap page … in other words, the domain has not been renewed.

this script is running on which server.I don’t get Laravel hosting or Linux hosting ?

I run a community website. Can i offer my users the possibility to stream live from their home with this software ?

That sucks. So what can it do ?

I install all the files on my Linux server, but nothing happens. when I type my site address in the address bar, I see only folders and files. In short, I can’t installed the script. can you help ?

to install on xammp?

You have plan to update this project or stop it here I’m interested to Purchase it and work with for long term with customization as well

Hello waqass,you can check cinemarex and contact us .

I am getting an error message when i install npm: npm ERR! code ELIFECYCLE npm ERR! errno 1 npm ERR! node-sass@4.7.2 postinstall: `node scripts/build.js` npm ERR! Exit status 1 npm ERR! npm ERR! Failed at the node-sass@4.7.2 postinstall script. npm ERR! This is probably not a problem with npm. There is likely additional logging output above.

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because you using win try to install node sass with this command and also as global (npm i node-sass—save)

when i enter your code it gives me this error message npm ERR! code EINVALIDTAGNAME npm ERR! Invalid tag name “node-sass—save”: Tags may not have any characters that encodeURIComponent encodes.

npm i node-sass—save

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your command is wrong run this to install node-sass npm install node-sass --save

if you add social login it would be a success =)

i want to hire you, to make new option for google drive embed option , can you do that??

In the next update, can you please add Wasabi as the CDN. They only charge $6 a month for 1 Terabit of space and they don’t charge bandwidth used for streaming. Plus a TV Guide like this would be awesome!