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where is the demo?

Admin Panel GO

User GO

Hi guys congrats it looks good, here are some pre but questions

1.Beside HLS is there Digital rights management DRM (this one important)?

2.For HLS to work it has to go by amazon is that correct?

3.Dose it support video streaming to AppleTV and ChromeCast from computer/tablet/mobile?

4.Does it have kids account to be added by the parents?

5.Besides subscription is it possible to buy movie VOD, here are some examples:

3 combo choice for admin on and off to choice, option 1. just sell VOD, option 2. just subscribe VOD, option 3. sell and subscribe VOD in the same time

6.Is there a tutorial video on how the system backend/frontend working?

7. how about the theme is possible to change icons/color etc?

8. dose it find movie information, actor, director etc on movie add?

great job, but still expensive ;)

There is no mobile APP now but there is docs for API , maybe we will make mobile aop it in Future

Sorry but you don’t understand my question, is it possible to have VOD instead of subscription that is question number 5

No, is work with Stripe Gateway to make monthly or yearly subscription, please see the description and demo


Olá, gostaria de saber se eu comprando o script posso coloca-lo na minha hospedagem, que no caso é uma hospedagem compartilhada?

We recommend using VPS, but if you have all the requirements you can install it.

Quais seriam esses requisitos?

Read it in description.

Quando será lançado o aplicativo também? Tem uma data certa?

I did not understand, but you can buy it now is already here.

Estou falando do aplicativo

O aplicativo não o script kkk, Aplciativo para Android, entendeu?

This is Web App, there is no Android App at now also we offer the Rest API with document, so it makes it easier to do other applications.

Why $179? Too bad I would buy but for $179, it does not correspond to that real value…

Do you intend to promote…


There is a lot of features in Script and VideoPlayer and techniques(AWS-SPA-Oauth2-REST API) make the price $179, we did not need to sell it with cheap Price there is a lot of script $20-60, but all our work in this limits according to quality & features. Regards

please check my email, i have send you. Regarding Website Issue.

please check my email, i have send you. Regarding Website Issue.

What are the differences between CinemaRex and CinemaLex ?

hello amanrajveer, there is many differences and features in CinemaRex but i will add most important thing, CinemaRex work with local server for Storage and Transcoding (FFmpeg), CinemaLex work with AWS S3 for Storage and AWS ETS + KMS for Transcoding and AWS Cloudfront, there is a lot of features in CinemaRex , see the demo and description

Give me Demo User username nd password ? because its ask add a credit card

just click Login

Can user upload their own streaming? can you customize for me?

Yes you can upload & transcoding or Add External link, Contact us.

Hello, I would like to go if I go to make updates of the application? if you go to make android and ios mobile application and windows desktop? and if I put in live tv an url like this: “” does it work? thank you very much

1- CinemaRex work in same server for Storage-transcoding(FFmpeg), support embed code, the Features in Cinemarex more than in CinemaLex, like Suppport inbox + File Manager + coupon system…

2- CinemaLex depend in AWS for Storage(s3)+transcoding,encrypted(ETS+KMS)-Cloudfront(get images), not support EmbedLink only ExternalLink(end .mp4,.m3u8..)

We planning to create mobile app & desktop app for CinemaRex but after many updates maybe is take time.

please read the desc


ok it’s perfect for me. thx for your messages. I know the script buy now.

You’re Welcome

sir your script not work for my server tell my like that “InvalidArgumentException View [home] not found.”

public function index() { return view(‘home’); }

There is no bugs like this ! and you are not in our customer , you did not buy the script !!

nik47 this is my name accout is locked

i lost 180$ in your script

i saw some people say that the database dosnt work. Is that true??

no there is no bugs like this, ATTENTION I’m the author of CinemaLex / CinemaRex and i sell the script only here in Codecanyon, you can open ticket if there is a problem in anything and i will fix it after 1 week with new update. Regards

I liked your script! but, you need to add more forms of payment.

One of the best video streaming script so far on codecanyon. I would definitely love to go for my next project. It would be helpful if you can share the doc. Best Value for money. In our country stripe is not valid or working so what next alternative option available regarding the same.

Hello OSX86 Thank you, you can contact with us about docs, also we can answer anything after buy it and we will try best to explain configuration/installation and fix bugs if there is


when i go to Path_URL_of_website/install I get 404 – Not Found

This not our script there is no /install and we sell it only in Codecanyon, when you buy it, we can support you and give you update :)

Ok, that good, can you gave my url working wel? your website is demo i cant add any new channel, becouse i want really buy it but i want try it before

We cannot, this only demo, we explained in description you can add /x.m3u8 and RMTP link and upload video to Transcode it to MPEG-2(Support AES-128 using AWS ETS), if something not work and i said in description and in this comment you can open ticket


possible to add embeded videos from other servers like openload ?

Hello wearesocio , you can use CinemaRex is support Embed and External Link and work without any service just in Local server

Hi there,

The script looks awesome! But I’ve some questions:

- In the demo looks like the script has support to continue watching content, but this feature doesn’t look to work. (Always appear the same content and this one is down, so I can’t test if the time advances)

- Has the script support for multiple audio tracks? If not, how much will cost me add this feature?

Thanks and regards.

Hello weoka, Thank You
- Because this is demo, we stop this function because there a lot of buyer access to one account

- The player only support multiple subtitle and we can add multiple audio tracks

Contact Us

can i upload huge movies via cpanel or via script ?

and its possible to disable payments ?

This script work with AWS (ETS -> S3) you can check CinemaRex in our Portfolio, it’s work with local server and external link and embed link, you can upload video to cpanel or any server and add the link, you cannot with CinemaLex and CinemaRex, but we can customization it

this script is not worth $ 180, it is not complete and it is complicated to the installer

if i can i prefer be refund

If you have problem with script you should report it to check it and fix it , you canot make installar wizard to configration AWS or Vuejs SPA, your support is expired , if you have problem or issue report it here in our support system Support-