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If I build a 200 users, 10T movie, Amazon how much I spend every month? Everyone is estimated to see 4-5 movies a day

Can you please build the theme for mobile like s3bubble and please let me if you are planning to mobile apps for android and ios. Your current mobile theme is not that much mobile friendly as per user experience.

We planning to make more themes because in settings you can import new theme maybe after 1 month or less

I am currently ussing s3bubble services and and wanted to completely move to android and iOS. Can you share the Restful api doc so we can go through it and buy the script. Does this support google adasence and fb audiance network.

Contact us for doc, not support google adasence and facebook audiance

hello dear your script is very good but script needed a lareval server can i add files torrent and subttitl also i want work go same like popcorn time onlaine u have like that ???

Is it like same popcorn time ?

benim sunucum kali linux public dosyasını görmüyor neden

if you want a good product buy this best till now and the develop is great person good luck

Thank you and you welcome

Can i test the script on localhost first? AN do you have a youtube channel for tutorial videos or something like that? Greetings!

ALSO when i go to the page from my iphone, the top menu is on top of the other, can you check it out?

You can test it , but you need AWS key and Stripe .. We will check it soon also we planning to make native app ios/apk in next month

Hi, User login details does not working unfortunately, thanks.

This is demo link Click Here

Just click to login

your preview link isn’t working.

This is demo link Click Here

Just click to login

Hi, we tried te demo but the mobile responsiveness is not good and demo looks very old design style.

1. You have any new templates for desktop?

2. When will mobile app be ready by?

3. Will you ne adding Adsense ad slots for people who want to run ads and not charge membership?

4. In demo on mobile we seen no separate series examples. How can we demo it?

5. Can we use external videos from YouTube and tmdb info for certain movie posts?


1- not yet
2- not yet
3- impossible for this item maybe in another item we will add this feature 5-you can use trailer only

1- by when ? 2- by when ? 3. ok 4. ? 5. ?

Please contact us and send screenshot problem for point 4, point 5 i don’t understand it

Hello, i have a video subscription script on my vps offshore hosting (shinjiru) and i have Unlimited Space, and all the videos from movies and tv shows they load very fast without any frezzing, and i have a little script to protect the direct link of videos and streaming link.

My cuestion is: Can i use this script on my vps hosting? And can istall my little script on this script? (like modified php and that stuffs)

contact us

why I encoded it as laravel

i don’t understand ? if you have problem send your purchase code to support mail please

diyorum ki neden php olarak kodlamadığında laravel olarak kodladığın betiği

Hello. I am not going to purchase this script until it requires less things. I am not going to setup AWS with a bunch of options just fo forfill this script’s requirements. All we want is a simple PHP and HTML5 script that can player live-TV (m3u8 player on GitHub), movies, and videos. We don’t want this ridiculous AWS encoder software. It does not even encode m3u8 links. Please fill these needs and I will be sure to consider purchasing this script.

please contact us before you purchase

Solid work guys! when can we expect optional themes? I for one will love a dark theme with some fancy sliders or some blurred image background themes.

Hello albertmensah, contact us.

hi, is available the feature to support the 360 videos for virtual reality ?

no not support, but you can contact us to discuss about this feature

Can i use the script whit the AW3 1 year free?

Hello (again) i been send mails to your adress ( but i just wanna know if you have your script (Dark Style) published on some site, or some screen shots to see the Dark Theme (Dedicated Server), can you send me information about it please. (

Thanks. =)

We send to you, Check your mail

What’s you Skype? Need to speak with you ASAP

Hello tvcash , we send to you message


What price to can u install and give 100% working without erros?

did you buy it and you get error ?

No but i have paid other how nexthour and dont work fine.. but was 20 USD your is 200 USD so i want know if u can install in my server and what price per this install, so i will can fix it without problems and can work.

We can install it and there is no problem in script but if you don’t have little knowledge to how use AWS or Webpack don’t buy it otherwise you can contact us , regards

hi, this is amazing work,

i want to ask you if you dont mind,

1- if i buy your amazing product, can you add language switcher between Arabic(RTL) and English, for frontend and backend ?

2- if i need to change the payment gateway or add another one is it possible ?

Hello ahimite
1- we can customisation it and add new language
2- we cannot now , but if you can use laravel you can change it


Does this work for a lifetime?Or in annual subscriptions to any service?

The script you buy it one time and take it, about transcode the script work with AWS ETS to Transcode video and AWS S3 for Storage, read the description well.

Understand that there is no annual subscription in aws? And that the lifetime work will be carried out without an annual subscription to any services ?

That all, just you need the services we write it in description, AWS ETS & AWS S3 & AWS Cloudfornt you can check the price of AWS in Regards