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please MSG us when paypal and embed videos integrate and need free test subscriptions for users thanks

If i buy can you install it for me for free?

Yes and trial period using stripe

Can i use .ts links in live TV?

You can use M3U8 single and playlist & RTMP, also support External Link

I think 200$ is a good price :)

Thank You adriannx

Is it possible to install on normal webhosting. if you have all media comming from something like Flussonic? or being transcoded to HLS m3u8 from another source?

no i mean if it can be installed with out the aws and just on normal dedicated server?

You cannot this script is depend with aws for transcoding and storage/cdn, but if you need the script work in dedicated server, contact us

Hello, Vilhjalmurasgeir , Please Contact us if you need script work in dedicated server with same features

please we need paypal and embed link

Not now, maybe in next version

Plase contact us if tou can make embed link from google drrivelink or any embedded. Sorce i will pay

Can you please help me install the script, i have sent you a message with all details.

Yes, we responded

Hello.. Is it possible to see the doc.. I think it will be suited for our next I will know how easy it will be to install this script.

Can you allow a quick preview of the doc.. Coz we want to try this on shared hosting.. A better response will be appreciated.

contact us

Posso adiconar link.mp4 nele do google cloud, posso instalar na hostagator

amigo manda a documentação no meu email, quero ver como é a instalação, se for preciso faço conta na aws só para coloca as capas e legendas, e instalo no hostgator email, e coloca pagamento pelo paypal, que eu compro, acho que se tiver está função paypal suas vendas vai aumentar

amigo coloque paypal que eu compro

Please Contact us if you need script work in dedicated server with same features and support all EMbed like google or openload …

need paypal payment

hi ı want to buy this script ı look admin panel but no any advertisement and video advertisement…

who is give money for streaming and see advertisement ? this is streaming service App

Hello, I am making money from adsense ads. I do not want to make money from membership. Can you place ad slots in the script beside your membership? 970250, 300250,160600,336280, interstitial ads.

About advertising

Benefits without a subscription

- Watch videos in 720p resolution + publicity

Benefits of a subscription.

- Watch videos in 1080p resolution and without advertising


mobil uygulaması var mı varsa betiğin içinde yer alıyor mu

Good morning sir sorry for interrupt you sunday i need urgent buy your product but i have all my movie in google drive and embedded videos please tell how many timw left to this update or mayte we can pay for custom now and get this features amd paypal getaway in web

Is it true that you offer free installation?


hello, is compatible with accounts generate in xtream codes?

Is Support RTMP live, yes

Hi. We purchased your software and we are still battling to install it. You told us over email that you are very busy at the moment and cannot help us. We now have to spend $150 for someone else to install the software. Are you still too busy or would you be able to assist. Your installation videos are not clear.

1- I support 5 days in week
2- The time differentiates between state and state
3- I responded to you to install it and you send to me the S3 bucket what i do for s3 bucket? Download
4- you send to me 20 hours ago, also i’am busy in my work or another client
5-The script build with laravel framework and vuejs and its so easy to install it, the docs and videos is Enough, all the problem in configure server & hosting or aws, so we cannot do it for all client, we help you by answer any question you have and help you as we can to install it 6- Send to me again

I just bought your software, I need you to help me with the installation.

I replied to you before 6H, please check mail and reply

I just sent you the data for the software installation. :)

Please read the requirements