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cool work man …. i think 200 is OK :-) ........Cheers

Thank You :D

Hi, i interested to buy but i have a question, What could be the total cost of having it installed and configured the first month? I do not know if I explain, but how much could it cost to mount it myself the first month (AWS S3, Amazon Elastic Transcoder, Amazon CloudFront, Server, etc …) to know how much money I must have to work the one month counting that the start would be the $ 200 of the CinemaLex script

This depends on how many clients you have, how much a movie or episode is upload per month, and how much space you will need, you can check the price in AWS price of each service

yes i know, but How much could the initial investment cost without having a user? just leave everything ready to attract users

1- Cloudfront – $0.02 for every 10,000 HTTPS requests, if you dont have any user it will be 0$
2- s3 – 1TB = 40$
3- Elastic Transcoder – pricing in minutes

You can use Elastic Transcoder for HLS but you cannot upload videos(movie/episode) with multi resolution , so in this case you will not use S3 only for images and HLS

You can add movies and episode from external link – but you will face the protection video problem – Now the external link support one resolution new update come to support all resolution

Note: The project depends on how many videos you upload and how many customers you have

Öncelikle hayırlı satışlar. 1-2 sorum olacak. Smart TV ve mobil uygulamaları da yapılabilir mi sistemin?

English please

Hadi bi git ya. Türk olduğunu satış yapacağım diye saklıyorsun. 2 satış yapacağım diye hemen bayrak vatan millet sat zaten. Korkma Türk olduğun için almamazlık yapmazlar. Umarım başarısız olursun.

I’am not a turkish, I know a little of the Turkish language, if you have any questions write it in english

demo not loading

Click here Demo

Would love to see a demo and some documentatian as i’m rely keen to start a project and i have the impression that this will fit perfectly.

The Demo, you can contact us to send the documentation

does it works with mkv video files? its compatible with android and ios? regards.

We use AWS Elastic Transcoder – transcoder video to MP4
There is new update come and the HLS it will be Encrypted with AES-128 to protect you video from download it and we recommend to use HLS

How much do you charge to install and configure the script?

If you buy it i can help you for free to install it and configure your server –

Hi, wanna tell you a really good work sir! Many function and nice design like NF. I would like to check admin panel, because i have click on demo/go link they redirect me to user page again. Before we but this we must check admin demo. Please tell me do script allow embed code like wordpress to?


Is ok, was just a idea… i understand this. Anyway thank you for quick support

You are welcome

Please Contact us if you need script work in dedicated server/vps with same features and support all Embed ..

Hi, great work, great app. I have a question. Can i add link to YT or VIMEO

link to video hosted on youtube and vimeo cannot ?

cannot because you cannot upload movies and episode in youtube and vimeo and cannot protect them

Please Contact us if you need script work in dedicated server/vps with same features and support all Embed site like google or openload ….

Demo is work
Admin Panel GO

User GO

, if don’t work please contact us

i have more than 600 movies in openload, its possible use this? for example:

You can add external link but should be like this not embed code

End with .mp4 so you can add it but embed not work When you download from openload is give you this link you can add it but here you cannot protect your video from download—if one subscribe with your site is easy to share with another

Also you should use s3 and cloudfront only for images and subtitle – it will be cheap :)

Please Contact us if you need script work in dedicated server/vps with same features and support all Embed site like google or openload ….

New update released v1.1 with more features

the Demo is not working

admin demo not work im intrested im buy but have same questons i see here , xternal mp4 available to add and m3u can we choose to used add movie series and tv stream by my self hosted? im used now muviko and videoflix but this look more powerfull and have tvstreaming please re upload admin panel only show user log but after login show blank page

Yes you can add to movie/episode/live tv external link – like .mp4 .webm .m3u8 RTMP without upload it to s3, check it now

This example Movie external link
This live tv

I wanna this script but with Netflix theme :(

Is it possible to upload subtitles for a video and to show it in the video player select it? Something like youtube or netflix.

Great Work, nice Script :)

As I told you if you want to upload videos, if you dont need to use elastic transcdoing you can upload it in your server and add the link of video

External Link
1- Cheap
2- Slow
3- No secure
4- One resolution

FFmpeg with server
1- Cheap
2- Slow
3- Need a good developer to make it like Elastic Transcoder
4- Need A huge server

Elastic Transcoder
1- A bit expensive
2- Speed
3- Secure Like netflix using HLS + AES-128 so dont neet to change resolution is auto change depend the speed of internet like Live tv and so hard to download it
4- Easy to Development
5- Easy to add watermark
6- Easy to encoding or encrypted

Search read buy

The biggest problem for me is Amazon’s Elastic Transcoder.

Because it is very expensive, I can not depend on this service. I’ve been encoding videos on my dedicated server for years, so I would do that job, is it possible to disable that option?

On the other hand, I have no problem using CloudFront.


You can only change one function to your function for encoding and upload to your server – i will help you bit for information or coding

Contact us -

what is the correct login info for Demo Admin?

I have not fixed anything is the same since i uploaded it !!!!

anyway, mr cleartable I fixed the issue, please check out the Admin Demo now.

That’s strange since we tested it on 4 different systems and each one gave a blank screen. Then after I posted my chrome version the next day it worked. So you can see why I doubted you. Also when I read other posts here where they saw blank page too.

Either way you should really put the login info on item page to avoid others who won’t let you know about the login and password issue and just leave.

can i stream live premier league football with this ?

Yes you can, The script Support (RTMP & M3U8) just you need to add the live stream link

This example

You can open the video local store or video link, I am happy to buy this script, but we do not need Amazon in China

I have a dedicated server, running Eveostream Media Server.

Can I just use it’s Transcoder?

Will it work on Linux Centos 7 OS Server?

Don’t want to have to purchase AWS S3 when I already have servers. Would like to purchase….

Will it work for me, Thanks

Hello, We using AWS Elastic Transcoder, so the video automatically moved to S3 after transcoding.

I’ll email you for customized work?

Okay you can send here


CinemaLex, can it work only with CloudFront?

Basically, upload the encoded videos to CloudFront, without relying on ‘AWS Elastic Transcoder’, because as mentioned above, I will do the encoder work from my dedicated server.

On the other hand, what is the recommended requirement of a server to launch this project?

I plan to buy a server at:

The functionality I want is:

Once the videos have been uploaded to my dedicated server, the server will send the videos to CloudFront, so the videos will not be stored on my dedicated server.

Best Regards!

I want to upload videos of multiple resolutions for a movie or episode like, 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p. Will this be possible?