CIMembership - CodeIgniter Users Manager

CIMembership - CodeIgniter Users Manager

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CIMembership – Best, real, original and only one up-to-date CodeIgniter Membership Script in envato market

CIMembership is a CodeIgniter 3.1.11 based, fully featured User Management System and Membership Script with variety of options like built-in-installer, user groups, user permissions, social logins(facebook, twitter, google, linkedin, github, instagram, windows, envato, bitbucket, paypal and yandex), powerful admin panel, HMVC Modular Extension, PHPass password algorithm, google No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA or own captcha, email verification, html emails, responsive, custom profile images, fully translatable & more.

Always up-to-date CIMembership – Last Updated: 08-May-2020

CIMembership is the First HMVC based, CodeIgniter Membership Script in envato market and web.

First CIMembership – CodeIgniter Membership Script released on the market with perfect OAuth system to handle the social logins.

Demo Login
Username: subscriber
Password: 12345

Admin Demo


Social Login

CI Membership – CodeIgniter Users Manager can be used as a base platform for any CodeIgniter based web applications

Don’t waste your single penny with worst, outdated and bug full CodeIgniter Membership scripts

Features include:

1. Built with CodeIgniter 3.1.11, a lightweight PHP framework.

2. Extremely easy to install and use! Just run the Install Wizard.

3. Based on codeigniter’s HMVC, hence easy to extend.

4. Customizable user roles, groups and permission system.

5. Secure password algorithm using PHPass.

6. E-Mail Verification for new users.

7. Password and Username retrieve pages.

8. Resend activation link option.

9. jQuery and PHP form validations.

10. Built with Twitter Bootstrap (CSS framework).

11. Remember login cookies.

12. Social Login: Login with social networks(facebook, twitter, google, linkedin, github, instagram, windows, envato, bitbucket, paypal and yandex social logins).

13. New google reCaptcha or custom captcha.

14. HTML Emails.

15. Powerful admin panel.

16. Dashboard for admin panel users.

17. General and social login settings on admin panel.

18. Create/edit users and user groups via admin panel.

19. Logged In users can edit their profile.

20. Session are stored on database.

21. Perfect Theming System.

22. Use avatar image on profile(based on user email).

23. Cross-Browser Compatible.

24. Responsive on all devices.

25. Clean and Solid user management system.

26. Secure and always up-to-date CodeIgniter membership script in codecanyon.

27. Base platform for any CodeIgniter based web applications.

28. First HMVC based, CodeIgniter Membership Script in envato market and web.

29. Custom profile images( upload profile image).

30. Perfect Adminpanel.

31. Translatable strings

Developer Notes for cookies:

Our product, CI Membership uses two cookies to save the data. One to store the CodeIgniter session and another one is for CSRF. So, enable a cookie notification when your site goes to the live/production mode.

Release notes:

CIMembership v1.11.0 (08-May-2020)
 - Login with Google issues fixed
 - Google login icon changed
 - CodeIgniter updated to version 3.1.11

CIMembership v1.10.1 (05-April-2019)
 - Facebook icon modified
 - PHP 7.3 compatibility issues fixed.

CIMembership v1.10 (25-March-2019)
 - Custom captcha image issues are fixed

CIMembership v1.9.1 (09-February-2019)
 - Updated to CodeIgniter 3.1.10
 - Autologin issues are fixed
 - Facebook oauth Library Updated

CIMembership v1.9 (24-August-2018)
 - Updated to CodeIgniter 3.1.9
 - Translatable - Language strings are added
 - Password Library Updated

CIMembership v1.8 (27-May-2018)
 - Updated to CodeIgniter 3.1.8
 - Facebook API version changed
 - Minor CI Auth Library Bugs fixed

CIMembership v1.7 (15-January-2018)
 - Updated to CodeIgniter 3.1.7
 - Minor Bugs fixed

CIMembership v1.6 (01-November-2017)
 - Updated to CodeIgniter 3.1.6
 - PHP 7.x compatible issues are fixed

CIMembership v1.5 (10-April-2017)
 - Updated to CodeIgniter 3.1.4

CIMembership v1.4 (05-December-2016)
 - Updated to CodeIgniter 3.1.2

CIMembership v1.3.2 (27-June-2016)
 - Updated to CodeIgniter 3.0.6
 - Custom profile image option added
 - Minor Bugs fixed

CIMembership v1.3.1 (17-November-2015)
 - Admin user avatar image issue fixed
 - Login with Bitbucket option added
 - Migration added

CIMembership v1.3 (14-October-2015)
 - Updated to CodeIgniter 3.0.2

CIMembership v1.2 (13-October-2015)
 - Change user password via admin panel issue fixed
 - Register and profile page last name length modified
 - Auto login issue fixed

CIMembership v1.1 (09-October-2015)
 - Registration page modified
 - Edit Profile page modified

CIMembership v1.0 (05-October-2015)
 - Initial Release