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Admin login for demo page

username: testadmin
password testadmin2@

How does the registration system work?

Visitors can create an account based on their e-mail address, first name and last name.
The e-mail address and username must be unique. Once registered they will receive an activation link in their mailbox.
When losing password or username these can be recovered as well as the activation link.
Members can opt to use a cookie so that they are remembered on the computer they log in.
Everything is protected with reCaptcha

What does the database look like?

The database is MySQL with InnoDB. I use UTF8 as encoding to ensure special characters are correctly saved.

Will there be future additions and will you keep this script up-to-date?

Yes, I intend on keeping it sync with the latest CodeIgniter version and have a to-do list with new ideas, improvements and features. I’m always open to suggestions from your end!


PHP 5.x with mcrypt (installed on almost all servers) MySQL 4 or 5, should both work

Quick troubleshoot:

- “disallowed key characters” error – clear browser cookies
- I get a blank page when loading your application for the first time: change mysqli to mysql as described in the manual;

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