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Did you update the system today?

I was able to install without many problems. Only the mkdir error.

When you complete the update let me know.

Ok thanks for your feedback! If you install it again please first download the package again it should fix the installer issues. Version 3.2.2 is coming with more improvements.


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Okay 3 comments. 1- Does the license give us the right to remove your footer copyright? 2- The installer is fucked up, it doesn’t talk about the password requirements for the admins. 3- A chat on the right pane would be great.

you can remove the copyright definitely. Yeah sorry the installer had it’s issues, I hope to fix them all in next version. Chat is on the todo list but I need to get email templates, language in DB etc out first.

It will keep improving though and thanks for the valuable feedback with which I can improve faster.


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What would be the easiest way to integrate the membership system on another template, by example one that I bought on wrapbootstrap? Thanks

It depends a bit on how you want to proceed but generally I start by creating a theme folder and file application/views/themes. From here we add the partial code manually (for example <?php print $template‘partials’; ?>).

To actually port the design over it could take some time, depends on how complex it all is. If you have a new sidemenu for example then there’s basically a rewrite going on. Get the less files from the theme, add the css from my design that will be kept. This can get tedious, it’s the nature of the language.

Hi, could you integrate your script in bonfire replacing the bonfire user management? if yes could you send me an offer?

I feel that this is going to be an endless job as Bonfire keeps evolving. Unfortunately, no this is not possible.

hello i have a question. how easy would it be to hook this in on another codeignitor script.

That really depends, if that other script also has a login system it could be a pain. Some CI scripts are easy to port however.


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There is an error in Activate_account_model.php

I have added u.user_id in select //line 20

and $this->db->where(‘user_id’, $row->user_id);

$data = array(‘active’ => true); $this->db->where(‘user_id’, $row->user_id); $this->db->update(DB_PREFIX .’user’, $data);

sorry for late reply,
was there an error in specific or something else that broke that caused you to add this code? It’s not entirely clear tbh.

nvm I get it, thanks