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Boa tarde, pode me ajudar a resolver esse erro na instalação.

Unable to load the requested file: themes//partials/header.php

I mean the server error logs, but I checked the installation and it’s all fine. phpinfo() also

I did find the problem, the cache file it is not present in application/cache. The file is called settings.cache and is generated after installation is complete. This is likely a permission issue.

I believe the installer is not installing properly has how to send yours already installed to a database as it loads seamlessly from a full window control permission on the folder.

Email: matheusdonascimentobatista@gmail.com

Thank you for your help :D


kutlus Purchased

I have a ci site and want to implement your membership to my site. Is there an easy tutorial on how to do that. What i need is logged in user to have certain opportunities and special pages. etc. I want to enable/disable this features.

How can this be available (ı need tutorial or an easy to follow help with examples)


Thanks for your purchase, usually I use this as a basis for new projects, I don’t have a tutorial to integrate it into an existing project. What I usually do is import the current project to my ci membership script.

Extra pages and functionalitites would have to be coded in but this can be done through the normal CodeIgniter way or HMVC, whichever is preferred.


Could you please help me for htaccess for subdomain?

I’m got error 500 Internal Server Error.

Error : “GET http://xx.domain.com/favicon.ico"

Thank you

I’ll sent you by mail

already sent.

Thank you for your great support


I have purchased your script and installed it on an IIS Server for fun. Usually I only use Linux/Apache servers.

I found a few issues with the installation regarding IIS But I also found a fundamental issue with installing the setting table in the DB. You Cannot perform an insert with the id and have it set to an empty string… Simply remove the id from the settings insert and everything works.

I have written up a report detailing everything I encountered and the solutions which you might want to add into your userguide for future users.

If you would like the PDF Report I can either email that to you or make it available from one of my websites.

Cheers Tim Brownlaw

Just some more information. MySQL under IIS is the issue I’ve not tested it yet under Linux/Apache or WAMP… MariaDB (on XAMPP) has no issue…

ok that is very interesting I’ll have to do some extra tests here. Thank you for the info yes please if you could email it to me because this is important.

I have a problem to setup this system..database..i try to follow the manual but have some error.Please assist me.tq

Error Number: 1146

Table ‘ci_membershipdb2.ci_sessions’ doesn’t exist

SELECT `data` FROM `ci_sessions` WHERE `id` = ‘8287aa1d809d67953c167f26432284afa6437c0c’

Filename: libraries/Session/drivers/Session_database_driver.php

Line Number: 169


Hello and thanks for your purchase,
seems like the database didn’t install properly, I can have a look for you if you can provide me ftp access or teamviewer link.

I have a problem to access /adminpanel


Please assist

you want to remote now?i actually use teamviewer ver 11

I’m home just send me the details via my profile page here in codecanyon

here is my info “http://synergymatic.com/tv.png”
sorry late..i have sleep already