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I purchased codecanyon-526888-cimembership-codeigniter-login-and-admin panel

and installed in my local machine (Xampp)

But i am not able to login with my username and password or by email/password

Please help urgently

Hello sorry my irl job is killing me atm I am sorry for late reply. 99% of these issues have to do with an incorrect cookie domain, just put it on localhost for xampp


Emails not received using ci membership email helper. use my own email library its working good. used same smtp details for both.. is there any change required for your email helper? or any other issue?

and also while deleting profile picture it will redirect to private/profile url with out deleting picture

Sorry for late reply, have to work a lot these days. I have no known issues atm for the email lib, it’s just using native CodeIgniter. maybe ‘smtp_crypto’ => ’’, needs a value, like tls or ssl, or maybe something else it’s hard to say like this. Regarding the profile picture the network tab in browser developer console usually can give us some idea of a problem. I can have a look if you want.

Hi I just purchased your plugin. I downloaded it and tried to install it in my Wordpress Plugins. Its not getting installed. Its showing this error message:

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin installation failed.

Ah, that’s because this is not a Wordpress plugin. You can get a refund if you do not need it.

ok, i will initiate a refund request, if you have any wordpress plugin of similar type do let me know

hi sorry for late reply, it will require work as each view needs to be changed to reflect the classes available in that template. I have a ton of non-bootstrap classes that might need to be ported into this theme. I suspect that – as is normal with this type of work – that it is going to be a few days work.

Hi there, I’m having issues with set_css function.

It does not seem to work.

set_js works fine, set_css not….

Any help?

Could you send me your code? Something like:
$this->template->set_css(‘UNIQUE_NAME’, base_url() .’assets/vendor/css/my_css_file.css’);

In the template file we add <?php print $template[‘css’]; ?>

you could debug by doing:
$css = $this->template->set_css(‘UNIQUE_NAME’, base_url() .’assets/vendor/css/my_css_file.css’);


Oh sorry I realized you replied here long time ago. The var_dump give me back a very long output that begin with object(Template)#19 (21) {

But if I just leave the code I get NO css. My code is:

$this->template->set_css(‘css_datepicker’, base_url() .’assets/css/bootstrap3/datepicker.css’);

hello question before buying! is there any doc. on how to add new pages and roles? are they roles and permission based on the current controllers? thx

I have a manual here https://cimembership.io/manual/ you can add permissions and or roles on a controller or method level – it’s static so it is available everywhere.

How can I install/enable mcrypt in php 7.2 .

I can see the usage of mcrypt in other files too. Will it works just by commenting in install file. Please send me the updated files.

I will check it tonight

fyi, if anyone wants to know the mcrypt stuff is fro codeIgniter itself for supporting it, but the main code is using openssl.


Thanks for the wonderful script. Few things I want to ask. For my website, I want to extend this by creating a different profile page for new user roles. Say like, when “member”/any new role logged in instead of taking them to the dashboard (which shared with admin users) I would like take them to different profile kind of page by creating a new module. This HMVC was new to me and getting late to understand.

In the help manual, you mentioned we can control this with


But I couldn’t find it anywhere in the code. I’m checking auth/Login.php but no use. can you please help in this, where i can find it.

Actually, i thought this script will provide different frontend profile for some role users. Since its not there i just want to try it.

-Thank You.

thanks, you can find this in application/core/Site_Controller. We have check_roles and check_permissions, for examples please refer to the adminpanel module and look inside the controllers there. let me know if you need any more help :)


pipy71 Purchased

Hello, I just got your membership code and I am trying to figure out how to do the following.

I have different teaching courses and in the ‘Member options’ i want additional pages for each course, for example ‘my fishing’ and ‘my golf’ etc. just like ‘my dashboard page’

Then when a new member signs up I can select which of the teaching courses they get access to.

So please explain to me the steps I need to take to build this, I have read through the manual but as I am new to this and it’s very unclear to me.


Usually I add a new folder in the application/modules folder and add a new mvc structure there. So that is the first step. You can use the existing modules as an example. Ideally a new database table called user_has_courses would keep track of which users have access to which courses. You can then query this table to find out whether the member has access or not.

Purchased, But when i try to include social login found auth folder missing

sorry I do not understand your question.

Please advise handling of session timeout. Say the user is login and after awhile, the login session times out in the middle of the session while the user is login. How is this situation handled? Will the user get thrown off session back into login page? Is there a message that pops up and notify the use that his session has time out..and user is asked to login in again?

Thank. Regards Robert

The default setting for session timeout is to end the session when the browser closes. So even when users are inactive it should not timeout. You can change this the default CodeIgniter way in config file.

However: users might experience a CSRF token timeout – check app.js, there’s some code to refresh the page before the token expires. Look for ” // catch CSRF timeout – JS page refresher”. This code is commented out but you can just uncomment and it will work.

So when the user is inactive, the JS code will refresh the page and the CSRF timeout will never occur.

I asked a question in the form of support, please answer

hi, just got back home. I’m not taking any new jobs rn sorry


Leodp81 Purchased

In CiMembership Installer page Mcrypt enabled is nok. I’m using Win10, Xampp 3.2.2 Php 7.2.2. Can you help me, please??

Hello, yeah the installer needs to be updated for 7.2.2 – can you send me a pm via my profile please (click my name) then I can send you the fix. Thx.


Leodp81 Purchased

After your fix, everything works! Thank you

Thanks for your feedback ;)

Looks good so far :) just a question, what theme is used? do you have more a full example with more widgets of this template?


jaaap Purchased

Just bought a other bootstrap 4 admin template, looks even better now :) but i just got a other question if you dont mind, how do i change the routing to submap? for example right nog adminpanel/list_member wil point to the controller List_members inside the adminpanel controllers folder. but i want to create new folders inside the adminpanel folder for more a better overview. like adminpanel/users/List_members adminpanel/users/add_members ect

but if i do this, and i navigate to website/adminpanel/users/List_members it dont route me do the List_members conroller inside adminpanel/users/ do you have any idea how do enable default routing to subfolders?

let me know if it does not work and I’ll look further

Hi there, after installation I tried to change administrator password but when I click to do it I receive this message:

Unable to load the requested file: themes/adminpanel/email_templates/header.php

Actually there is no folder like that even in the zip I download. Any idea?


Hi. I have still issue with set_css. It never worked The function set_js work well but set_css not.

$this->template->set_css(‘css_datepicker’, base_url() .’assets/css/bootstrap3/datepicker.css’); $this->template->set_js(‘datepicker’, base_url() .’assets/js/datepicker.js’);

Any way to at least debug?

In the theme file add it under the <!-- Stylesheet --> section.

Hi Rakinjakk, yes indees it was his missing: <?php echo $template[‘css’]; ?> Finally I got i, it was so weeeeird. Thx

yeah sorry I should have been more clear on this subject.