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oreggia Purchased

I have a problem No records in the list: Event, User or category May I add event but I see it in the list.

Hi Oreggia,

Thank you for having an interest in CIFullcalendar.

Before adding an event(s), each user most add their own category first. If you do not add an category your event won’t create.

After, the admin user will be able to see all the events created on the administrate dashboard. To see more detail information on the events simply click the appropriate links. See demo.

Updates are coming soon for you to download.



oreggia Purchased

Thank you for your answer

I attach screenshot of the problem:

I installed on the web server iis 7 It can cause problems?


I never tried to running the recent web app on a IIS web server before.

However, it seems the table unable to read the category source. Please provide me with the log files at path “application/logs” via email (andre at

In addition you could use chrome to inspect the error. Simply navigate to the category path and right click to select inspect option in chrome to open “developer tool” see the error. A screen shot of it would help or a link to the demo on your site.

Good morning, before buying you told me that you would have helped me to integrate CIFullCalendar v3 in an ongoing project and that has NO CodeIgniter. When I asked you answered me:

I have purchased to avoid wasting time nalla construction of a new calendar in bootstrap hoping that with the methods I could manage a data table already created. question There is a guideline to enter the CIFullCalendar v3 in an existing project by entering into a subfolder of the existing project? If this is possible, according to the documentation you can manage existing tables in MySQL?

I await response Thank you


Sure it is possible. You could by output the data in json format but for sensitive data more security is recommended.

Similarly, like this output See demo (go to the calendar and select “Other Sources”. I have added that link to “All Sources”).

There are other methods but having the data in a json format and encrypt the link and apply crucial accessing security will solve the real time sync.


I Have update my php on server at version 5.6.28 but i have same problem : Severity: 8192

Message: mysql_connect(): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead

Filename: mysql/mysql_driver.php

Line Number: 136


File: /home/progr382/public_html/fmprioli/cifullcalendarv3/application/controllers/Home.php Line: 21 Function: __construct

File: /home/progr382/public_html/fmprioli/cifullcalendarv3/index.php Line: 315 Function: require_once

Hi digitalenetwork,

Basically, the error message is saying don’t use mysql anymore but instead use mysqli.

Please go to the database file and replace mysql with mysqli. Ensure that you have the proper configurations for your server.

I have administrators who would add items to the calendar, but other than that, I just want to display the calendar to the public. Is this possible with your cifullcandndar v3? Or do people need an account/to log in to see the calendar and upcoming events?

Thank you.

Hi Dgtlrose-Can

Thank you for having an interest in CIFullCalendar.

Yes. You can use the calendar in both cases if you like.

However, the administrators are required accounts to manipulate events and make them public.

Also, for users with accounts, they can view shared events if they are part of a particular group that those events are shared to.

Furthermore, in the case of not allowing visitors to get an account you can simply remove the registration functionality.



Live site is not working.

Can you look on it please? Thanks

Hi Aarbecht,

I only support users who have purchase CIFullCalendar.

Please support the project.

Thank you,

Hi. Yes but before I buy one I like to test it, if its what I need. But you’re live site is not working. You can not say first buy than you help to test it!

Hi Aarbecht

Okay. It has to do with envato’s iframe.

See here:

with the demo users:

  1. admin – password1
  2. user – password



I just finish to install the software. Different problem I found, and I don’t now why.

At first i’m not able to see all users in the admin menu. In the dashboard I see the number of 2 from the user, but if I go to see them there is now one. Also I’m not able to ad a new users. The new page is coming to ad all info(name phone, password,etc) and I saved it at the end, but there will no new user saved. No error message is coming.

Same problem with the calendar. I see on the left site there is one but if I if I select that menu to see the detail, there is no one.

Do you now why?

Thanks for help

Hi Aarbecht,

Thank you for supporting CIFullCalendar.

Please email the log files located at “application/logs” and provide the PHP and MySQL version your server is using.

The possibility of the issue adding a new user within the “administrate section” maybe due to not filling all the required fields accordingly but I will look into displaying errors. Also, you are required to add category data at “All Category” in order to have more than one drag and drop events.

However, I can review those issues before the upcoming updates.


Hi. I send you the login on you’re mail adresse

Ok. I have received the mail and resolved the issue.

hello is version available for download? thank you for your great work.


Not as yet. Adding a requested feature.

Thank you for your patient.

Is it possible to change the time from AM/PM to 24 hours? And to display the time just Hours & Min without seconds ? Regards

Hi Stephane.

Yes. It is available for download now.

Please check envato download area for the latest updates.


Hi. Thanks. Is there a procedure to update the script without to do any new install? In the package is just one .sql file for the script. But if I replace it, I will lose all may config. Thanks for help Stephane


I understand. I apologized for not including an .sql update because I taught it would be easier for general use. However, I will do so in the future.

Please note, their are various methods you can use to update your database to the new table structure. Therefore, I would suggesting using these two methods.

Firstly, use tool like “phpmyadmin” create a new database and import the new provided sql file. Then import your configured data/old database within the new database.

Secondly, may take just few minutes but you can compare the old database with the new database tables structure. I remember updating just two tables the category and the settings tables. Simply, add those extra required fields in your configured database.

If you have any issue with those methods then I can create an update .sql file for you.


Hello, I believe reset password is not working, is there a controller for accepting the request?

Okay. Cool.

Also, cmod 0777 the assets/attachments.



K0mmaT1A Purchased

I’ve found the problem!!! after a nightmare search I’ve located the problem in upload library of CI, it seems there was an issue for my setup at least, and was fixed in upload library of version 3.1.3! Just update to latest. Thanks!

Cool. Updates are coming soon.


pukkafish Purchased


Quick question.

i already have an application (CodeIgniter) using modules and not models. I’ve copied the MVC+helpers in my modules directory.

What else do I need to change to make if work?

Thank you