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would be “so” nice if you could add some demo events so we can see?

Hi pharill

Thank you for having an interest in CIFullCalendar v2.

The demo site is there for you to test and manipulate events. Events on the frontend calendar is created by others.

Please see demo login’s to test and preview other features.


Looks VERY nice. Can users RSVP/Register for EVENTS/Appointments? Will users be EMAIL/TXT and or TWITTER notified 24 hours/ X number of hours before event? Bookmarked!

Hi gluegl,

Thank you for having an interest in CIFullCalendar.

Interesting, currently the RSVP feature is not available. Please elaborate more on RSVP like how you see it working.

The notification feature is for email only and is still under development. Reminders will be coming soon thou which falls under notification. However, keep in mind, the TXT requires a service and for Twitter a custom script is required to do that purpose.


Sorry, what is the difference with the V3 which is also your authorship?

Hi westsoft,

Thank you for having an interest in CIFullCalendar.

The difference are the framework versions of Codeigniter. CIFullCalendar v3 is base on Codeigniter v3.x the current version while CIFullCalendar is base on Codeiniter v2.x the legacy version. Both CIFullCalendar versions are similar in features and functions but rely on the differences of Codeigniter version requirements due to it’s “coding structure”.

Many persons still uses Codeigniter v2.x and have requested it this version.


Nice work. Good luck/

Thanks I appreciate it.

Hi Sirdre, I want to make all public events visible in the user calendar. Currently when the admin creates an event and makes it public, it is not visible on the user dashboard.

How can this be done?


Hi Sirdre, Thanks for your help. Just one more thing. How can i share an event to just one particular user?

Can we have multiple files uploaded for one event?

Hi Mogzyy

Sharing event with one particular user feature is unavailable, for now you will have to export that or those events and send ICS file(s) to that particular user via medium like email, dropbox or any secure means. I will contact you went available.

Currently, for multiple file upload feature is not available. The right/compatible plugin I like to use does not have the open source license (free to use) therefore, a separate purchase is required.


Demo Not working. Please fix it

Demo is now working.

I have some questions.

It’s possible to add files (pictures/attachments) to an event?

The template is easy to modify, such as add columns and increase height columns (days)? The idea is to add more info to use it in a specific projet management area, that need to include more data and some calcullation fields. Like TOTAL’s to each week. An extra collum will be great (if compatible to script) add that extra info

The day event Data is stored in an unique record row in database, right? e.g. 4 events in a day; 4 id’s records in database making possible to Each event can be linked to extra info?

Thank you for your time! Cheers

Hi dvorak

I appreciate your concerns.

Yes, picture can be attach to each event and the settings is there to allow/disallow certain extensions.

Yes, you can easily customize your own theme. However, you need to understand and follow my design method used first such as organizing all your html/php file in the “views” folder followed by the “theme” folder with its sub-folders. References would be in assets folder. Then you can get creative afterwards.

Yes, I used today’s recommended practices throughout this web app including the database. that’s why i used the term modern.

Any concerns and recommendations are welcomed.


Hi Sirdre

Thank you for reply. I’m studying the project yet. But this script is undoubtedly something that can help me a lot. I will consider to buy once I have the project design done!

Nice job!


Very good calendar! I’ve got the calendar showing but when I am trying to click on the calendar to add an event nothing happens.

Thank you

Hi MrKewer

Thank you for having an interest in CIFullCalendar.

The reason for this is the administrative calendar setting for “Editable” set to “no”. This should be set to “Yes” for all members to edit their calendar.

See here: [DOMAIN_NAME]/admin/settings/fullcalendar

Updates are coming soon.


Hi, I just buy and install cifullcalendar v2 on my domain hosted in hostgator.

it seems the drag and drop event didnt work. I try to install it on my localhost, and have same problem too.

you can try it in

Hi dragustianto.

Thank you for having an interest in CIFullCalendar.

The reason for that issue you had the setting “Editable” set to “no”. Is should be set to “Yes” for all members to edit their calendar.

See here:

Please ensure you change your admin password and settings accordingly.


whether it should always be online, if I use this CIFullCalendar?? Can be used for offline access?? Thanks

if I use this CIFullCalendar, whether it should always be online ?. Can be used for offline access

Hi fjwhy,

Not this current version because google maps is integrated. Otherwise, I would have to drop the google maps for CIFullCalendar to work offline.



sc00pb Purchased

Hello Sirdre, I just finished installing CIFullcalendar v2 and I’m having difficulty setting the language to English, it shows as the default language in the conf.php file Line: 75 ”$config[‘language’] = ‘english’;” when I remove all the installed languages under “application/language/” I get this error:

Unable to load the requested language file: language/vietnamese/vi_lang.php

Hope there is a quick fix for this behavior. Thank you!

Hi sc00pb,

To set the default language. Login as an admin and simply go to [YOUR_DOMAIN]/admin/settings/theme and select the Vietnamese language.

If you like to edit the verbiage simply edit it here: application/language/vietnamese/vi_lang.php

Also, If you like you can edit the corrected verbiage here:

To set $config[‘language’] = ‘vietnamese’; in config.php you need to Download System Message Translations ( and add the vietnamese folder to “system/language” path.

You got an error because of your modifications and that you didn’t fully config the app to recognized Vietnamese lang.

Updates coming soon.



sc00pb Purchased

Sirdre, thank you for the prompt response… What I was trying to change is the language from Vietnamese to English, but it worked just as well. Thank you very much, great product!


Good moornig, I have a web application in PHP and I would like to integrate the calendar to manage technical assistance activities. You think CIFullCalendar is right? Recommended that version? I must have some other specific class if I install CIFullCalendar? I await your answer thanks. Gianfranco

Hi digitalenetwork,

If your web app already uses the PHP Framework CodeIgniter then this would fit your requirements.

Otherwise, you would have to disassemble CIFullcalendar code for it to integrate within your web application. Technical help is required.


Good moornig, I have a web application in PHP and I would like to integrate the calendar to manage technical assistance activities. You think CIFullCalendar is right? Recommended that version? I must have some other specific class if I install CIFullCalendar? I await your answer thanks. Gianfranco

Hi digitalenetwork,

Okay. Therefore, a custom php script for example would have to be created to fulfill your requirements. I have done this before in PHP and you will have to email me (via support email) so that I provide you with the details.


Ok, If I understand you correctly: you have code in order to connect the calendar module to existing programs in php. This will allow the calendar management: in the list, in the update, in delet and add records by connecting to existing programs php and MySQL-table created by me.I have understand good? If your answer is yes, what version should I buy? CIFullCalendar V2 or V3 version?

Hi digitalenetwork,

Yes. I have created a basic version and does not have all the features like CIFullCalendar v2 or v3 but should be easier to integrate within a non CodeIgniter project.

To acquire this version my services is required.


Hi! I purchased your calendar and installed it on my server (just put it into a folder). However when I navigate to the folder, it displays a following error:

” A Database Error Occurred Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.

Filename: core/Loader.php

Line Number: 347 “

The Loader.php line 347 mentions something about DB class. I’m unfortunately not really good at these things and hoped it would be kind of plug-and-play type.

I hope you can maybe help me or push me into a right direction.

Best Regards, Markus

Hi maku220

The web app is asking for your database information.

Go to “Application/config/database.php”

Please follow the installation instructions. See link:



I just finish to install the software. Different problem I found, and I don’t now why.

At first i’m not able to see all users in the admin menu. In the dashboard I see the number of 2 from the user, but if I go to see them there is now one. Also I’m not able to ad a new users. The new page is coming to ad all info(name phone, password,etc) and I saved it at the end, but there will no new user saved. No error message is coming.

Same problem with the calendar. I see on the left site there is one but if I if I select that menu to see the detail, there is no one.

Do you now why?

Thanks for help

Hi Aarbecht,

Ok. I have received the mail and resolved the issue.

demo site not working

Hi joeybolohan,

Thank you for having an interest in CIFullCalendar.

Unfortunately, you will have to close the Envato iframe to load the demo site. The issue has to do with access restrictions on my current host. I probably have to use a script to kill the iframe.

Otherwise, you will have to access it via url.

I should be pushing updates to this version later.


Great work. Good luck


Hello, Do you have a copy of the calendar.custom.min.js file that is more readable? Im having this issue with the calendar module that is loading the json function in profile.php controller several times when first displaying the calendar with events.



Hi NYInnovations

To provide you with the calendar.custom.js and others, you are required to buy the Extended or OEM licence.


Severity: Warning

Message: mysqli_real_escape_string() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli, boolean given

Filename: mysqli/mysqli_driver.php

Line Number: 316

Hi travelmateeee,

Thank you for having an interest in CIFullcalendar

Please check your mysqli configurations for your server and ensure it adhere to it. Normally, due to the PHP version (older) you are using and it doesn’t work well with mysqli driver instead try mysql.

Please note there is an upgraded version v3 and is meant for PHP v5.6 or higher.


I have never asked for a refund for an envato product before, but I am doing so now. I want my money back. I can’t believe how incomplete and haphazardly constructed this thing is.

Hi efreakiel,

Thank you for having an interest in CIFullcalendar.

Unfortunately, I don’t handle refunds.

Any issues you have with the web application please inform me. This version is base on the legacy version of the CodeIgniter framework v2.x.

However, CIFullcalendar v3 is available which is built on the current CodeIgniter framework v3.x.

There are updates due for this version and they should be available soon after CIFullcalendar v3 is updated.


Hello, How can i pull the event ID into the “Event Update” window, I want to add a custom link in the event screen, and need to pull the current event’s ID.


Please reference path “application/views/[NAME OF THEME]/backend/home/index.php”

Search for id “apptID”