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Hi, //Pre-sale query// I have purchased School management software(smart school) but doest have WEBSERVICES to make ionic APP. Can i use your script to generate REST APIS for that script to use for APP development? kindly let me know..i would like to purchase Thanks

hii, yes you can easy to make rest API to integrate with mobile app, you can check this vidio to make REST API https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PI07LbPwEds


If I create a From over the system, is it bound to the system or does it work lonely on the site I embed the code to? Does it send the data of the form only to the system or to a specified mail? Can it also send a mail with “thanks for sending us a mail ..” to the one who filled out the form? Does it also work over smtp or Google Smtp? Kind regards

you can embed form on page or other page by writing shortcode, for email you can make this with library mail on this framework


Is the form builder support select2 input type? (https://select2.github.io/)

yes you can add the library, and the smilar library like choosen ready to use, all select type use this library



DaXyS Purchased

Hello, When comes next release or update? I will start project soon, if there are a new update I can wait to use next version of cicool. Thank you!!

still waiting for approve envanto QC, i just update new version to version 2.3.0 https://image.prntscr.com/image/9GABRfADSfmVx3SjxAKBSg.png

with feature - relational database - multi language

thanks for waiting

For new feature you can see the demo on the site

your product is good but one issues if i want to modify API then how i can means if there is any login and canclulation in api then how we can build it because i can see only CRUD type API we can build with your tool

hii To build and modify the REST you created you can change the file on eg application/controllers/api/Blog.php generate like normal file and easy to modify..

thanks for it :)


Shinzon Purchased

How to add/enable new language in new version? There is no instructions in documentation.

you can follow the simple intrucsion on cicool wiki https://github.com/ridwanskaterock/cicool/wiki/How-to-add-new-language


How do you upgrade to the new update without breaking the existing projects I have been working on?

if i click on api document then its only loading nothing is happening

hii the documentation is showing normaly http://prntscr.com/g84p8g thanks


plz help me to desible

Database will reset at every 60th minute past every hour.

in new version (2.3)

Hii You can delete folder cc-content/extrnsion/cicool-demo* thanks


Your project is very good. And it’s better if the database management and database connections (Relationship) are also included in the next versions.

yes still waiting for next version thanks

Hello good afternoon, I am very interested in your product, I have some doubts that I hope you can clarify to me.

1.- Before uploading it to my final site, can I work it in my localhost without having to acquire another license?

2.- My MySQL table has images stored in BLOB fields, do you consider implementing the read and write inclusion of this type of fields?

hiii erik

1. for setup on local and uploading to server you do not need another license, and you can run it normally

2.For the blob type you can customize it by creating a function to display the image from BLOB, and it’s very easy. I can help that for you


dear admin, mau tanya apakah cicool sudah disediakan lib OAuth2? jika blm adakah tutor yang direkomendasikan?? terima kasih

Untuk oauth kita mengunakan lib JWT auth yang dimana user jika menggunakan API harus menggenerate token terlebih dahulu

Hello thanks you has informed me, I deeply regret that it is about the responsibility of someone to duplicate my items to be modified and resold without my knowledge. Thanks for that


Lealmar Purchased

Cicool is in good product, good maintenance and has been working on it for many years, which is why I get angry and I am very sorry that this happens. From today is for sale here a plagiarism of your unbeatable script, I send the reference, search for: ZaKode. I copy you my written protest in ZaKode:

Cicool is a good Script, it seems that you have made a copy of the previous version, there are some interesting additions but they are only on the menu, because none works in the demo. I think this should not happen and Codecanyon should monitor these plagiarisms and when it sells a script does not work. Regrettable.

Hello thanks you has informed me, I deeply regret that it is about the responsibility of someone to duplicate my items to be modified and resold without my knowledge. Thanks for that

Can I create my custom application with this script? Do you have documentation to create customized modules?

Thank you.

I have created a lot for documentation, video tutorials and more. To make a module easy enough to learn this code cicool


Hello, I have a question. 1. Can I create new field for form because you provide google map element but i need to make a button for call function user current location or geolocation. 2. Front end user can finding-nearest-locations from search bar 3. This script can export the html page ?


1. You can customize this script and make custom form field 2. You can add gmap search element for that 3. Fon current version you can’t export as html but i have script for that if you interested you van ourchase this item and i will send you export page for this thanks

dear admin mau tanya untuk filemanager pada ckeditor… untuk confignya dmn ya… saya sudah coba mempelajari dan merubah namun masih terkendala error not found

terima kasih

Hi, can I make some columns on the table is editable by user group A but only viewable by user group B, and some columns is viewable by user group A and editable by user group B?

You can customize generatr script result on controller and you can get current user id and store to database and checking by row.

If you have problem you can make ticket on github cicool

I will help you to make what you want thanks

how to reinstall/re-setup after installed on old project files…

You can remove application/config/site.php