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mkhattab Purchased

I just installed this and the wizard completed fine with no errors. When I try to login to the administrator dashboard it keeps going back to the black home screen without logging me in. I seem to be stuck on the black splash / home screen (email address and password are correct and there are no errors)


mkhattab Purchased

I have already created an issue but it seems a bit silly to have to do that at such an early stage of running the application. I followed your setup guide and received no errors but it’s not working. Nothing has been changed or customised and my server setup is straightforward- nothing special. There are no more details to give because I have not done anything yet and I’m surprised we’ve had these messages going back and forth with no actual steps to fix the problem!

I have replied to your issue :)


mkhattab Purchased

Thanks. I have replied to your email

Hi. I cannot find the answer to this question in the documentation. I thought the idea of Cicool is to build web pages, backends, APIs, etc and then export the pages and code so I could use them as stand-alone web applications. Am I correct?

That’s right you can create code with this cicool like to make CRUD and others, then cicool will generate a file like the view, model, controller


barianti Purchased

Hi, I bought the item yesterday. The installation in a local machine was without problems. But in Page Builder I have problems with the page designer. When saving to the database, the html code is not saved correctly. Instead of ”<cc-element cc-id =” style ”> <Link href = “http: // localhost: 80 / cicool / .....” I have the following: ”<cc cc-id =” style ”> & Lt; link href = “{base_url} cc-content / page-element / agency …..”

hii whether you are using the global configuration xss filtering? thanks

gan, bisa ga yang CRUD kondisinya begini. Table 1 : inventaris id_barang, id_lokasi, nama_barang Table 2 : lokasi id_lokasi_nama_lokasi

jadi nanti di crud saat milih tabel inventaris, yang nama_lokasi bisa ada.


kalo value field reff di isi idnya dan label fileld reff di isi nama departemennya mas


wancora Purchased

When will the multilingual be available? Approximately.

Is a fantastic script, best regards!

yes it’s still my plan for an upcoming feature, I trimakasih tunnggu best review from you :)


gluegl Purchased

Hi !!

Very GOOD script. When will you add Authentication using OAUTH Facebook and Google+ ?

Thanks in advance,

yes I would consider it for an upcoming feature :) thanks


gluegl Purchased


Hi I am thinking of getting your script and i have a few presales questions.

1. I have to setup and configure the tables in the database before they can appear as a dropdown?

2. I am using Grocery Crud and the datatable theme is very slow when i load it with 10,000 rows of data. Is your script faster with bootstrap? Is the data processed at the server side before rendering on the client side? i have 500,000 rows of records.

3. Is it possible to generate a print file pdf like an invoice from the print function? i am thinking of using to keep track of invoices and products. Any plans to include an email a file function?



for cicool I use installation wizzard

and you just create a database only for install

1. to make CRUD you can create tables in the database that you created, then the table will appear in the dropdown, you are right

2. yes I do not use the engine grocery crud that seems to be slow to display the data, processing the data that will show done on the server side and so does the pagination, so this will speed up the appearance of data

3. to make your invoices can be made easily using html template that can be directly converted to PDF it is possible, if you have trouble I will help,

I also provide support on github, you can create a ticket there to solve problems and help


I’m getting the following error when I turned on development mode in CI since the page was not displaying correctly. Standard Ubuntu x Serverpilot install

A Database Error Occurred

Error Number: 1055

Expression #1 of SELECT list is not in GROUP BY clause and contains nonaggregated column ‘api.rest_input_type.id’ which is not functionally dependent on columns in GROUP BY clause; this is incompatible with sql_mode=only_full_group_by

SELECT * FROM `rest_input_type` GROUP BY `validation_group`

Filename: models/Model_rest.php

Line Number: 85

okay fine if the problem was solved,

to get all native APIs of cicool it is using like, you can change the model for it :)


Can you direct me where in the Models? I opened up Model_rest and Model_rest_field and changed all the LIKE to =’s and removed the % but it is still not selecting =’s

for a model railway, you can edit them on msalnya Model_blog_api,

and you can put f to field and q for the term / query



Archeus Purchased

The script isn’t working with php 7.1. More precisely, you can install it, but some menu (like crud) lead to a blank page. You have to downgrade to php 7.0 to see it working. Maybe take a look on th library used by the scrpt and update it ?

Already done, this is the way I take to understand the problem.

Fatal error: Cannot use lexical variable $crud as a parameter name in /srv/users/serverpilot/apps/ensolab-api/public/application/views/backend/standart/administrator/crud/crud_list.php on line 94

There is discussion about this all over the internet, this is about php 7.1 and an undocumented functionnality. Don’t know in your case if this is CodeIgniter or a lib or your code.

it seems many are experiencing this problem on PHP 7.1 if this is a bug in PHP 7.1 and you are asked to renew or update some patches on PHP 7

https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=73844&edit=1 thanks

Hi. My post was just for information, if someone else experiment the same problem in a near future :) It’s not a php bug, this is about the way we wrote the code and backward compatibility.

Kang Ridwan, Bagus sekali nih aplikasi nya.. ini mah tinggal langsung pakai saja ya….

saya baca komen dari agan haitonesia sehari yang lalu, saya lihat gambar yang dia kasih, kayanya masih belum berfungsi ya..?

saya coba jg demo yg di http://cicool.ridwans.com untuk crud blog dan blog category, di list table nya masih muncul id category, bukan nama category..

nuhun kang ridwan

coba kang di update data blognya / insert baru seharunya sih tampil kang hehe

makasih kang hehe

Sudah saya coba insert baru kang yg di demo… Judul nya blog 2 di crud blog.. untuk category, masih muncul id category..bukan category name nya