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nice work! GLWS! :)

I have problems with install. After insert datas like database, site name etc and click and Next, show only a Blank Page and browser stop in wizzard/setup/3


prior to debug try to open the file index.php

precisely in line 56 you will find a code like the following

define(‘ENVIRONMENT’, isset($_SERVER[‘CI_ENV’]) ? $_SERVER[‘CI_ENV’] : ‘production’);

you like to change to be like this

define(‘ENVIRONMENT’, isset($_SERVER[‘CI_ENV’]) ? $_SERVER[‘CI_ENV’] : ‘development’); to see what pops up error

and you can see the error that occurred, and send the error to us,

previous PHP What version are you using? What version of MySQL are you using?

if the matter is unresolved we suggest to send the ticket to us through https://github.com/ridwanskaterock/cicool/issues


Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘switch’ (T_SWITCH) in /home/glb2017/public_html/tagzone/index.php on line 66

it may permsalahan with a code that you change, when making changes to environtment, because it is a system file from CodeIgniter,

can show it to us for the index.php file :)

and you can submit a ticket to us in https://github.com/ridwanskaterock/cicool for further discussion

we are waiting for good news from you :)



severo Purchased

The documentation you provide doesn’t explain how to create a dashboard. I was able to create a form and CRUD, but now I want to create a dashboard using the data I am collecting. Can you send me the how-to instructions? Also, it will be great if you add the ability to save reports to pdf. Thanks!

to make the current dashboard you can do

changes to the file application/views/backend/standard/dashboard.php there you can add a couple of reports related to the application that you created.

apologize for the current export to pdf feature is not yet available, we will consider for future updates :)


if you have a good issue to discuss in the following pages https://github.com/ridwanskaterock/cicool/issues thanks

Mas , untuk mengubah homepagenya gimana caranya?

rubahnya di folder ini mas


pada homepagenya ada pada file


semoga membantu

Hey mate… Please check your support mail. Already sent email, ask something.. Thanks

okay i checked

Hi, On which codeigniter version is this based? Thx!

hii dukekn, I use CodeIgniter version 3 in this app thanks


Josy Purchased

Does it support many to many database relashionships?

nice item btw.


Josy Purchased

great! i did some manual translations in the generated views to another language. if i edit a CRUD (ex blog) to show different columns from the database in the list view, is it going to overwrite the current view file? am going to lose my translations?



Josy Purchased

nevermind… whats your estimated time to implement language support?

yes if you use CodeIgniter language you do not lose discuss which ye have made, if you write it manually then it will replace,

I am not sure but I try as soon as possible :)

Does supports multiple languages?

sorry for the current version is not available multilingual, maybe I will make a future version to feature multi language, thanks

Hello, (pre-sales) is possible only refresh the table area using ajax/jquery from server request; for search/filters/sort/pagination? https://datatables.net/examples/data_sources/server_side.html

for the current version is not supporting ajax datatables, but you can make it that way by changing the portion of code, thanks


Cinefake Purchased

can you Help me , what can i do with Cicool? i s it possible to export ready Themes with database functions, or is it for only one Installation… sorry ;)

not only the theme and installation, cicool provide generators to facilitate you in building a system like CRUD Generator, Rest API generator, form generator, page generator, and many other features such as, management of users, auth, access the menu, you can also custom theme easily :)



I would like to know if your code natively supports several levels of nested tables. Meaning CRUDing tables that are related to other tables which themselves could be related to one or more tables.

If so what would be the code required for that? Are there ready examples?

Thank you.

yes to cicool support for relational table,

you just need to add some code to the model to make relationships,

if you are having problems and difficulties please leave a question / issue on https://github.com/ridwanskaterock/cicool/issues


This is by far the best CodeIgniter Application I have ever purchased. I cannot even begin to express how much time this will save me. The features, well they are in a realm of their own

REST API Generator, Token and Key Generator, API Docs Generator, Menus, Pages, Themes, CRUD, Drag-n-Drop form and page Builders, the list goes on. This application will allow me to create solid, concise, and secure RESTful API’s for my clients to connect to.

When they[my clients] need an API built that they can GET, POST,PUT, Etc. to, they can ask me to do it, and as we developers know, the client wants the most complexity, with a simple UI and UX as fast as possible! With this application, I will use thiREST API Generator(s) and allow them to inform me of their specific needs. Then with the amazing simplicity, this provides, I can surprise them with an amazing API for their devices to connect to in a matter of minutes.

I want to thank the developer for this, this is worth 500 Stars (if possible). I thank you ridwanskaterocks for this great application. I have been a Codeigniter developer for 7 years now, and am glad you chose this AMAZING framework to build this app.

A few suggestions/requests however.

1: If it is not possible, I would love to edit the landing page via the Page Builder. I assume, that it may be hard coded in ‘welcome_message.php in the application/views folder. I only assume because I’ve been so busy having a blast learning this application I have not yet checked the file and folder structure of CodeIgniter. But allowing us to edit the front/landing page with the Page Builder would be fantastic! I truly hope you can implement that soon. And if there is already a way to do so, please tell me because I’d love to know if I missed something in the API.

2: May I suggest converting this amazing application into an HMVC [by WireDesignz, found on bitBucket for free under MIT License] Application. Utilizing Hierarchal MVC, and have modules to hold separate config, controllers, models, views, libraries, helpers, hooks and more. This would allow for this to be an even more amazing application. Especially if you found a way to implement a built-in “Module Generator: to GUI build modules from the dashboard. For example, your users can use your already existent CRUD generator, and using a Module Generator, generate a themeable, customizable, ACL powered Form System. Or an Ecommerce store Module … the possibilities could be endless.

3: This is a simple one. If you haven’t already, start considering CodeIgniter 4 for your next MAJOR release. It will make this App even better!

Either way, I thank you again for this amazing app. Anyone who has read this far into this review, this application is all the bit worth every penny and more. It will surprise you beyond belief. It goes beyond a normal Content Management System, and enhances it into a Web Application Suite, with REST’ful API capabilities.

Anyone considering this application, you will not regret your purchase. I haven’t yet, and there is only better enhancements to come in the future release for sure :grin:!

thanks communitico,

review that you provide is excellent, and makes me feel happy and proud that I have developed applications that can bermanffat and work well.

and makes me more excited to float this application, be better in the future.

I will consider some requests and feedback you give to working on a feature in a future update.

once again thanks you have given a good response for us, and thank you in advance has given us the items,

I am very happy if the application is getting a lot of benefits to the buyers, thanks :)


tiseor Purchased

Amazing!!!! it’s possible to make crud only visible for user who added it?

You can use the calendar library in CodeIgniter, This tutorial may help

https://codeigniter.com/user_guide/libraries/calendar.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMsEAtXtE2g

I waited for the best review from you :)

thanks :)


tiseor Purchased

Done. Thx for sup

okay thanks,

I waited for the best review from you :)


Romroro Purchased

Hi, is that possible to create a RestFul API to an EXISTING sql table with your CiCool ?

yes you can make full rest Rest API uses builder, you can create a table restfull appropriate design of custom table in the database that you create, more than that, you can also instantly get the API documentation automatically

thanks :)

after install not log in .. helpme whats is your e-mail?

hello thanks befor for purchase my item,

if there is a problem please detailkan problem here https://github.com/ridwanskaterock/cicool/issues, you can create a ticket there


Hi Guys Just purchased today but discount of 20% did not go through as advertised?

whether you are the same problem with this issue?


I hope you can follow to solve this problem,

and when you find a new bug could create a separate ticket


Thank you again – Great response time again and the solution from vin111 worked. Very happy to have this all working and the support from the developer is first class. 5 stars from me…

paultaylor okay,

I am glad to see everything is working fine,

I wait for the best review from you :) thanks