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Hello there, I am new to these crud frameworks and Laravel. I want to create an application that can do these functions listed below. I am curious to know if these can be done using your framework to start with before I make a purchase.

I use WooCommerce for WordPress for my front end ordering from customers, it works well. I can export out automatically the orders from the online store to CSV file of all the data of the orders.

Here is what I will want to do using a framework:

1) retrieve the data from the CSV file

2) add the data to a database from your framework

3) create some custom types of dashboards using this data: – Page: Display orders – Page: Display individual order with map and delivery information showing which delivery driver this order is assigned to) – Page: Create delivery driver – Page: List delivery drivers – Page: administration to be able to drag and drop orders to each delivery driver for each day. – Page: Delivery driver to login and see only his orders for delivery for each day/week/month – Page: Display a list of delivery vehicles – Page: Display single vehicle showing which deliveries it has for the day/wee/month. Show which drivers it has been assigned to.

hi sorry for a long time

1. for your current export can do export using xls and you can convert them into xsv format

2. To add table data to this framework it is very possible that this product framework has been added to the builder for custom

3. To change your dashboard page you can do it by changing it easily and adding custom features on the dashboard page

contact me with email or issue tracking for faster replies thanks

I can help you if you have trouble

mas saya install aplikasi cicool nya saya sudah buat user dan password untuk masuk ke dasboardnya tapi setealh login, tidak masuk kedasboard mas, malah ke halaman home saya klik menu dasboard malah minta login lagi, tapi setelah masukkan username dan password tidak tampil dasbordnya mohon bantuannya mas, saya menggunakan xampp dan windows

sudah bisa login mas, cuma ada banya error mas hampir semua menu

halaman crud builder error :

Fatal error: Cannot use lexical variable $crud as a parameter name in E:\XAMPP\htdocs\cicool\application\views\backend\standart\administrator\crud\crud_list.php on line 94 A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Compile Error

Message: Cannot use lexical variable $crud as a parameter name

Filename: crud/crud_list.php

Line Number: 94


halaman API Builder :

Fatal error: Cannot use lexical variable $rest as a parameter name in E:\XAMPP\htdocs\cicool\application\views\backend\standart\administrator\rest\rest_list.php on line 93 A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Compile Error

Message: Cannot use lexical variable $rest as a parameter name

Filename: rest/rest_list.php

Line Number: 93


halaman page builder :

Fatal error: Cannot use lexical variable $page as a parameter name in E:\XAMPP\htdocs\cicool\application\views\backend\standart\administrator\page\page_list.php on line 107 A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Compile Error

Message: Cannot use lexical variable $page as a parameter name

Filename: page/page_list.php

Line Number: 107


halaman form builder :

Fatal error: Cannot use lexical variable $form as a parameter name in E:\XAMPP\htdocs\cicool\application\views\backend\standart\administrator\form\form_list.php on line 94 A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Compile Error

Message: Cannot use lexical variable $form as a parameter name

Filename: form/form_list.php

Line Number: 94


Mas pakai php veri 7.1 ya ? Saya blm coba di versi itu mas. Bisa coba pakai php versi 7.0


I test the new version but i don’t see a multilingual system. The core is in many languages (great!) but the pages content is in only one language.

The multilingual content pages is in your next featured list?

Best regards!

thank you

for the current feature I just added multi languages to system language and menu not for content.

yes I hope I can add multi-languages for content in upcoming features


dear admin saya mempunyai probelm, di app saya jalankan di local kemudian saya buat modul upload file tidak bermasalah, tetapi ketika saya upload ke vps module upload file tidak dapat upload “upload filed” saya cek di consol ada error seperti ini

[Fine Uploader 5.11.8] Problem parsing session response: Unexpected end of JSON input

[Fine Uploader 5.11.8] Error when attempting to parse xhr response text (Unexpected token < in JSON at position 2)

mohon pencerahannya

bisa di lihat dan di kirim buat response XHRnya mas ?

Hello, can this can perfom calculation, I mean is it possible to generate calculation fields like sub-total, total etc. Thank you

For current version calculate field is not avaiable, but you can customize crud result to make calculation. If you have problem and question about this produc you can create ticket on tab support thanks

How easy if I want to link between two crud that i created from the crud builder?

for example there is 1 table that have 10 products

then there is a order crud where i want to link this 10 products can be shown inside order form?

for that you can join the data by using type select menu,

and to display the product in the form you can use type input type “select”

so if you make a form

name => type text

product => type select => and you can set the refrensor data to the product table



sottey Purchased

I see that PHP 7.1 is listed as supported. When I tried, the majority of edit and see pages were blank and the user, group and permissions pages gave a 500 with the error (differnet pages listed different vars $user, $permissions, $group, etc.):

-Sep-2017 04:34:11 asia/jakarta] PHP Fatal error: Cannot use lexical variable $crud as a parameter name in …/application/views/backend/standart/administrator/crud/crud_list.php on line 100

Changing the site’s PHP version to 5.5 works to address all the issues, but anything above 5.5 causes these errors.

I will at to the ticket site as well.

Thanks for great software. I still love CICool! Sean


Is it possible to count the api requests and is there a payment function, so users or clients can buy API requests like 10.000 = 1 $.

If its not in now would u add this in the next update ?


Yes it’s possible this api include codeigniter rest client, you can add limit api request per api key for it. You can easy custom for it



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Best of product, 1. Is possible group by query with API? 2. I was finished on localhost and how to deploy from localhost to production?



yothins Purchased

Thanks, I’am looking for custom query!


yothins Purchased

How to create backend page and embed form builder Short Code? I can’t find any document or video tutorial for this. When created backend page and pressed Save button alway show message “The Page Content field is required.”


On item description you can see video example for create new page or you can search youtube by typing keyword ciicool thanks

Hello ridwans? I bought it on September 19, 2017 and congratulate it very well. But I need my; you can see that each member / user has his or her own attached pages. you can not see the others. How can I do this? Can you help with this?

hi, is there a picture sample on this?

Hi please move to github ticket for it on tab suppprt, i will give me example image fot it thanks

Hi I am very interested to buy but I don’t like to work with frameworks can you provide a version in Pure PHP. Thanks

hii for php pure version is not available, why do not you like the framework? it uses an easy-to-understand codeigniter framework and many supporting features and libraries

if you have trouble i can help


I am not familiar with codeigniter and tried it before and was too complicated for my skills

Hehey okay thanks, maybe i will not make without framework. Because it is recommended that you build applications using framework because faster and safer

Siang bro Ridwan

Ada tutorial buat mengaktifkan Oauth buat login dengan Google+ ? saya sudah coba tutorial diluar tapi blm berhasil, berhasil login pake email google tetap kembali ke halaman login.

Saat ini blm ada om. Untuk pengaktifan o auth tinggal isi credential di menu setting – > tab oauth om

dear admin

untuk mengubah menambahkaan max file size fine uploader dmn ya?? saya ingin menambahkan menjadi 10mb

terima kasih

Untuk maksimal upload ada pengaturannya pada validasi add rules dan tambahkan max size om


moveed Purchased

HI, I install the script on MAMP but most pages not working. I see this message: This page isn’t working

Like: CRUD Builder, Pages Builder, API Builder, Form Builder

please, help me.

can you give me a screenshoot ?

and activate debug mode

and you can create new ticket in tab support thanks