Discussion on Volunteer Management Software - GForce

Discussion on Volunteer Management Software - GForce

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can it work on wasabi?

Every group shows the same messages/mails. so if i have sent or received a message, it shows on messages inbox of every group. this is an error. each group inbox should show messages originating from or sent from that group only. group 1 inbox should not show messages sent from group 2. or ther is no point in keeping separate inbox for each group.

another error – i can see each profile twice on manage member page – .

Regarding the messages, this is by design and not an error. Messages are universal and are not tied to groups. I’ve taken a look at the member page. The records do not appear to be duplicated.

I get it abt msgs. Also surely thet wr duplicates of members. Now it’s nt ther. Shud have taken screenshot. Anyway wil tel u if it happens again. It’s a good script. Any update planned?

will u publish mobile apps? is it possible to create and operate a group on subdomain? (so all groups will b on different subdomains of the main website) what more features are u planning for this script in future?

No , that app is our SaaS version and is not on CodeCanyon

So if I get Saad version, will app code b available?

No please. I did not mean the SaaS version on CodeCanyon. I was referring to the SaaS version we run. As I stated, it is not available on CodeCanyon

Hi GForce Team It looks you have an excellent system. Two questions:

1. Does your system allow volunteers to participate on a task/event? From the documentation, it seems only Admins can assign members, where they can opt out. Opting out is a nice functionality, but joining by the users (not by admins) is also a nice feature. The department can announce events and members can join that task.event

2. Does your system run on PhP 8?


Currently, only Department Admins can assign tasks to users. We will consider this in future updates. Yes our system has been tested and works excellently on PHP 8.

Hi, I really loved the Volunteer management system, i have few questions before buying-

1) What SMS gateways are allowes, I am from India, In india SMS are restricted, so can i use any gateway suggested by you?

2) Do you provide customization?

3) Do you provide Installation?

Please Let me know, thanks

Thank you for contacting us. We provide four SMS gateways at the moment (more to be added soon). You can use any of these gateways (Clickatel & would be applicable). Please refer to these links regarding usage in india:

We do not provide customization at the moment due to our heavy workload. Our code can however be customized by any competent PHP/Laravel programmer as our source code is completely editable.

Yes we provide installation services for a small fee. Thank you and we look forward to your purchase.

The demo is not working

Hi I don’t have Roster & Departments on my Admin Dashboard but its there on the Member Dashboard.

Hello. Kindly open a support request here:

I have done so earlier than commenting here

Is it comes with fulll source code?

Yes it comes with full source code and you can make any modifications you wish.

Hello, can a department admin send an email messages to members of other department

Not unless he is an admin of that department as well.

Hello, how can i remove the Volunteer Management System text in the main page

Hi there, i need customization for this. can i have your email? thanks

Hello. Sorry for the late reply. You can click on our profile to send us a private message

Hello, I am testing your demo website with a view to buying it, and i have some questions or particualr requeriments for my case, please:

1) It is possible that the administrator of each department can edit the registration of its members because currently it is not possible in its demo and I think that as an administrator it would be natural for him to have access to be able to modify the data only for his department (simila or like general system administrator).

2) It is possible that the administrator of each department can see and edit the additional or custom fields that are appended (by the general system administrator). Actually in demo, the department administrators can not see the additional fields from members, only the default fields.

3) Is it possible to add another 2 images to the member’s record (for example the image of their face, their ID Card and another personal image)?

4) I see that the self-registration can be optionally overridden. That is the case that works for me, and it would be the administrator of each department (in my case they would be sub-organizations) who would be responsible for making the records of the members (recruiting volunteers). Hence the need for department administrators to also be able to view and modify their member records. Currently this is not possible in the functions I explored in your demo.

Thank you so much.

Thank you for your inquiry. Actually, we designed the system not to allow Department admins to be able to modify user accounts. The reason for this is that a member might belong to multiple departments. Hence if different Department admins (from different departments) are able to modify a user’s account, it could potentially cause issues. We may consider adding and image/file custom field type in the future. Thank you and we look forward to your purchase.

Thanks for your reply.

1. But, with this scheme, then the only one who can modify or correct the membership records is the general system administrator. This would work well for small groups (for example less than 100 members), but for organizations or volunteer projects with thousands or hundreds of thousands of members, this scheme would be very unproductive, because only one person would be able to modify records, that is to say , the general manager. And this would create a time huge bottleneck in the natural management of database information.

I think that if it can be the case that a member can belong to several departments, but there are also cases where the members are not repeated and each department has different users. The solution could be to enable a switch so that administrators could enable or disable that way of working.

In my case, I would use your software to register tens of thousands of volunteers, and derived from the fact that the registry modification operation is something very natural in any database, because this feature is very representative in real life working, your software schema not works for me in feature that a single member can modify (the general administrator). My need is that that time-consuming task can be delegated to department managers (or sub-organizations).

The question is if you can make a custom version for me or implement that “switch” in the architecture of your software (as one more service in administrator mode) so that we can choose in which scheme to work (whether or not to allow members to belong to several groups).

2.- On the other hand, I also see in your demo that if custom fields are added by the administrator, neither can anyone modify these fields after registration other than the general administrator, even the member or department administrator himself, nor does allow them to these last roles visualize those fields, only the general administrator sees them. I think this is not the case in real life and all fields should be displayed anywhere.

Thank you so much.

Thank you for your message. Well you could have more than one Administrator. You can create as many Admin accounts as you wish. Also, members can edit all details of their profile, including custom fields. Regarding the option to restrict members joining multiple departments, you might need to have a developer implement this for you. We don’t tale customization requests at this time due to our heavy workload. However the application is 100% open source and built on Laravel so it should be very easy to have anyone do this for you.

Hello, a doubt. a) This software could support upto 300,000 membres ? b) Include de source code for that i can implements take photos ? c) It can add personalizated fields for members ?


Hello. Yes the software can support an unlimited number of users. The source code is included. Yes, you can create personalized fields for members, this feature is included out of the box. We look forward to your purchase.

I have a requirement for multi day/week volunteer projects. can you add volunteer project management/ kanban/gantt to the events (for larger projects); so the volunteers can be assigned to tasks and the progress can be measured?

Thank you for your feedback. We’ll put this into consideration in future updates.

Can you integrate it with Joomla DB ?

Thank you for your message. We’ve replied to your email.

I saw Header and footer settings on the Demo before purchase but I do not see them after purchase, why? Also I keep experiencing 500 server error while browsing through my installed website, why?

How editable is this script, is it fixed or compiled code- thanks

Our software is completely open source so you can make any modifications you wish to it.

Thanks the demo is now working. Silly question but, is there an event calendar built in to this script?

Yes please

Is it easy to add an event calendar showing scheduled events. I would need volunteers to sign up based on their availability.

So would this be an easy thing to add or would I need another script to drive the calendar?

none of the demo links work at the moment 500 error on saas demo and SQLSTATEHY000 No such file or directory on the live demo link for the non saas version

Thank you for bringing this to our notice. The demos have been restored. Please check again.

please check your demo, it is not working

Thank you. However, I just checked and it appears to be functioning properly. Perhaps it was a temporary network issue or the demo was undergoing reset at the time. Please test again.


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