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great one. always wanted one for my church.

You are welcome! Let me know if I can help you get started in any way.

Do you have any themese for the Front End

For now, it has only one built-in theme. You can see it at http://demo-giveu.amdtllc.com. I will work on integrating more themes in the future but you can edit the theme to suit your needs. If you purchase and need a custom theme, we can build you one for a small fee.

oK. Nice. I will buy after some time.

Great Script. It would be nice also I think if it has a music player for Christian songs. Bookmarked this one. :)

Could you explain that further? I can look in to it…

I mean a feature which an admin can upload songs and users can play the songs. Like a music player. :)

Got it. Will add that on our to-do list. Thank you for the suggestion.

Nice work GLWS :)

Thank you!

What’s the payment gateway?

Stripe. https://stripe.com. You would signup for an account and get an api key.

Great job. I would like to buy Membership & equipment Management system for my Church. Do you have already ?

Sorry I do not have that system at the moment.

Thank you for checking out our product! Coming soon in the next update, GIVEu CCMS will have the ability to add or create custom front-end themes. We will also have a marketplace where you can buy extra themes that meet your needs. At individual’s request, we do offer installation and customization services at a small fee. Check out https://amdtllc.com/#support. This will be a major upgrade that might lead to an increase in the cost of the product. Current buyers still get upgrades for free, so secure your copy now before the upgrade! Please let us know any other questions or concerns you may have regarding this system.

Patch 2.01: Fixed a composer install error for missing test file. Keep an eye on version 2.01. If you need this prior to CC approval, please open a ticket at https://amdtllc.com/support

The link above for installation and setup membership is https://amdtllc.com/#support


eliaseg Purchased

Hi there, I’m getting a 500 internal error when navigating to the site DIR. I’m installing in a sub-directory. Thanks!

If you install in a sub directory, please ensure that your server points to the public directory.

See https://laracasts.com/discuss/channels/laravel/install-laravel-5-in-subfolder-host

are you updating the system?... do you have a coming soon plan?

Yes. We are releasing a version that supports custom frontend templates in the next week.

what does the payment kiosk frontend look like?

See screenshots. On the actual installation, you would go to “Settings” > “Kiosk Mode” on the kiosk device. This would log you out and set Kiosk Mode. You can have your browse in fullscreen if using windows tablet. https://snag.gy/gP5B3i.jpg https://snag.gy/xPiUrH.jpg

preciso do sistema em português vocês tem ?

Portuguese language not yet supported. Currently, only english. Language support is on our task list. Thanks.

Looks very promising, All the best.

Thank you!

following this…! waiting. :)

Can I use my own front end template?