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okosoko Purchased

Hi, does this app only accept vimeo videos and not youtube. be cause i put it my youtube video link, it didn’t work but when i created an account for vimeo and uploaded a video and linked it, it worked. please help Thanks.

Hi there, your YouTube videos should work. How are you inserting the links?

Not familiar with SQL, how do I create a database and import the install.sql file

ok, thank you I was able to upload the file and create a DB, however I am not sure where I would go to browse for db_conx.php in adminpanel/includes/db_conx.php.

sorry how do you open the admin panel once the file has been uploaded

Good day, please go through the documentation carefully.

I’ve sent 3 additional emails regarding issues with my adminpanel. Really need help with the bugs/issues with my admin Panel.

Ok. Noted.

When I try to launch my app on iPad pro and iPhone 7, it hangs. What could be the problem please?

No it doesn’t. It hangs first page and doesn’t go beyond that. I got below from the debbuger when using simulator:

Assertion failure in -[MainViewController parseSettingsWithParser:], /Users/adebiyiolafusi/Documents/spcc_mobile/GlobalChurch_iOS_v2.1/MainFiles/CordovaLib/Classes/Public/CDVViewController.m:149

Just the same way it behaves on the iPhone and iPad

That is odd. Do you have another older iOS device, perhaps an iPhone 6, or run that in the simulator and see if you still get the same errors, also, which version of Xcode do you have and iOS version running on your devices (you’ve used thus far?)

Hi there, would this app be suitable to just make a bible using already-formatted html text?

I have a few pre-sales questions:

1. I am not sure if this will fully meet my needs – so I wanted to purchase the standard license. I might be creating a paid app with it – so I would need the extended license. If I purchase the standard license first – is their a path to then upgrade to extended license (i.e. pay difference)?

2. I have vimeo private videos (so not available publicly) – been using the specific video HLS and mp4 in a previous app to include it in the native iOS player. Is there a way with your app – that I can still include vimeo videos that are private and not available publicly – but I can make available with vimeo only in the app?

3. I am looking to make this a bible study app – where I will have PDF chapter lessons (so I’d like to have that in one section) – then I have 4 videos (lessons) per chapter that go with each PDF chapter. Is this doable?

4. Any plans to release the iOS using Swift3 / iOS10?

Thanks in advance, Sway

Hi Sway, we did respond to your email. In future, we wouldn’t advise that you put your plans out publicly for everyone to see :)

Good Day, I was able to upload the install.sql file. By doing this that means the Admin Panel is uploaded to my server? I need some clearer instructions on how to have Admin Panel uploaded to server.

Pre-sale questions:

Do you plan to update this to be done in Swift for the latest versions of iOS?

Also, how do the push notifications work. Is that done off of my own server, your server, or a combination?

Thanks, Patrick

Hi there, an update is in the pipeline