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Still unable to get my app up and running. The admin panel is lie already but I am having serious issues with generating an apk. Does this require a specific version of android studio because mine cannot load it. I can only load it after deleting all existing gradle packages so they could be generated afresh by the studio. Please i really need to have this up and running in no time

Hi there, we don’t think we ever received your emails. Please send to: studio@rockstarmediastore.co.za

I initially sent all the mails to support@rockstarmedia.co.za. I have forwarded to studio@rockstarmediastore.co.za as advised. Please check and advise.

Hi there, noted. Will do.

I have sent various emails to support with no response

hi rockstar_media, i am getting an error “the connection to the sever was unsuccessful. (file:///android_asset/www/index.html)

Hi there, what contents are you referring to exactly?

like add news…you cant have more than 3 slots of news… you cant add more, you can only update them

Hi there, yes, that is how the template was developed. We didn’t foresee people requiring more than that. You can add more with a bit of additional development.


tyuven Purchased

hi, I sent you and email and I have’t heard back from you guys. My admin page loads but the menu links give me and access error. why is that? when I change mysqli-connect that you used to mysql-connect the menus loads up a blank page. I did use a test.php to test for connection to my database and it worked with the mysql-connect and didn’t work with mysql-connect

Hi, Lennon? If so, we have responded to your mail.

Pre-sale inquiries.. Does your app comes with a real live video streaming ? Secondly Do you offer customization service?

Hello sorry for the delay.. I got another app but not satisfied with it… I love your own app very much.. But still in need of additional features on it…. First… is it possible to send custom push notifications in cases of having a WordPress blog using the external web view on the app? Secondly can I change the series tab to something like just Sermons?... Thirdly which is the most important… I want an option for downloading Audio sermons within the app on the same sermon tab… And users should be able to get push notification of new Sermons

Please if all of this can be achieved.. Then I willl be purchasing even more licenses often

Hi… with additional development these features can be achieved. Why don’t you send us an email to: studio@rockstarmediastore.co.za in order for us to discuss this further.

Hello. I just purchased your app. I need some help install the app on my cpanel for everything to work correctly.

Could you help me?


Yes I did…. We was talking via email last week then you stopped replying. I was asking if you could help me install it. If you can’t I understand but when I don’t get a reply for 3 days and the conversations stops. It’s kinda of leaving me in a grey area. This app is very important and I needed it to be upload by a certain time or I would be in trouble. But the help is very little

Just please contact me back either way fast. Thanks

You just said you got everything working so we take it that all is fine now?

Hi, I have purchased this source a few months ago but this is the first time I am working on this. I am receiving this errors on android studio :

Error:null value in entry: destinationDir=null


Hi there… are you following all the instructions?

Issues with the Mobile App:

1- In the Android version of your App, the live channel doesn’t cover the entire Mobile phone screen when you rotate the phone in landscape mode.

2 – HLS stream source doesn’t work on the android version of your App.

Kindly address these issues so that I will know how to move ahead.


Hi there, all these features you are taking about where never included in the template, we understand that HLS stream playback is an issue on Android devices already. All these features you are relating to require additional development I’m afraid.

hello am interested in your your app. but you haven’t replied to the mail i sent you….i also sent you a friend request on Skype but you’ve still haven’t accepted yet… please i planning on buying multiple licences for this app….but starting with one licence first tomorrow. please reply to my mail or here…as soon as possible

Hi there… check your mails…

Does the application have an admin panel?

Hi there, yes, it has…

Hi am having an error in my android studio whenever i try to open the project .failed to open zip file Redownload dependancies and sync project this is the error am getting please help

so where can i change URL

Hello kindly advise me on how i can change online bible URL

Hi there! In the database!

Hello… I purchased this app some weeks ago and I still can’t get this right. Do I get free installation when I purchase? Thanks

Hi there! Did you end up coming right?

Hello I wasn’t able to make it. Is there anyway you could help me?


Hi. Exactly where are you struggling with setting up your own app?

Hey guys! Great job on these apps. i bought both versions. I’ve got a few questions for you…

Is there a way to make the “More” tab be the home tab? I’d like this tab open when the app opens.

Also, I’d like to take the “Series” tab off completely. Any way to do this?

Lastly, how do I change the app icon, logo, and splash screen image?

Hi RMWorks… yes, with a bit of customization this is possible. Are you struggling to find out from the documentation how to update the icon, logo as well as splash screen? Regards, RockStar-Media.

I figured out to look in the res folder for the icon, logo and splash screen.


CSIHCC Purchased

I have a serious issue with Gradle, it says project sync failed… How do i solve this ??

Hi there… try and fix those errors you might be seeing from the console. Google searches of the exact errors might assist. Regards, RockStar_Media.


CSIHCC Purchased

I love this app but I would need a customization. Add me on Skype so that we can discuss on it and the prizing. Thanks Skype username: allweda

Hi there. Done.

Hi. Am interested in buying your source codes but I need some info first. What sort of hosting will be used for the videos, podcast and push notifications etc. What’s their cost and re ocurring cost? Also what admin panel is used and how are updates going to be done. Thanks