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is there a demo link to the admin panel? plus can the admin panel also be customized by the client?

Good day, we are currently closed for the holidays and only re-open the week of the 3rd. We’ve noted your request.

Please help to solve the Admin Pages They do not work :

I checked with all the browsers “Topics Heading” & “Text” do not update after you hit update buttons for “Series” & “Months” pages

How to I make the Top images in series to be incuded from “IMG” folder instead of external links. (Sometimes they open and sometimes not)

Its a humble request to help us out. Thanks.

Hi there, please check your read and write server permissions.

I have already given “777” to folders and files. Its not working

Good day, apart from that, we can’t tell what the issue might be. Sorry. You can also change the content in the database directly.

Hi, had like to know if the video streaming supports RTSP as source ?

WOW, I seriously need some answers….could someone please respond?

Good day, please understand that we were closed for the holidays. We’ll start responding to all queries by the 11th

Hello, I have bought the app, but I need customization for live streaming, I use RMTP AND RSTP . But I also have the http link as well. I need to sort this asap

Good day, please understand that we were closed for the holidays. We’ll start responding to all queries by the 11th

I have called your office several times, I am stranded now

Hi there, we don’t supply our office number so we don’t know which office you’ve been calling


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Hello, Is it possible to setup one signal so that specific page in app is opened which corresponds with notification? Thanks.

Good day, that will require additional development to get that feature


creye15 Purchased

Hello, I have submitted my version of the app and everything works fine.. Just need that feature.. How much will be the charge for that? creye15@yahoo.it

I am getting a Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysqli_connect() adminpanel/includes/db_conx.php on line 4 can you assist?


Did you import the install.sql database? Did you make changes to the config.php file?

Please tell us the steps you took, what worked and what didn’t work

I installed the install.sql and made the changes with my information. Nothing worked. Still got that error. Can I use localhost as opposed to the Full qualified domain Name for the sql server address?

I believe this message was carried over to support emails. Thanks.

Hello, I have bought your apps. Can i have a step by step guide on how to install it in my hosting account?

I didnt get access to the documentation

Could you help me set it up? What will be the cost implication?

Hi there, we’ve responded via email

How can i create a login for my admin page. Its already working

Hi there! Apologies for the delayed response, can you please be a bit more descriptive?

Hi! I will like to purchase your App but I’m concerned about the Live streaming option. Do you support streaming in HLS format ?

Good day, yes, the stream supports HLS

for pre-sales question: can i customize everything? ex: can i change header color, text-font, text-size, text-color etc?

one more thing, can i make ‘More’ page as my default page or homepage?

Could someone please respond?

Hi there! Once again, apologies for the delayed response… with a bit of customization, yes, this is possible

you can see the front end?

Hi there! Apologies for the delayed response… if you are not familiar with Ionic then we would not advise you to go the ionic route. The easiest will be either the iOS / Android builds. You can disable the series with a bit of customization, what are you looking to achieve exactly?

hi, thanks for the reply … I need a app for my son’s school … I need to post news, events and children’s birthdays

can you send an email to: studio@rockstarmediastore.co.za and we can discuss this further?

hi Rock Star_Media..

Sum options not working when i build .apk.. i am little unhappy with this …

i don’t modify anything… app demo and this code quite deferent..?

i notice that in bible reading plane and news this both are little deferent

let me explain in bible reading in demo app its like numbers and scrolling.. *when i build .apk.. there is no numbering and no scrolling..

in news item in app demo sharing option is there.. *when i build .apk. there is no sharing button .. actually i like to buy this code because of this two modules.. i don’t know other people may work this or not but as now its not working for me..

i give my app screen shots and demo

App demo: https://appetize.io/app/wgebt5bb2yw62gfwhpz9d9gfx0 Screenshots: https://ibb.co/iEq0WF https://ibb.co/im3LWF https://ibb.co/jCTXdv

how to protect admin panel …(or)how to create login page any help from your side?

please help to solve this problem..

Hi there! Can you please send an email to: studio@rockstarmediastore.co.za in order for us to help you properly. Thanks.

i send mail dear..plz check …



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Hey thanks for your help working great. Have a question about the audio verse how and where did you get them.

Hi there. What are you wanting to achieve?


postonoh Purchased

In your sample you have on the reading plan where the versus are set from chapter’s verse and end at another. I am trying to achieve this. I have search the following websites biblegateway.com, www.bible.com, www.youversion.com

Which is the preferred service that you’d like to use? In the 1st version we used the Youversion, we think that is better, what do you think?

Pre sales question: Please can you help me in customization of this app when purchased.. i have few custom work to be done.. If you can help me at extra cost let me know so i can go ahead to make this purchase ASAP.


Good day, please send us a support email to: studio@rockstarmediastore.co.za in order for us to assist you further.