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hi, does it have email notifications/reminders that are sent to event attendees?


we are sorry but at this moment we haven’t developed any attendee list feature. We will add to the development queue for next releases.

Hello, is possibile try this plugin? And if not easy for me refound the price? Or a try version? Thanks a lot. Have a nice day

Hi, you can try Chronosly with the lite version.

Check differences between full and lite

Pre-purchase question: With the Frontend Event submission Addon, I see I can add an image – what about other file formats – like PDF, Word, etc.?

Hello, file attachment are not included at this moment on events pages. But in a couple of week we will launch the Custom Field Builder, where you can create your own fields.

This addon will be integrated with frontend submission to let users show their custom fields on forms.

i am using lite version and thinking of upgrading after this. my problem: 1. i cannot edit the event once it is published. just nearly blank pages 2. if the problem happen, the buy ticket button will be outside the + button.

Full and lite are 2 different softwares, and in some cases we let something to debug on lite.

Full version is a 3 years mature product, better debuged and tested, the problems always will be first solved on full rather than lite.

Also, you will have Chronosly support to find and solve your troubles.

Hi, I have a pre purchase question: I see the plugin have Woocommerce integration, I want to know if the orders of the events are processed through Woocommerce checkout/cart and also if they will be display together to Woocommerce orders (my web site will sell products and events). Thank you very much

And also…I can send pdf invoice for events in the same way of Woocommerce way? Sorry for my several questions, but I have find many difficults to find a plugin really integrated with Woocommerce… Thank you so much for the attention!!

Chronosly is well integrated with Woocommerce. Every Woocommerce’s addon should work like it does on your shop products.

Only one correction on your first comment: Chronosly will create products automatically while you are adding tickets on every event. This way you don’t have to create and sync the products with tickets, Chronosly does it for you.

Thank you very much for the clarifications. Yesterday I bought it, but I have a problem with tickets and woocommerce products; I wrote you an email with the problem details, can you help me?

Hello, I have a couple of pre-sales questions.

I like the layout of the featured events – can this layout be used for all events?

I like the drop-down but also want a way for a user to link to the full single events page. In the drop-down it’s not clear that by clicking the title the user can go to the full event page so can I use a visual composer button in there somewhere?

I don’t like the layout of the single events page templates – can I create my own pages/posts and link to those?

I won’t be using tickets etc so I presume I can hide the book now/biy tickets option.

Finally, I am not a fan of plugins that offer a basic option and then you have to buy addon-ons so can you please tell me ‘exactly’ what is included in the plugin price?

Thanks – Andrew

Just to add to the above – Is the filter option above the events included in the plugin price??? Are the social sharing options included with the plugin price – it’s not clear at all what in included with the basic plugin which is what puts me and many people off.


Chronosly full version only includes 1 addon, Organizers & places addon. But have other functionalities not included on lite version, like template editor and Woocommerce ticket integration.

The other addons are sold separately. The reason is be modular to get lower prices for customers with less needs.

With the template editor you can create all the templates views as you want, so your template could be customized from scratch or using default base and deleting, reorganizing and styling all the views.

Hi, when I push “Create all WooCommerce tickets” no one is created, and when I create a new event, no product is created. I have purchased chronosly today, and don´t understand why is not working like it must do. Please help me. Thanks

Dear Mario,

Woocommerce event tickets are created only when you create the ticket on the event. It will no recreate all event tickets when you enable it on settings.

You should open events, one by one, and just click on save, it must create the woocommerce tickets.

I have created a event with ticket. No product is created after that.

When I want to set up the date for my event, the calendar appears on another language, like this: Апрель 2017, ПН, ВТ, СР, and so on..this is just on my configuration but its kind of annoying, also if I pick up a date, it shows like this on the configuration 17-04-08 but doesn’t appear on my webpage, I have to edit manually the year 2017-04-08, is there any way to fix both issues?

I’ll appreciate your help as soon as possible.

Thanks in advanced.


can you contact us via our contact form? This way we can check what’s going on your site.

Hi, great plugin. I’m trying to build a page with your shortcode with a 2 column template with each event having the image aligned left and the information for the event (date, time, except, etc) aligned right in the same row. You can view it here: I’m having a little bit of trouble getting the image to stay as large as it can on mobile/iPhones and have the information box collapse underneath it. Is there a way I can target the info box with css to collapse underneath the image on smaller sizes?

Hello, the only way to do it is with media queries. Please check

You should add iyour own code to chronosly/ustom_templates/your_template.css

Pre-Purcahse Question

I need to be able to import at least 9 google calendar feeds, is this something your plugin can do?

You can import any feed you want, using our import and export addon

Hi, hoping you can help me out here.

Will your plugin allow me to do the following:

- Set only certain time slots available to book classes (e.g one class at 1pm-2pm. and another at 6pm-7pm) - Set a number of spaces available in each class. - Set payment for booking the class, but skip the payment and book for free if you are a member (my idea is to do this by setting a user role to the user, if this user is logged in and the site sees it is of the correct user role, then payment is skipped and they can book for free). The number of slots needs to go down for both members and non members, E.g number of slots is 20, if a member books it goes down to 19 slots left, non member books it goes down again to 18 etc.

Hope your plugin can facilitate my needs!

Hi, can I add to calendar wordpress posts, or only events?

Hello, I have been trying this plugin and it is not what I expected … I have helped with a friend who knows more about these issues but it has been a very complicated xperience … At the end of everything, I have managed to use it, so I request a refund

Thank you

Dear Jhoann, have you tried to contact us to check those problems? We are here to help you.

It’s not what they sold, I need to buy another plugin that would solve what I needed. So that’s why, I’ve uninstalled it and asked for my refund. I already found the solution with another plugin

When you are viewing this in “Calendar View” I’ve had some questions from clients about the “Close” button. For our calendar, you will see a grey bar at the bottom of the date that has an event. When you click it, you’ll see the word “Close” in order to close that screen. Clients are getting confused and think that this means that we are closed on this day (It’s a stretch; I know). Is there any way to remove this? I used “display: none;” for the ch-foot…but that made the rest of my site a bit wonky.

Thank you for your help.


pablobh Purchased

Hi, does this plugin supports PHP7?

Dear Pablo, it’s compatible with php 7, but may not on some server configurations. Did you have any problem with Chronosly?


isa_157 Purchased

Hi, I’ve been really happy about your plugin, but after the latest update I’m experiencing some weird issues. fx. several events have different widths even though I’ve written a Max. event width in the system. Another thing some of the events have a black background color within the same category. Here is an example: Hope you can help me figure out what is goign on. Thanks!

We have recently update codecanyon code

Pre-Sales Question:

Dear Author,

Your plugin looks great, trying confirm if all my needs are met as following:

1. Edit the form content for event submission & registration form 2. Change the search widget to search for date, start time and finish time 3. Have a grid list of only events in location A, and a different page showing grid list of events in only location B 4. A grid list of only activities A in location B, and a different page showing grid list of only activities B in location B 5. Sell tickets for events 6. Limit the number of tickets available 7. Waiting list if tickets sold-out 8. Email confirmation after purchase 9. Email ticket with QR code 10. Social share events via social media share button

Thank you for your time and clarification.

Hi, From what I have understood in Chronosly events can be repeated weekly or monthly. However my events are repeated on specific (relatively random) dates. How can I input multiple dates for one event? The different start dates for a course should show up as a seperate event in the event list. Any tips on how to achieve this?

Dear Marcelscuba, to manage independent dates on your calendar you will need Tickets and repeats enhancement where you can select multiple dates and prices fore each, allowing also complex repeats.


velf Purchased

Already bought this plugin, how to get license key to update my previous plugin?and do you offer template customization ?

Does anyone know if these developers are still in business? I recently bought the calendar and a support license, and have been trying to contact them through their support system, their feedback form, etc, and haven’t heard from them in over a week. Beware!