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Pre-Sales Question:

Dear Author,

Your plugin looks great, trying confirm if all my needs are met as following:

1. Edit the form content for event submission & registration form 2. Change the search widget to search for date, start time and finish time 3. Have a grid list of only events in location A, and a different page showing grid list of events in only location B 4. A grid list of only activities A in location B, and a different page showing grid list of only activities B in location B 5. Sell tickets for events 6. Limit the number of tickets available 7. Waiting list if tickets sold-out 8. Email confirmation after purchase 9. Email ticket with QR code 10. Social share events via social media share button

Thank you for your time and clarification.

Hi, From what I have understood in Chronosly events can be repeated weekly or monthly. However my events are repeated on specific (relatively random) dates. How can I input multiple dates for one event? The different start dates for a course should show up as a seperate event in the event list. Any tips on how to achieve this?

Dear Marcelscuba, to manage independent dates on your calendar you will need Tickets and repeats enhancement where you can select multiple dates and prices fore each, allowing also complex repeats.


velf Purchased

Already bought this plugin, how to get license key to update my previous plugin?and do you offer template customization ?

Does anyone know if these developers are still in business? I recently bought the calendar and a support license, and have been trying to contact them through their support system, their feedback form, etc, and haven’t heard from them in over a week. Beware!

the calendar link and eventlist link on the single event page is not showing up. see: Can you help me please, thank you!

It seems my license key is not valid and I can not update the plugin. The plugin is not working anymore on my site. Please let me know how I can get a valid license key. Thanks!

Hello, a couple of weeks ago I made the payment for chronosly’s support in chronosly’s website. I’ve been waiting a couple of weeks for a response from technical support. I need an answer as soon as possible. Thanks in advance

Hi, I bought a licence a year ago and tried to buy 6 months support through your website last week but when it tried to transfer to Paypal, the link failed. I wrote to you about this but have received now reply. My client’s events have disappeared from the events page since moving the site to a new host. Wondering if you might be able to help as I cannot figure out what has gone wrong in the transfer and neither can they. Am still looking at the support docs on your site. Please can you help?

Says I have an invalid license key. My plugin isn’t valid after the support term runs out???

Hi, I’ve emailed twice and haven’t had a reply. My current events aren’t showing up but my past ones are. I’ve tried everything from reinstalling, playing with settings, trying new categories but they aren’t showing up. I really need your help as it’s been down for three weeks now.


a long time your plugin works perfectly, but since 2 days the single event view is empty… Don’t know why…

I have activated the WP debug mode with logfile, etc. but all seems to be fine…

Are you have an opinion for this failure? Server: WP 4.9.6 PHP 7.0.30 Chronosly: 2.7.2

are u guys still in business? the plugin suddenly not working. do u support the latest wordpress version? if i buy the pro version, do it solve my problem?

Hello there, Hello there,

may I please ask for an information how to set up the addon Front End Submission (or whatelse) to get special characters (as common in almost all Europeaan languages) displayed correctly on the calendar?

Currently I get German umlauts and special characters displayed muddled up ans not as “ä”, “ö” and “ü” or “ß” when an event entered via Front End Submission is listed in the calendar.

I’m sure it’s simply the format setup. Is it utf-8 or another format? And Where can I set this up?

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards Wuinfried

He comprado la plantilla GRID y no la puedo subir, ahora, después de comprarlo he visto muy malas críticas y el servicio de soporte veo que no responde desde hace 2 años. Lo deberían retirar de Codecanyon, es una estafa….dejo este mensaje por si alguien me puede ayudar a resolver el problema para subir la plantilla que he comprado. Gracias!