Chromoselector - a jQuery Color Picker Plugin

Chromoselector - a jQuery Color Picker Plugin


The chromoselector color picker is a jQuery plugin that uses the canvas API as a rendering engine. It provides an easy way to add color pickers to forms on your pages, thus allowing users to select colors in many formats in a user-friendly fashion. Currently supported color formats are RGB, HEX, HSL and CMYK (plus alpha, if necessary).

What people are saying

  • Excellent documentation and a really nice and easy to use widget.
  • Thanks for the wonderful chromoselector, easy to install, to use and a big and precious documentation.
  • Not only is this the finest color picker that I/we have implemented, the support/service that roccivic provides is absolutely first rate. An Incredible bargain at many times the price.
  • Very beautiful implementation, and author also worked quickly to resolve a bug that appeared with the latest version of Chrome. Very easy to implement, and the website has a lot of practical useful examples.


The Chromoselector API is publicly disclosed, you can therefore see what the chromoselector color picker is capable of before you purchase a licence.

Chromoselector also includes a “getting started” guide to help you with the integration of the color pickers straight away.

There are several live demos available at And almost every demo comes with a sandbox (jsFiddle), that allows you to play with its settings and code, again, allowing you to get to know the Chromoselector API without purchasing a license.


  • jQuery 1.3.0+
  • Firefox 3.5+
  • Chrome 4+
  • Safari 4+
  • Opera 12+
  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Android Browser 2.2+