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Hi FantasticPlugins
Not working for me using IE9 Windows 7
Works fine using Chrome
Good Luck with sales

Hi KD,

Thanks for the heads up mate… We will check it out.


Now it is all fixed.


Cannot get the snow function to work. The animation and greeting is no problem but do not have any snow – tried installing the plugin on another website to test (as thought it might have been an issue with the theme blocking it in some way) but no luck.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Please email your site where the Plugin is installed, theme files, browser used etc to We will check it out.

Thanks. Cheers…

Very nice – though it kinda lags my wesite x.x

For the snow I mean.

We made the default values such that it doesn’t slow the website. Not sure if you changed the Number of Flakes, Falling Speed etc. If you want us to take a look at it, please mail your website url, login credentials to

Thanks. Merry Christmas…

how do I install this plugin on my website?

Please check the documentation which has the steps to instal the Plugin. Thanks.

Hi, What is the usage for Snow Z-index Value?

Animated snow falling seen broken (Movement is not smooth) Can this be fixed?

OMG, why for greeting cards, christmas greeting sentence does not appear and instead, even out “Happy Halloween”

Also PopUp keep showing on every reload or every page


z-index is for controlling the depth of the snow fall i.e. whether it should appear in front or at the back of the content etc.

snow fall smoothness depends on how much snow flakes you select, the more you select the less smooth it will be.

We will fix the caption in our next update.

It shows every time the page is reloaded. We will give the option to disable on page reload in next update.