Christmas Snow - Snow Fall WordPress Plugin

Christmas Snow - Snow Fall WordPress Plugin

Christmas Snow will turn your WordPress site into a Snowy WordPress site. By adding the Christmas flavor to your WordPress site you can make your visitors feel at home during the Christmas Season. If you are targeting Christmas Season Sales, this is the right Plugin for you. Christmas Snow Plugin has around 50 (25 White and 25 Rainbow Color) different types of Snow Flakes to choose from. You can create multiple types of Snow Flakes and choose which type to show on which Pages/Posts. Highly Customizable Plugin with lots of options.

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  • 50 (25 White and 25 Rainbow Color) Different Types of Snow Flakes to choose from
  • Simple and Effective way of adding Christmas Snow to any of your WordPress site
  • Should work with all WordPress Themes
  • Create Multiple Types of Christmas Snow and choose on which Pages/Posts which Type of Christmas Snow to show
  • White Snow and Color (Rainbow Color) Snow
  • Number of Snow Flakes can be set
  • Snow Flake Speed can be controlled
  • Snow Flake Rotation Speed can be set
  • Snow Flake Size as user input
  • 4 Wind Directions (No Wind, Wind from Left to Right, Wind from Right to Left, Random) for Snow Flakes
  • Disable Snow Fall for Mobile Devices
  • Highly Customizable with lots of options


Please note if you change the Plugin’s folder names, it might cause problems. So kindly do not change the folder names of the Plugin.

Please check the documentation as we have lots of information there. The documentation file can be found inside the documentation folder which you will find when you unzip the downloaded zip file.

For support, feature request or any help, please register and open a support ticket on our site.


Version 2.4 on 03 December 2016
New: Christmas Snow can be displayed within a date range

Version 2.3.2 on 26 November 2015
- Fix: Undefined Variable error
- Fix: Explode option in Custom Pages/Posts

Version 2.3.1 on 22 November 2015
- Fix: Exclude snow fall on certain pages

Version 2.3 on 20 November 2015
- Tweak: Improved the performance of Snow Flakes

Version 2.2 on 30 November 2014
- Added Troubleshoot Settings to load Snow Flakes from wp_head/wp_footer

Version 2.1 on 27 November 2014
- Fix: Favicon Disappearing Problem in Chrome
- Fix: Debug Warning Message

Version 2.0 on 01 November 2014
- Color (Rainbow Colors) Snow Feature

Version 1.6 on 16 September 2014
- Bug Fix is one of the Snow Styles
- Slider size optimized
- Admin page layout reworked using tables

Version 1.5 on 10 December 2013
- Disable Snow Fall for Mobile Device option added

Version 1.4 on 7 December 2013
- z-index default value set

Version 1.3 on 9 November 2013
- z-index value for Snow Flakes is added as user input
- Snow Disappearing Position option added

Version 1.2 on 9 November 2013
- Snow Movement - Top to Bottom(Falling)/Bottom to Top(Rising) option added

Version 1.1 on 2 November 2013
- Scroll Bar problem fixed 
- Default values set appropriately

Version 1.0 on 21 October 2013
- This is the First Version