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Can you Give Me You Email ?

tinymonster1989@gmail.com is my email id. You can also contact/email me from my profile.

fantastic work very good job ! i wish you all the best for your sales in 2017 ;)

Congrats Bro. Welcome to Envato Family. Best of luck.

Nice work, DigitalCenturySF

How easy to redesign this app ?

You just have to replace with new PIP effects in one folder named “assets” and just replace the values X postion, Y position, Width and Height of each effect in one JSON file. That’s it

And you can change your theme accordingly by just replacing images in drawable folder.

clean and professional.. good luck for sales

Hi Do you have any guide how to change the Admob id in the App

can i see the documentation for this app like how to reskin and other things

Cannot build project