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Thank you very much for the lovely plugin! Just installed, everything is fine when I am logged in. Sound does not work if I log out.

You may check here please :

Can you please help?

Hi, thank you for purchasing. Sorry to hear you’re having problems.

Please contact our support via email with your site details (URL, WP username/password). We can’t provide support via comments.

Username / Password? Do you want to login to my dashboard?

Kind regards

Yes, we need a WP admin account on your site.

Merry Christmas :)

Already sent you email please do the needful as soon as you can.


Please keep the comments clean by using the “Reply” button below the starting comment instead of writing a new comment thread. Thank you.

Hi, can it create diff. shortcodes for diff. ecard profiles. So, I just paste diff. shortcode in diff. pages and send out to diff. people, they will view their specific ecard? Thanks!

Yes, the scope of our support does not cover any item modifications. You can contact our devs via contact form on our profile page, specify what you need and they’ll send you a quote.

I paid it, and sent an email, please have a check , thanks!

Thank you for purchasing!

Hello, just installed youe wonderfull plugin but i have one problem

i have set it to unlimited views but when i visit second time the page cant be viewed and i have to clear cache every time

is there a solution ?


Hi, thank you for purchasing.

We don’t provide support via comments.


I am not able to get the Christmas Card work on my site.

1. The sound is not working. 2. “Continue browsing” link is not working. The users are stuck with the Christmas card and can’t enter the website.

Kindly guide

Hi, thank you for purchasing.

We don’t provide support via comments.

I purchased ‘Christmad Card’ last year, it didn’t work. You gave some reason on why it didn’t work.

I wanted to use it this year and now my purchased license is expired! I just purchased, could never used this plugin.

Sorry to hear that. Raising that with the support might help you. Posting here certainly won’t.

Hello, I consider buying this plugin and have two questions: (1) does it support Cyrillic? (2) does it work on WP 3.2.1?

Kind regards, Kirill

Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

Answer to both questions is: yes :)

hello, we can’t see the live preview, there is something wrong please let us know when you fix it thanks

HI, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

It’s fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Didn’t appreciate the response from the author when I notified of a problem. Support should not be needed when you buy a well coded item and unfortunately this is not working now. I understand that limiting support may be their desire – but without first checking actually what the problem was, well this is a first for me after having bought over 100 Code Canyon items. I really would not have expected an Elite Author to firstly reply about not supporting an item after 12 months before doing the right thing and first checking if the problem was an easily explained and rectified one. The product listing says nothing about support only being provided for 12 months – this is a huge oversight on their part and should be something they make much clearer to their customers.
Checking their website it states…. You are the most important thing to us – our client! We’ll do almost anything and everything to see that you get what you want and need.

Sorry to hear you’re not satisfied.

We think our ToS are pretty clear and we don’t hide in any way that support is provided for 1 year from the purchase date.

Your TOS are not on the items Description – perhaps having it placed on there would be appropriate. I have never checked an items Author profile in the 100+ items I have bought. And like I said, I have never come across an Author that does not at the very least take a quick look at a problem before they check the purchase date of the item.

Envato’s terms will soon change and hopefully things will be clearer as free lifetime support will no longer be available from any author.

Hello If i got this enabled on web page, i cannot share any other link [post, page] on facebook.with direct link on exact url… I always get thumbnail of this plugin and not specific url,. How can i avoid that ?

Hi, thank you for purchasing! Sorry to hear you’re having problems.

We don’t provide any support via comments.

Hi. Is a fantastic plugin, congratulations. I just think it lacks a detail: the ability to program the plugin so that it appears on screen x seconds and then go to the web automatically.

Greetings. ························ Hola. es un plugin fantástico, felicidades. Sólo creo que le falta un detalle: la posibilidad de poder programar el plugin para que aparezca en pantalla x segundos y luego pase a la web automáticamente.


Hi, Thank you for purchasing and the kind words!

Also, thanks for the suggestion – we’ll do our best to implement the feature in the next update! :)

Is there a way to make this a popup style overlaying the site, so people can easily see they just need to close the message to continue to the web page?

Hi, Thank you for purchasing and using Christmas Card!

Unfortunately, that’s not possible.

presales question – how do I allow a person to write their own comments to be embedded in the card and have the card sent by email?

Hi, Thank you for taking an interest in our items!

You can set a custom message from the user-friendly interface once you install the plugin and show it to your visitors.

Unfortunately, other users aren’t able to write messages from the front end and send emails via Christmas Card. The plugin is used to show a message on a splash page only.