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Hi There, Could you tell me how to make it auto play? Thank you!

Hi! You can put it in xml. You enter “yes” between <automatic> and </automatic>

If there is any doubt, you can look for me.



I cant open and show our card.

Gets a fail message:

This page contains the following errors:

error on line 38 at column 18: xmlParseEntityRef: no name Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.

Payment ref:

d6d10b72-e0dc-4800-9294-9b53e3ba3407 – 12 Dec 2017 REGULAR LICENSE

Best Regards Lars Palm, Sweden

Hi, sorry about that.

It’s probably a bug in xml. You may have deleted a symbol, like this ”>”. Or you could have inserted a symbol like this “&”. Please send me the card link for me to verify.

My email is filippileonardo@yahoo.com.br


hellow its good card )) i have one question in demo you have buttons for choose color. but when i buy it there in no more buttons :( how to get them? i want to add 8 button and give them links. can you help me? thx i mean this buttons http://www.picz.ge/img/s1/1712/25/6/67383fee1a5c.png

i did it but i want it to be under the layer i can not find z-index of opening layer :( http://www.picz.ge/img/s3/1712/26/8/8cd53e79330d.png have you some advise to show buttons under opener over the background ?

I do not know any way to do that. And I want to know how to do it too. Many customers ask for this, but I think over canvas is not possible.

But I will research and do new tests. The last time I tried it a few months ago. There may have been something new. If I find the solution, I’ll reply your comment again.

ok thx


J-the-W Purchased

The “Automatic” function doesn’t work for me (setting it to “yes” instead of “no” in the XML). Have tried in numerous browsers, also mobile. I checked the “data” file and I’m spelling yes in the way it expects (all lower case with no quotes). Any advice?

Otherwise, great card! Is there a way to disable the sleigh so that it either doesn’t move or doesn’t show? I could see some promising looking config names in the data. I want to send it more than once to the same person so that would make it a little different.


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Ignore the question on “Automatic”. It has started working, so must have been a caching issue (I ran it many times before with “Automatic” set to “no”).

It’s odd, because when I changed this in the XML file I also updated colours and the website, and those changes did take effect (only this one setting didn’t change), but it is now working (opening automatically – also with music playing). It took about an hour.

Hi friend, and thank you very much.

About changes, it is usually cache, so it is always good to test the card after deleting the cache, or in an anonymous window.

About altering the animation of the sled, this is complicated. There is no simple way to do this. But if you just want to delete it, you can save the images of it as transparent png. So he will not show up.

Happy Holidays!


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Thanks … You too!