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Hi, I really need help. my company server does not support m4a and ogg

the music is not playing.

please help me how to solve that. can u give me another version that can play the music?

Hi friend! Look, this is quite simple to solve. You just need to ask your server that support m4a files and ogg. Your server will do this.

And also, because that is the only solution. Can not be in mp3 or other format, because licenses.

If there is a new problem, you can talk to me =)

Please tell me how to set the server to support m4a and ogg files? my IT administrator does not know how to.

please help me by giving me instructions. we want to the file to run with music.

OK no problem. My server is the Dreamhost, and I do so:

Create a .htaccess file, and there insert the extensions, as I show the link. I believe it should work well across server.

Any questions, you can ask me.


oor Purchased

Is there a JS that isn’t minified so I can change some image dimensions etc?

I submit to you, answer me in email:

There is a problem with the card on iPhone iOS 9.1. When I try to click on the logo inside the card, the card will toggle open/close instead of reaching the URL.

We need it to work, since we are using the card to invite people for an event and they need to confirm their presence using the URL.

Hi friend. I did several tests here, and this card with the correct code. But on the iPhone it blocks new windows. If you uncheck this option, you will see the working link. Check out this example:

Please check with your customer to leave the “Block Pop-ups” unchecked.

Any further doubts, you can search me.

Is it possible to open it in the same window ? Can you send me the js unminified so I can work something out ? I can’t ask all people to do this operation… Thank you

Please answer me by email. My email is this:


I’ve bought the dynamic christmas card and started editing it for my needs. Everything works fine but i can’t find were to change the background-color on the ‘c2canvasdiv’ I need to change the red color (not only the {body} background)

Were can i find it?

Thank you in advance!

gr, Sander

Hi! It is quite simple to solve, do as follows:

- Open the file “c2runtime.js” in a text editor such as Dreamweaver or Notepad;

- Search for [192,4,5], which is the color red;

- Replace the color [3,11,40], which is the blue you have chosen;

If there is any problem, you can talk to me =)

You saved my daY! Tnx.


i’ve got two questions…

1. Is it possible to make the text in the card to appear áfter everything is fallen in place?

2. There are some diffuculties with the sound on/off button on mobile devices (doesn’t work correct when tapped)... it seems the sound keeps playing?

Thank you in advance.

Hi friend! Thank you for buying my file! I will answer your questions.

1 – It is not possible text appear later, because the text is always visible, it only gets hidden behind the front image of the card.

2 – I am aware that in some mobiles devices the sound does not work properly. I will try to fix this problem, and in the coming days’ll be updated card. Sorry about that.


Ready friend, this already updated the file. Send me an email to I send to you new files. Here in CodeCanyon should only be updated tomorrow.

Hello, nice work! Could we modify the opened card size? I think it‘s a little too small for mobile users. Thanks.

Thanks! The card size can not be changed, but the font size can do. You can even put text on the card image. In this way you can get better for you.


I bought this item to create a Christmas card by changing a few images as example in this link:

Is there any possibility to change the images size? Can i do it only in the source code? If true, is there any possibility of providing the code to be altered in construct2?

Yours sincerely,


Hi! I do not advise to change the size of images, because it would have to change much after, the positions of the images. They could become down or higher. And the positions that card is calculated, are not positioned by hand.

But if you still want to modify the size of the images, you can do so:

- Check the size of the image you want to modify. The images are in the “images” folder; - Check the size of an image, example: Width: 300px, height 400px. - Open the file data.js; - Look for something like “400,300”; - Modify the new image size.

Doing it this way can work, but it’s risky. Back up your files.


Thanks for you reply. I think it will solve my problem. Best Regards, PH

Can I change the music?

Songs are in m4a and ogg formats. You can change them, you can choose a song in AudioJungle and replace it. On the internet you have websites that convert to these formats. Just rename the files.

Do not worry, a lot of people do that.

Hi, I love the card, but I just wondered if you could help me with one thing. I want to make it so that all the baubles can have individual graphics rather than repeating the 2.

Here is my test page so you can see what I mean. I want to have 4 different logos over the 4 baubles.


Hi! I understand what you want to do, but it is not possible. I would have to make some changes to the card code.

But you can put the logo that you expect in place of some of the stars.

Your card is very beautiful, congratulations!

Hello, how can I change the time to open the card when the automatic mode is activated?

Please send me the link of the card to my email:

It’s easier for me to know how to help.


Hello, how can I change the time to open the card when the automatic mode is activated?, sorry, my other account is puntocardinal1 and I wrote that one by mistake.

Hi. You do like this:

- Open the file “data.js”;

- Search for “[0,[1,2.5]”;

- 2.5 is the time the card automatically opens, in seconds;

- Enter any value, example “[0,[1,4.5]”.

I recommend doing a backup. If there is any more doubt, you can look for me.


Thank you very much, I have another question … in IOS the audio does not work, can you help me?

It is very simple to solve! Make sure your server supports the “ogg” and “m4a” files. If it does not, just ask. Browsers play different audios files, so that your card has 2.


I need some help i wanted to know in inside the card between message and website link how can i put a logo in middle of that space.

Thank you, Dawood Saleem

Hi friend. You can put it on the background image of the card. In the image “card_back-sheet0.png”

You can do this using Photoshop or another image editor. Unfortunately it is not possible with code or programming.

Merry Christmas!

Thank you for your reply


cholebp Purchased

Hi, Is there a JS that isn’t minified so I can change some image dimensions etc?

Hi! You can change the code like this:

- Open the file “data.js” in an editor; - Search for the size of the image, example: “200,300” (without space after the comma); - Change by the value of the image you expect, examplo: “250,350”.

This does not work on all images, so I recommend doing a backup and getting tested.

Best regards.

Hi There. How do you change the placement of the background baubles? I wish to move one further to the right.

Hi, I’m glad it worked.

About fade in in the text, this is not possible. Because you would need changes to the original file, it would be a larger edit, which you can not just by changing the code.

Best regards.

Sorry another question. How do you stop the music looping? Thanks

It’s simple, you do it like this:

- Open the file “data.js”; - Search for “[“music_christmas”,false]],[3,1]”; - In the location that has “[3,1]”, enter “[3,0]”.

Make a backup and clear the cache for testing. But here it worked.

Best regards.