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cool work, i wish you all the best for your sales ;)

Thank you =)

I’ve downloaded this and changed the message in the xml file but it comes up as blank – with no text. The logo also doesn’t appear. I adjusted the original logo and saved over it but it still doesn’t work. I tried adjusting the text in the xml file through Dreamweaver and through Notepad with the same results – just blank – no text.

Any ideas why it’s not working? Thanks

The file can be defective. You can download again, and replace the XML file. Try this.

Please send the link of your card to my email:

I can see if the problem lies elsewhere.


Hi, I´d like to know how to change the background color. I´ve done so in the index.html but after the preloader image appears it always turns RED no matter what. Thanks for the help.

Hi friend! To change the color will depend on the card you have chosen. But do as follows:

- Open the “data.js” file;

- Red card: Search for “[107,6,5]”; - Blue card: Search for “[130,17,23]”; - Green card: Search for “[88,38,19]”;

These are the RGB colors. You can look in photoshop that color. If you want, you can send the values for you. Just pass me the link card.


Got it! Thanks

Hello. The sound effects and music is not playing. Any suggestions?

Yes! It is very simple to solve! Make sure your server supports the “ogg” and “m4a” files. If it does not, just ask. Browsers play different audios files, so that your card has 2. Regards!

You are correct, it was the server. I tried it on my personal server, but will not work on my work’s server. What is the best solution for a server that does not support these file format?

My server is the Dreamhost, and I do so:

Create a .htaccess file, and there insert the extensions, as I show the link. I believe it should work well across server.

If you can not, send me an email to


I love this card! i will buy you it.. but i need to know. Is possible to put my own music ? in what format i need to add it? i want add a beach boys song to the card, is possible to add it in mp3 format?


Hi! To put your music, you just need to replace the files. They are two music files, but they are the same music. There are two because browsers play different formats.

It is an ogg file and another m4a file. On the internet you can find free sites that convert music to this format.

You are welcome!

Hi, is there any compatibility issue with Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Explorer ?. I made a test sending the link to some clients. And two of them told me that they can’t see the animation. Microsoft Edge: animation does not load. Error: SCRIPT126 “Cant find specific module” C2runtime.js (301, 405)

Explorer: Page error: C2runtime.js on line 297 (Not implemented)

Any advice?. Thanks!

Hi! I do not know any errors in IE or EDGE. From the description of your problem, the files may not be on your server.

Please, send me the link so I can check. If you want, you can be by email: