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I have purchased your card, but after downloading the purchased item, I see “c2runtime.js” which has been obfuscated. I want to custom this card, can you tell me how to modify c2runtime.js file. Thanks you!

Thank you for buying my file! The code is complicated because it is generated in a program, the Construct.

Tell me what are the changes that I can tell if it is possible to do. some changes can be made in photoshop. Answer me by email:

What a beautiful card! Thank you for the lovely design.

Is there a way to insert an image under the card message instead of the url, etc.?

Thank you very much for the compliments!

You can do so:

- Remove the message text in xml; - Open the background in Photoshop, and insert the image, or message.

But I do not think had been beautiful, because it’s the same background that appears at the beginning of the card. It will be a little strange.

But you can try and see, I may be wrong … just remember to do a backup.


Thanks! Is it possible to add more of the ‘bulb’ graphics?

Sorry, I do not understand your question, my english is not very good. What’s bulb?

hello, I try add “&subset=latin,latin-ext” for google fonts. When I try load latint-ext fonts, text is not displayed. Can u tell me how can I fix this?

I will send you link, but give me your e-mail first. I don’t wanna put links public ;) Seems also on iPhone 6 screen is not auto scaled. I set <resize>yes</resize> but seems not working this well. Can u please fix this? There is a lot of issues.

Send to email

If you can also put a printscreen card in the iPhone.

Message sent. Thanks

Thank you for a great card template! Its perfect! Can you please tell me is there any way to move “company logo” area somewhere (down or up a bit), because it is overlapping with shining stars.

Thank you for the compliment friend! I am very happy =)

Send me an email to, I send you a file with the logo above the lights.


The card doesn’t seem to be responsive. Is that correct? I tried your version and the downloaded version.

Hi friend! The card only decreases its scale in some mobiles devices. The scale decreases to “0.6”. If VICE want to modify this scale, it is simple.

- Open the “data.js” file;

- Look for [1,0.6];

- Replace with the scale you want, how [1,0.4];

Clear the cache and test your card.


It’s a nice card but i run into some issues here. Some PC cannot play it correctly, the writing and logo is not showing. But others can play it well. The url:

Do you have any suggestions?


Hi! I tested his card in Firefox, IE, Chrome and Safari, and all your card opened normal with the logo and the chosen sources.

Please send me a printscreen of your card. So I can better see the problem.

My email is


Just bought your card, very nice work !

Just wondering how to change the logo’s size ? And is there a way to have the logo appearing above the lights?

Thank you !

Hi friend, thank you for the compliments!

Send me an email to, which I think can send a file with the logo above the lights.

To change the size of the logo, do as follows:

- Open the file data.js; - Search for “180.180”. These are the values of the image size; - Change the value you want.

I do not recommend changing the size of the logo, because she is centralized.


Hello, I need to change the positions of msg and logo in mobile. how?

The card is to be seen horizontally in

If you want to modify the scale of the card, you can do so:

- Open the file “data.js” in Dreamweaver or notepad; - Look for [1,0.6], where “0.6” is the card scale in some mobiles; - Place the scale you want, how [1,0.4].

Erase the cache, and view your card.



Is the issue with “&subset=latin,latin-ext” fixed? if i buy could i also move the logo to another location?


Hi! There is no problem with different languages. Do not worry =)

Unfortunately it is not possible to move the logo, because it involves many positions and animations.


Hi, one quiestion, please. It´s possible to add a google ad into the card? Thanks

Hi! I never tried to do this, but I believe that it is indeed possible. You are welcome!


I brought your “Christmas Card Magic Lights” and I wanted to make some customization. However, I noticed that the project is done in Construct 2 so I am unable to modify the animation. Is it possible if you can send me the .capx file or the project files so I can edit it in Construct?


Hello wall-e, a question, please, I can add an image by the message in the xml file.

Waiting for your answers Thank you very much. Best regards

Hello wall-e

Sorry for the many questions

The preview is fine. If I change the font and sound, can I generate that error? On my draft server it looks good. The files on the card are the latest updated. Wall-e can I send you the link of the cards?

Best regards!

Hello wall-e

Sorry for the many questions

The preview is fine. If I change the font and sound, can I generate that error? On my draft server it looks good. The files on the card are the latest updated. Wall-e can I send you the link of the cards?

Best regards!

Yes, please, send me the links. My email is

Can I embed card in email?

Hi! Sorry, it’s not possible. The card is developed with html5 and canvas. Most emails block this.

Salve amigo, to vendo que é brasileiro como eu. Como eu aumentro a largura do texto da mensagem? Abração

Fala Chefia! Para você alterar o texto:

- Abra o arquivo “data.js”;

- Procure por “1520,1290,0,460,360”;

Os valores 1520,1290 são as posições x,y.

460,360 são as dimensões da caixa de texto.

Se quiser alterar a caixa de texto do site, os valores são 460,60. Esses valores são da caixa de texto e do tamanho do link. Por isso aparecem 3x.

Para visualizar na própria máquina, é melhor usar o firefox.


Arrasou! Olha como ficou Se liga no tamanho do texto do cliente. hahaha Abrasss

Ficou massa, gostei da posição da logo, e a fonte. Que bom que você conseguiu personalizar. Abraços!

Is it possible to get the Construct 2 source file so I can add extra locations to add text and links?

Hi! Have you checked that the changes you want can only be made by replacing images? If the changes are more complex, send me an email, I can check what can be done. My email

Hello, When automatic is set to yes, on the mobile devices (iphone, tablets, etc) music doesn’t start automaticly. You must touch the screen in order music starts. I thing this is a bug, please advise me with your solution.



Hi! It’s not a card bug. This is a configuration of some phones, including iPhone. I think cell phones do it for safety. Check out more information:


Hi, I bought your christmas card and have little problem. At IOS Safari doesn’t work hyperlink below wishes. Problem is only at mobile devices. here is example : . can you please look at it and find some solution? thanks for your help Best regards.

Hi! This is an iPhone setup. Some customers have realized this. It blocks popups. So it works on the computer, and also on Android.


is there any possibility to change it and open link in the same window? if yes please tell me where and what to change. thanks

Please send me an email to

presales question – how do I allow a person to write their own comments to be embedded in the card and have the card sent by email?

Only you can write in xml. The client can not do this. You will edit the card for your customer or user to see. Anyone who sees the card will not be able to edit it.

I am a programmer, so how would I program these changes I need?

I saw your email, I answered for him.

Hello, I just bought your card and was wondering if there is a possebility to add a foto in your_message?

I would like to have: text – photo – chrismas greeting text under eachother


Thank you for purchasing the card.

About your change, sorry, this issue can not be edited. The card code was not made for this type of change. But you can leave the xml blank and put all the text and that image in the background of the card. Or the logo image.

Best regards!

Hi! I would like use more than 7 lines in the message area, but the script cuts my text, could you tell me how can i increase the text limit? Regards!

Hi friend. I’ll tell you how you do:

- Open the file “data.js”;

- Search for “1520,1290,0,460,360”;

- 1520 and 1290 are positions X and Y;

- 460 and 360 is the size of the text box.

You can enter higher values. Make a backup before editing.


thank you!