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Thank you!

Amazing. Reminds me of the flash days.

Regards. Tibi – FWD.

Yes, I worked a lot with flash! Thanks!

good work, awesome ! :) all the best for your sales ;)

Thanks, you are awesome! :grin:

HI I cannot get sound in IE or edge or safari. it does work on chrome and Firefox

please help

IE and Safari play songs in m4a format. Others browsers like Chrome and Frirefox play ogg.

Since the music is running on Firefox and Chrome, then your server probably does not support m4a files.

Did you change the song? Are the files on your server?

Please send me the link to your card. If you want privacy, you can send me by email:

thanks for your swift reply

I have sent you the link via the above email address

my server does support both files as I can play both the ogg and the m4a file directly from the server but not using the card

I believe I encountered the problem with your card. It looks like you did not download the song. I’ll reply by email.

Great animation and transition! Love it! Quick question, can the animation of the christmas tree be modified easily? For instance, I would like the star animation draw a star around the logo. Thank you wall-e. Great stuff.

Many thanks friend! Unfortunately there is no way to change the lights. It was already the greatest job to create this tree! But in the future I’ll make a star card =)

Thank you!

Thanks for the quick reply wall-e! Is it easy to disable the animation? This card is perfect for a client, but they have issues anything referencing christmas trees. Thanks again!

You can save the images of the tree, they are 4 in total, like transparent pngs. So it would not have the animation of the tree.

But I do not advise doing this, because it would be a bit empty on the side of texts.

Hi, is it possible to vertically scroll christmas wishes? Like here:

Thanks, Uku Nurk

Just for a case – we bought this html5 christmas card:

Hi! Sorry, but it’s not possible. If you check the code, and something very complicated to put. If the text is too large, you can put it in an image, with Photoshop. Or decrease the size of the text, in the xml has <size>.



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Hello. Is it possible that the animation just starts without having to click in the snowflake?

Yes, it is possible. No xml has <automatic>no</automatic>. Put “yes” instead of “no”.


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Wow that was a fast response. Thank you very much :)

You are welcome!


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I wanted to know if possible, to put a different color to a word within the same message. The customer’s logo has a red word, and in the text, you want that to be maintained. It’s possible?

Hi! It is not possible to do this with text because the text box is one. But you can put the texts on the sign image on the card, with Photoshp. And leave the xml empty. So you can leave the text the way you want.

Hi ,

No Sound when i play on the web server (2003 Server),What can i do.


My i change the sound file to mp3 ?

Hi! Some solutions to problems with sound:

- Are the music files on your server? If they are not, transmit via FTP;

- Did you change the files? If changed, just rename and save in ogg and m4a formats. You find sites on the internet that convert to ogg and m4a, for free. It can not be mp3;

If your files are on the server, and still not playing, it is because your server does not support ogg and m4a files.

But do not worry, this is common and easy to solve. Just contact your server and request support for these files.


Thank you! :grin:

Hello, I just bought and downloaded the Christmas Card Magic Forest (95b2a5b3-0e90-4cd0-8906-e90cb15186a2) and the Christmas Card Elegant (c706a24c-0e72-47f4-8bd1-0b5d186f5ebd). For both of them I have the same problem. When I open the xml file (your-card) and change the text, after I saved the file and try to open again the index.html I got “Sorry, error loading xml file”. So even the logo is not loaded. I tried to open the XML file via Notepad, than with Notepad++ but I’m facing the same problem. I verified that after saving the file the .xml is not lost, and the file seems ok. Any idea?


keiow Author

Hi, thank you!

It may be some character that is strange, like “&”. Or some part may have been erased.

Please send me the link of the card on your website. Email me if you want privacy. My email:

I am interested in buying the card but I want to know if it is possible to change the music clip


keiow Author

Yes, it is possible. A lot of people do this, you just need to replace the files. The formats are m4a and ogg.