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Hi, it’s possible to remove the sound or change it in the card???

Yes, it is possible. There are 2 files, in the format ogg and m4a. Simply replace songs with the same name.

Great file! Just one issue that we are coming across – when card opens on an iPhone / mobile device the link at the bottom of the copy does not work – seems not active. Works well on a desktop. Please help ….. I’ve emailed you the url ,,,,,


Hi! I tested your card on my phone and tablet and it worked perfectly. I’ll test it on the iPhone in a few hours.

But you can check if the preview button is working:


Because if the preview is working, the problem may be another.

You can email me if you feel better.

I await your return!

Your version as well link is NOT clickable

Hi! Sorry for the delay to reply. I checked the card (preview) on the iPhone 5, on my Android phone and tablet. The button worked normal.

I think the problem should be something very specific on the server where the card is, or the mobile you are testing. But if you are not happy with the file you purchased, you can request a refund.

Best Regards, and Merry Christmas!

I purchased the template and it is working well except for the sound. I have used other templates on the same server that used .ogg and .mp3, but the sound isn’t working on this template. Could you please take a look and see if you can see why? The url is http://career.uga.edu/employers/holiday_card/


Hi! I can not see the music files on your server. Error message appears, check:

http://career.uga.edu/employers/holiday_card/media/music_christmas.m4a http://career.uga.edu/employers/holiday_card/media/music_christmas.ogg

And on my site, I can see:


You probably have not transmitted the files, or the media folder. Please check if the problem is this. If it is not, you can return here.


I can see them on the remote server using ftp. Is it possible that the folders containing the files need to have specific permissions?

I think not. If the files are on the server, and are not opening, your server may not support the ogg and m4a files. You could check with your server to confirm.

90% of these cases are the server that does not support these files. You only have to request the server support for the ogg and m4a files.