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Great work. :-) GL

Thank you my friend!

nicely done, very good job ! wish you big sales ;)

Thanks, you always very kind! :grin:

Thank you =)

Hi purchased the Christmas Card Gift Box which is very well done.

Found an issue with it crashing when on IPAD Air 2 Ipad says a problem repeatedly occurred. This happens with the Live Preview as well for this card.

I checked some of you order cards like “Christmas Card Retro” and “Christmas Card Lights” which work very well on IPAD in Live preview.

Do you have any updates on the card that would allow it to work on an IPAD Air?

thank you

Hi! Thanks for the very detailed comment. Sorry for this problem. This card is new, it was supposed to be okay. I’ll check and see if I find the problem. I’ll answer you again soon.

In the tests that I did, I suspect the sound of “pop” or “bubble”. Since you said Retro card worked, I’ll use the same sound. Please, you can check if it worked on iPad:


I can only test on the iPhone 5.

Thanks and regards!

I will update the files today, but if you want, I will send you updated now. Send me an email to filippileonardo@yahoo.com.br

Sorry again, and thanks for your patience. Regards!


We are preparing this card for seniors who need to have larger font to read comfortably. When I increase the font size of the message (16 to 24 px), I can only see the first of 3 sentences. What should I do ?

Thanks in advance,

Hi! I think you’d better put the texts on the card image. You can do this with Photoshop.

You leave the xml empty, and place your texts in the “texts_details-sheet0.png” image.

I believe that it is better solution, because this way you can leave the texts of the size that you want.


Hi! I purchased this template in the bundle package. How can I increase the space for the message under the animation? I would like to enter a longer message but the template allows only two rows.

Hi, thank you! You use the “texts_details-sheet0.png” image, and put the texts in photoshop. Leave the xml empty. A lot of people do that, that’s the easiest way.

You can also decrease the size of the text, in xml you place the size.


The card doesn’t work on iphones? Is that correct?

Hi! In my tests it worked. Please, you can check if the preview worked on your phone:


If it worked, or if it did not work, send me the link of your card in my email: filippileonardo@yahoo.com.br

The font (the one used at “Merry Christmas”) doesn’t work always on Iphone. The first time you open it doesn’t work, but if you refresh it works the most of the time?

Hi! Sorry about that. I believe that as it is a “written” font, it is a bit heavier and takes time to load. In my tests on the iPhone I noticed this. And sometimes it did not load all.

You can swap the font in xml, from a sans serif font, or put the text in some image from the card.

Hi, Thanks for the nice card. I have uploaded it on my server to test http://vineed.com/newyear/ When I check on mobile devices, its not working. please guide me to fix it

Hi, my friend, thank you for buying the card. I tested your card on my phone and tablet, and everything worked perfectly. The card opened, the texts appeared, the link worked, but the logo is not yours.

If the problem persists, email me more details, and the model of your mobile phone and browser for me to search. My email is filippileonardo@yahoo.com.br

Best regards!


ianim8 Purchased

Good afternoon,

Is there a way to add more lines to the message box in this card? Thank you for your time.



ianim8 Purchased

I just discovered the comments above, please disregard. Great work BTW! :-)

Cool, any questions can come to me!