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Hi Sound not playing on mobile devices How can you help me?

The problem is probably your server. Make sure it supports ogg and m4a files. It is simple to solve, just ask the server to support these files.

And one moment ) Music does not respond to off-button In Safari. And works in Chrome.

Hi! I tested here, and it worked all normal.

Both Chrome, Safari and in the audio button worked normal. In my windows, with the safari browser the card worked also normal.

I believe that the error can be very specific, perhaps in some computer versions.

But do not worry, the card works fine in most browsers!

Merry Christmas!

I need change color of background. I edited the “index.html”, but on 27’’ display i see previous color at the bottom. – old background color can only be seen on 27’’ display

Got your problem, you can do so.

- Open the file “c2runtime.js” in dreamweaver; - Search for “255,47,47” are the colors of the background; - Replace with the colors you want, which are “197,32,50”; - Clear the cache or test in another browser.

If not, can come to me!

Works great! Thanks a lot! ?????

Can this be send as an email that will have the same appearence like your demo?

If we paste the html code of index.htm in a new email message, will this be fine?

I think not, because usually block emails html5. But you can only send the card image by email. Not the same effect, but it is the only solution.

Merry Christmas!

Hey Well-E,

I have purchased this ecard in “Six Christmas Cards Bundle” package, I have a question hope you can help me.

I want to add a form underneath the eard, just like this:

Where can I change the code of ecard size, now seems it is full-screen? I am not sure.

Ada Hui

Hey Wall-E, thank you for your prompt reply :) Let me try again

Ada@From Hong Kong

Hi Wall-E, it works! Thanks for your help.

One more question,how to move the url text a bit up, do you know the position code in “c2runtime.js” ? So I can edit it? Thank you

Hi! In the data.js file, you search for:


1280,1710 – Position of the txt;

440,60 – Text box size;

Thank you, regards!

Hello, how can I use Latin Extended characters in .xml

Hi! I tested it on my website and it worked, check it out:

Please send me the link on your card that I check if there is something wrong. Can be for e-mail:

Hello, There are visible, but not the same font as the rest of the text. Is there samo extra code in .xml for that?

Yes, now I understand your problem. I think the font I chose does not support some Latin characters. But you can change the font, Google provides dozens of possibilities. Check it:

In the instructions you have a tutorial teaching how to do this.

Another solution is to place the text in the card image. So you can stay with the original font. You can do this in photoshop.


Hi. On the second screen, I would like to have my logo with a link to my website, instead of (as text). Is that possible? How can I do that?

It’s a little tricky, but come on. First make an backup.

- Open the file “data.js” in a text editor;

- Search for: “false,[255,255,255],true,1,1,1,false,false,1,0,0,[[[1500,1730,0,500,60”

- In the first “false”, you set “true”. This is for the button to be visible. Only the first “false”;

- Values 1500 and 1730 are the position of the button;

- The values 500 and 60 are the size of the image.

It is. It’s a bit complicated, but it’s something to do.