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keiow supports this item


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Just implemented this on my website. It looks great and was easy to use. I had a problem with the amount of text that fit within the text area and so I emailed wall-e thinking it would be a long shot. Soon after, he replied with a great email on how to fix what I needed. It works perfectly and the support was great!


Thanks friend :bigsmile:

Merry Christmas!

Nice work, GLWS! :)

thanks :bashful:

Hi, i just installed it and its running fine but its not resizing on mobile. I double checked the option in the script, but doesn’t seem to be working. Here is my link: http://upensinc.com/navidad2014

Hi friend!

I tested here in my cell, and the resized card. The card is not well on mobile phones with small screens. Mine is small screen, but I can read your text.

Please send me a picture card on your phone. My email is filippileonardo @ yahoo.com.br

How to use/change in code latin extended ? not show correct baltic fonts

Hi friend! I tested with Chinese, Latin, and other and always worked normal. Strange that. Have you verified that the font you chose has Latin letters?

Please send me the link of your card or the text that check for you.

My email is filippileonardo @ yahoo.com.br

can i add a youtube video into text place?

It is not possible friend, I’m sorry =)

Presales question: Can autoplay instead of clicking the snow globe? If cannot, can we put a text to say something like “Click here to begin” . Thanks

Hi friend. You can put up to open automatic. In the xml have that option. When you get the card you will see =)


i would like set up six different independent items on the background, it seems that, by default, only 3 are possible (2 types : bell and garland). is there any way i can do this ?

Best regards


Sorry, but it is not possible to simply insert more objects. To do this you need to change a lot in the code. Try to put the images you want in the background.

Thank you, and regards!

Can I change the music??

Yes you can! You just need to replace files with the same name. The music is in the format ogg and m4a, the internet has sites that convert for free.

great!! thanks