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Nice Application.. Congratulations

Thanks :grin:

Nice work, GLWS :)

Thank you friend!

good work, nicely done ! wish you big sales ;)

Thank you very much!

Hi! I want to buy it. Can I make two columns for my message? To translate the same message in two languages. Thanx!

Thanx for your answer! Is not possible to change the size of the message area? I want to put a longer message but only shows part of it.

The logo does not appear in the fireworks part. Ther is any link for support?

Hi! The changes you want are a bit tricky. But you can do so:

To increase the size of the text, and the position on the card, you do this:

- Open the file “data.js”;

- Look for “1170,1870,0,800,60” (2x appears in the file);

The first two values are the position of the middle text. The other values are the size of the text box.

You can leave the texts in the xml empty, and put all the texts, and the logo, in the images used in the card. You can do this with photoshop.

Back up your files, and test in firefox. If there’s anything else, you can ask.


Hi Wall-e, is it possible to replace <your_site> with an logo images instead of yourcompany.com text, thank you

Sorry, it’s not possible. But you can:

- <site> and </site> empty in xml;

- Place the logo in the “texts_details-sheet0.png” image;

- In the file “data.js” you change the size of the link. Search for: “images / z_element_url-sheet0.png”, 835,0,0,460,60, “The figures are 460,60.

If you have any questions or problems you can contact me.

Thank you wall-e and i love the card!

Thanks, you are welcome! :grin:


i want to increase the speed of fireworks, how can i change speed ?


Hi! Sorry, this is not possible. Because the speed changes according to the device. If you test the card on a computer, and on a mobile, you will see how the speed changes. I have a cell phone that the fires get very slow, but on the computer, it gets pretty fast.


I wanted to skip the first screen and go directly to the “main” animation”. I am familiar with HTML5 and js, so probably just a hint must be enough.

Thank you very much.

Hi! Unfortunately, there is no way to skip the first half. It would be very complicated to do this. But you can do a trick. Check it:

- Save the images from the beginning as transparent png;

- Put “yes” on automatic in xml;

- Open the file “data.js”;

- Search for “2.5”, this is the time that the card waits for automatic opening;

- Replace 2.5 by 0.5, or as long as you want;

It’s a trick, but no one will notice. And it sure works.


Hello I Publish the web site on Windows 2003 Server and local to my PC (Windows 10) and I had in the same 2 problems: - Do not start the music - If I make changes to the size of the character in your_card.xml files you are not even transposed also if I total refresh the page The same 2 problems are in Chrome and Explorer (last versions) Thanks for your help and best regards

Hi! Sorry, I did not understand your problem very well. But on the music does not start, there are some solutions:

- Your server does not support ogg and m4a files. To resolve this, ask your server for support for these files;

- Music only starts on some mobiles if you touch the screen. This is device setup.

If I miss your doubts, please, give me more details and the link of the card. If you want, you can be by email: filippileonardo@yahoo.com.br